Recapitulation of SantaBTC PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 25th November, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The SantaBTC PROJECT team was represented by @Hagjan, @Jan_T_Doge and @Everydaycoach who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about SantaBTC PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on SantaBTC?

ANS: Our Core team is @Jan_T_Doge, me and @everydaycoach. I run a Norwegian Investors group for Crypto here on Telegram and I have been around this space since early 2017. I am educated in IT and in Executive Leadership. So my role in this project is Founder and i work on Strategic levels, on our Business plan and Roadmap. DONE

I am part of the Investorgroup, and have run my own IT Company since 2004, but my everyday work is as an Airline Commander. I have varied background both in Aviation, Economics and IT. DONE

We have a great big team now with over 30 people in the background, coordinating Graphics, Marketing, Modding TG, doing shilling, getting connections to great influencers, getting help from web developers and co-dev.

The full team doxxed yet?

Both @Jan_T_Doge and @everydaycoach are doxxed fully to Pinksale. Full open doxxing public at @ 10M MCAP when we reach our first Charity giveaway $10,000.

They have also doxxed to BSC Daily for making an article next week.

Q2: Can you introduce SantaBTC, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Well, we are a memetoken, a Deflationary Cryptocurrency. A new Binance smart chain based Cryptocurrency, with a low slippage, high reflections & daily giveaways in the most wonderful time of the year!

We are giving people 4% rewards in $BTCB (Bitcoin) for holding $HOHO tokens on every buy/sell. We have daily giveaways also.

Every day from December 1st to 25th we will be making a automatic draw among our holders containing over 1,000 $HOHO tokens. Each day a unique winner gets $500 USDT value. Every day winners will be alliable to win the biggest price at Christmas Day for $5,000 USDT value. The criteria for joining that draw is that the daily winners have not sold any of their tokens during this Calender lottery period.

The most important this for us though is reviving the spirit of giving. Many people already have traditions of donating to charities within the context of holiday giving, so as a Community we will be doing just that. Our project makes charitable giving as much about expression as it is about doing good, and this matters. Our Santa₿TC project democratizes giving and appeals to the way we live now, but still helps our community and investors reconnect with the giving spirit of the season.

Our vision is to use Santa₿TC project to provide an ongoing income for charitable projects deemed appropriate for support by our community. We will be concentrading on giving a a better everyday life for just a moment of time when it`s usually hardest emotional for refugees, homeless people and expecially the kids.

We will have NFTs giveaway to whitelist spots winners (10 in total), we will also giveaway one NFT each day from December 1st to 25th. Those may come in handy in our long term roadmap where we have plans for staking, farming, NFTs marketplace and play2earn minigame in 2022 among other things 😊

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Sure buddy 😊

Our strategy and project plan

The main purpose of the $HOHO token is to give BTCB stable-coin to anyone in the crypto market who wants to make great returns by just hodling $HOHO token without any hassle.

2021 - 1st phase
✅Token Birth
✅Create SoMe Channels
✅Create Community
✅Seed Sale
✅Private Sale
✅Website V1 Creation
✅Sweepwidget contest for whitelist
✅Community Building
✅Promotions on token websites
✅CMS Top Trending
✅Twitter Crypto Influencers Promotions
✅Telegram AMAs
✅Dessert Finance Audit
Public Presale
Ads Banner Promotions on PooCoin
IDO on Pancakeswap

2021 - 2nd phase
Certik Audit
Daily Advent Calender draws
More Community Shill Raids
More Community Building
CMC listing
CoinGecko listing
More AMAs

2021 - 3rd phase
$2.5M MCAP
Paid Shill Raids & Bots
CMS Top Trending
Dextools Top trending
More Twitter Crypto Influencer Promotions
More AMAs

2021 - 4th phase
Website V2 Update
More Marketing & Youtuber Crypto Influencer Promotions
More Marketing & Twitter Influencer Promotions
More Marketing and Promotions On Crypto Tokens Websites
More Marketing And Promotions On PooCoin
Core Team Public Doxx
First Christmas Charity Project Giveaway
Dextools Top trending
Bigger AMAs In TG and Twitter Spaces Communities.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We have partnership with Pinksale and Dessert Finance. Pinksale have been and still are a part of our launch. They will also take part in part of our marketing amoung other services they provide. Dessert Finance have been taken care of our Audit and came out with a good report with a good rating. Other partnership is with different influencers, etc that can not be revealed at this stage.

