Recapitulation of RxC World PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Saturday, 13th November, 2021
Time: 18:00 UTC

The RxC World PROJECT team was represented by @Khriscrypto2022 and @Seiferxiii who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about RxC World PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on RxC World?

ANS: I'm SeiferXIII, an IT Solutions Officer by profession, and I'm one of the founders of RxC. Our team have 20 members consists of blockchain and game developers all from The Philippines. We have more than 10 years of experience in terms of developing and managing private servers.

Hi I’m Khris S., One of the co founders of RXC, Now staying in Manila, In terms of professional background, I'm in the IT Security industry & Blockchain development, I have more than 12 years of experience in the field of technology.

Q2: Can you introduce RxC World, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: We are now entering a new era of gaming, we want to introduce RxC to the world as an MMORPG with robust game economy where players can mingle with their friends, duel with other players and battle with other guilds.

Right now in the private server community, the toxicity is rampant and players no longer treasure their characters as they can simply create new one and or find another server to play with. We want RxC to break this norm as we want to bring back the sense of ownership to the players, and let them know that whoever they are playing with RxC is a legitimate player.

The introduction of NFT Games made it possible to happen.

As players needed an NFT to play the game there will be an opportunity for players to earn because the only way for new NFT Characters to be generated is by coupling/breeding. Players can buy and sell NFT Characters at the marketplace. Players can purchase premium items using $RXC, and they can earn $DNA by finishing daily quests while they can also use it to purchase essential items. Both $RXC and $DNA serves as fee for coupling. I think this mechanism of our ecosystem serves as our competitive advantage for games that are published at the moment.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Currently RxC is on Open Alpha Testing phase which is originally scheduled on Q1 of 2022. We are proud to say that our progress is moving faster than we anticipated that's why we can also expect that the timeline we provided on our roadmap will also progress faster.

Q4: How long since the launch of RxC ?
Is it the public sale for RXC?

ANS: Our game is currently online in Open Alpha Testing phase on BSC Testnet which began on November 8th which was supposedly scheduled on Q1 2022. Given the fast progression of our deliverables, we can expect that our official launch which is originally on Q3 2022 will also be moved up ahead of schedule.

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Here are the initial list of partnerships that we have and currently we do have a lot of partnership proposal that is still in review.

Aegis Launchpad
GL Guild
ChainRidge Capital
BlueMoon Ventures
Crypto Rand
Overdose Gems
Ape's Crib
Spicy Gems
MoonFinder Gems
Wallstreet Bets Illuminati
Ape's Lounge

Q6: Thank you, where can we read more on this partnerships?

ANS: Currently we haven't finished the official list of partnerships yet, as soon as we have the finali list. All details will be posted on all of our channels.

📍RxC World social media
- Telegram Group :
- Telegram Channel :
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- Discord :
- Facebook :

Q7: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics, and Utility of $RXC tokens?

ANS: Here is the tokenomics of $RXC:
$RXC Tokenomics

Total Supply
80,000,000 $RXC

Seed Sale (4.375%)
3,500,000 $RXC
Full linear vesting schedule for 180 days

Private Sale (33.375%)
26,700,000 $RXC
TGE 15%,
85% linear vesting schedule for 180 days

Public Sale (8.75%)
7,000,000 $RXC
TGE 40%,
60% linear vesting schedule for 180 days

Liquidity (8.75%)
7,000,000 $RXC
Liquidity Pool locked for 10 years

Marketing (6.25%)
5,000,000 $RXC
Cliff for 1 month,
Full linear vesting for 12 months

Development and Operations (12.5%)
10,000,000 $RXC
Cliff for 1 month,
Full linear vesting for 12 months

Advisors and Partnerships (10%)
8,000,000 $RXC
Cliff for 1 month,
Full linear vesting for 12 months

RxC Team (16%)
12,800,000 $RXC
Locked for 5 years,
Full linear vesting for 24 months

In terms of token utility, players can use $RXC to purchase premium items, while they can use $DNA tokens to purchase essential items. Players can earn $DNA tokens by finishing daily quests inside the game. Both $RXC and $DNA are required as a fee to execute coupling — the only way to generate new NFT Characters in RxC.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: For a project like yours which is still at the developmental stage, I believe input and ideas from community and supporters will be very pertinent for it to be successful. Do you have plan to listen to the best ideas and suggestions from community as long as it's for the best interest of the game and project at large? Will you try and implement a DAO once the game goes live for players to propose their ideas?