We are also making connection to different charity organizations that we will help as well as document that the money given actually goes to the intention meant.

We also chose PinkSale Launchpad, which offers many services for new crypto and DeFi projects. It is a decentralized launchpad like DxSale and Unicrypt.

We`ve had good closed communication in them offering us great help in “creating token”, ” token launchpad”, ” liquidity locker” “token vesting” “anti-bot” plus more.

Q5: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics, and Utility of $HOHO tokens?

ANS: Tokenomics
Santa₿TC have a initial Total Supply of 250,000,000 $HOHO, of which 2,000,000 $HOHO will be burnt daily from 1-25th Dec.
We have a total tax of 12% which is divided as such: 4% Rewards 4% Liquidity 4% MarketingWallet.

Anti-Whale Protection
Our contract counts with a simple, straightforward whale discouragement system: No sale amounts higher than 1% of the total supply are possible at once.

For the first 24 hours of trading from November 30th 7PM (UTC) to December 1th 7PM (UTC) we will set anti-whale mechanisms interacting with contract. During this period of time, no sale amounts higher than 0.25% of the total supply are possible at once.

It is only possible to max a wallet with a 2% total accocation of $HOHO tokens.

Liquidity Pool
4% of every transaction is converted into liquidity for PancakeSwap. Our Smart contract deposits 4% from every buy/sell transaction as $HOHO and $BNB into a liquidity pool.

BTCB Rewards
Earn automatic Binance pegged BTCB rewards by holding your $HOHO – 4% of every buy and sell transaction is automatically redistributed to all token holders.

In Regards to the utility to the token thats connected to the roadmap for 2022

The Team are planning to have a Santa₿TC ecosystem, being developed in three stages:

During this stage, we are planning to launch a staking and farming platform for the
$HOHO token.

During this stage, we are planning to launch a game where you can
play and earn $HOHO

During this stage, we are planning to a NFT Marketplace where
you can buy SantaBTC rare NFTs and sell them at the Marketplace.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Would the #SantaBTC Community or DAO have any say in determining the Charities to be given donation ?
Would you only be concentrating on giving a better life for just a moment of time when it`s usually hardest emotional for refugees, homeless people and expecially th kids or the donations to charity is going to be all year round for everyday improvement in quality of life

ANS: The rewards is for all year around, the Charities are mainly for this Christmas, but as the Ecosystems evolve we will look to expand for all year around.

Q2: An associate of mine told me about the SantaBTC's special Christmas Calender lottery draws and how it might be a perfect way for me to start counting down the 25 days until Christmas Day. But I need more explanation on how the lottery draw will be. How will the draw be made? What will be the mininum amount that users can get from the lottery daily? Will there be a grand price? And what will be the criteria for joining the draw?

ANS: Its one mony price of 500$ and you need to hold 1000 tokens in your wallet, for the daily NFT draw there is no restriction. However to win the big price you can not have sold any of your tokens during the Christmas draw season

To join the lottery all you need to is to have and to hold a minimum of 1000 $HOHO.

Q3: I read about the Christmas whitelist competition, I’ll like to know the requirements for whitelisting, do I have to hold a certain amount of token? Does your presale have liquidity?

ANS: Whitelist you just have to follow the instructions for the competition, but no you dont have to hold a certain number of tokens.

We also need our co founder @everydaycoach to be able to write in the chat.

Q4: Deducing from the fact that Santas are usually most active mainly during Christmas period, do you consider the SantaBTC project to be a long-term project? Furthermore, besides the Christmas calendar lottery draws coming up in December, are there other interesting ways to earn in the SantaBTC project?

ANS: The road map is taking care of the long term possibilities for SantaBTC.

Q5: Seems Santa₿TC is making his way into the Cryptocurrency market to reward those who will shake his hands with BTCB rewards, which means in other words — when users hold Santa₿TC HOHO token they’re eligible to receive rewards in Pegged Bitcoin, will this article be carried out? or all this was just for the captivating of the users especially the new ones!
Can you tell us more about the exciting features SantaBTC came out with that guarantee steady Bitcoin rewards to holders?

-Been a cheerful giver which you seems to be, what plan do you have for the holders for the upcoming Christmas?