ANS: Yes moving forward we will actually establish a DAO for player affairs and patch update voting, that way we can ensure that all updates and community decisions will be executed without bias from RxC team.

Q2: I was opportuned to participate in the RXC Trivia events you held on 31st October, where you gave out $400 BUSD to the lucky winners, that's indeed worthy of applause, kudos to the team, will RxC keep on engaging her community?
- You do hold daily quiz session on Facebook as well, can you tell us why you make this a priority? Will it last for a long time?

ANS: First thing Congratulations🥳 I can say that this is alligned together with our roadmap, once we launch we have our target set already, and indeed this will be for a long while.

Q3: ⚠️
Why RXC, what meaning does it have. What is the difference between $DNA token and $RXC token
Lastjy, do you have any guide on how to #play and #earn, what are the ways to earn #passively and what is the #requirements needed. ?

ANS: RxC means Ran x Crypto, it means ran online with cryptocurrency integration.

$RXC token is the governance token and the premium token of the game, it is used to purchase premium items on Item Shop.

While $DNA token is the play-to-earn token of the game, they can earn this token by finishing daily quests. They can use $DNA token to purchase essential items on the Item Shop.

We based this logic on axie infinity's AXS and SLP, but with better burning mechanics as we just dont have coupling/breeding we also have lots of essential items that can burn $DNA tokens unlike SLP which is the only way to burn is breeding at the moment.

Q4: Hello there‼️‼️
📌As an active online gamer myself, I am quite interested in seeing this RxC server myself, how can I sign up to the ongoing Testnet?
📌When I play the game and have a few complaints or ideas about improvement, whom do I reach out to?
📌Of what advantage does RxC project offer partnerships like GUILD?

ANS: Hello there, we have posted a guide on how to join the Open alpha Testing on our official channels, you can get the facebook post instruction here:

Q5: How are you overcoming the challenges so far regarding the current open alpha test you're doing? when can we expect the official version?

ANS: Well, Challenges are part of our developtment thats why as much as we can, we continuly developt all things that needs to be.

For the official version, I think what I can share with you on that is we are way ahead of our timeframe as of the moment.

Q6: RxC Alpha Testing was available on November 8 and the Open Alpha testing was made available for alumni players. Who are Alumni players ? How can I become an Alumni player ?
Can you tell us about the Trivia Events ? What are the highlights of the Trivia Events?

ANS: Actually it was initially opened for Alumni Players but since then players will able to participate on OAT because there have been lots of NFT Characters now generated thru coupling. Players can participate for free right now as we are still on the BSC Testnet.

Q7: Since new characters can be formed through coupling of a male and female character, what plans or processes are put in place to prevent hyperinflation of characters in the marketplace? In otherwords, will there be any limit to the number of times a character can be coupled?

ANS: You can only execute coupling 7 times per character, you also can't execute coupling to characters' relatives (grandpa,grandma,mother,father,siblings,cousins), and the school, gender, bonus stats are random, while the class varies from the parents.

Q8: I read that $DNA token burning through docking is a strong point in their game. So, can you give more information about this token burning and how coupling influences their game?

ANS: $DNA tokens will be burned by coupling/breeding and by purchasing essential items. It will be the main kicker of the game and as player population goes up, the more players needs essential items that's why we definitely can say that we're on this for the long run. We have so much growth to look forward to in the future as RxC is an MMORPG, we will be able to deploy seasonal events, limited edition dungeons and quests and player cosmetics such as costumes and mounts.

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