ANS: This will definitly be carried out, we want christmas to be a good season and not for people to sit with a strange taste in their mouth. We are genuine in our pledge to make this Christmas great.

Q6: I learnt that "when you hold Santa₿TC HOHO token you’ll receive rewards in Pegged Bitcoin"!, can you explain to us why the reward in Pegged?.

one of your new features is Staking pools for Santa₿TC holders. Can you give more details about your staking pools? What is the minimum amount of Santa₿TC a user can stake? What is the minimum time a user needs to lock their tokens to earn rewards? Will users earn their yield in form of Santa₿TC or it will be earned in another token?

ANS: We will come back to the staking platform in regards to our roadmap 2022.

It is pegged because we are working on the Bnb platform, so pegged BTC equals the same value as BTC.
More info on staking will come later in the progress.

Q7: As regards the gift items and food that you will be giving to the needy and homeless people, which region do you wanna start from? Do you have a particular region or country in mind or can community make suggestions on your behalf? I'd recommend Sub-Saharan Africa!

Will there be a committee in place to help monitor how the foods and monies will be distributed to help ensure Transparency and Accountability?

ANS: No particular region, but its important that the money actually go to the ones that need it and not for administration of for the people on the top to pay their own salaries.

Q8: I see on the roadmap you have plans until the end of this year. Can you explain what your plans are after 2021?

ANS: We will update the roadmap continuolsy.

Q9: 🌹 Tomorrow is the Presale of SantaBTC. So can you tell me how can I take part in it?
Also are you running any airdrop campaign?

ANS: We dont have any AirDrop, but as described we have an ongoing sweepwidget contest for wl spots.

Q10: SantaBTC wants to revive the spirit of Christmas which is the most wonderful time of the year and give back to those in need so I would like to know how the community will be able to support charities in conjunction with SantaBTC? Will the community be able to vote for charities?

ANS: Yes thats what we want for future project, we want to involve the communities.

Q11: You have just announced that SantaBTC has been audited by Dessert Finance, could you share the results of your audit? and why did you choose the Dessert Finance platform to run your Audit?

ANS: The result on the Audit is on their webpage as well as ours under Documents, we choose Dessert Finance as its a reputable company with a acceptable price, and as we plan to have big marketing campaign we are careful how we spend our money so we always have a budget for all of our plans. We have strong investors behind us that make this possible.

Q12: You emphasize that your presale will be on November 26, and you will carry out whitelist contests. So, I would like to know if you can give us more information on how we could be part of this white list and be able to participate in this pre-sale of $HOHO? What are your expectations for this pre-sale?

ANS: Please visit our chat to see how the contests work, but basically you follow the activities that are listed on the sweedpwidget, but also be being active shiller and active in promoting will help out. Our expectations for the presale is a nice organic sale, which gives a more steady and healthy growth of the project. We have also implemented max wallet and transaction limits to avoid snipers and bots to dump and ruin a growth.

Q13: I consider SantaBTC's idea of reviving the spirit of giving through charity as a noble one. While going through your charity stage plans outlined on your website, I discovered that donations are directed to charitable projects. I want to ask, who chooses the project that the donations will be made to? And how will the selection process be carried out?

ANS: Will just like to answer that the first Charity project will concentrate in helping out providing sustainable humanitarian support to refugees and asylum seekers arriving in Greece, giving them and the kids there some positivity in December.

Q14: 💥 I was looking at your roadmap and it seemed very interesting that you will be launching a P2E game. So, could you give us more details about it? What will this game consist of and how will it reward users?

ANS: This one is good as we are looking at play2earn through minigames and more. Thinking longer than just Santas nose is important.

Q15: Hey 👋😄
In 2nd Phase of 2021, You have written that you have done audit from Certik.
So Can you please share the Audit report?

ANS: We have not done the Certik Audit yet as its not reached that milestone yet. We have done the Dessert Finance Audit and its available both on our homepage and on Dessert.Finance

This one too, we like people that actually are looking carefully at the project and demand accountability.

Q16: Hello ⛄🎄
The name of the Project is SantaBTC and Christmas is also coming, So Do you have planned any surprise for your Holders on Christmas?

ANS: Definitly a big surprice for Christmas follow us and buy in to SantaBTC and you will have this chance.

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