Recapitulation of Hi PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Wednesday, 15th September, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM UTC

The Hi PROJECT team was represented by @Sean_Rach who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Hi PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on hi?

ANS: Hi, I am Sean Rach, co-founder of hi.

I had a career in the corporate world as a pioneer in digital marketing and working in financial services.

In 2017, I had the opportunity to be the first CMO of (then known as Monaco).

I had a great run for 2.5 years growing from 0 to 3 Million customers.

By mid 2020, like many COVID and WFH led to the realization that it was time for a break.

My first break ever in my career and a chance to decide what to do next. A bit of serendipity was at play and some discussions started which led to the creation of hi.

Our team has been built from top names in crypto (,, financial services (Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley) and digital media (Alibaba, Tencent).

We are global by design and have staff in over 15 countries, mainly in Europe and Asia.

Given the range of experience, our most common question is: if we could leverage everything that we know, how could we make this service better than anything we have ever seen?

Leads to some great discussions and unique approaches.

Q2: Can you introduce hi, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Happy to. This video may give you a sense of where we are coming from:

A quick 50 sec video that points out the issue:

The current financial system is broken.

Banks make money OFF their customers, not FOR them.

We are on your side: We are bringing the concept of a credit union/community bank into the digital age.

Not-for-profit financial services where our members are our key stakeholders, never just “users.”

Remove the Barriers: We offer a seamless onboarding (2 seconds) via popular chat messengers (Telegram & WhatsApp so far) with more messengers to come.

Along with a web app ( and our soon to be release mobile apps.

Very Rewarding: Members are rewarded daily for saying “hi.” Many are earning their very first crypto.

We are invite only - and we offer generous rewards for inviting friends (you earn more hi Dollars everyday they say hi).

You can use for an invite if you like.

On top of that, we offer membership benefits - earning rates, lifestyle/travel benefits based on tiers

Crypto and fiat banking for the masses - we are taking the best of both worlds and creating the most intuitive user experience.

Next Generation Digital Banking.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: What a ride it has been. We launched May 10th, and have gained 1.3+ million members in just over 4 months (from 160+countries)

On our website and in our whitepaper, we have shared a Roadmap of planned development.

At this point, we have nearly completed Phase 1 of our Roadmap:
- hi on Chat (Whatsapp, TG),
- Hi Dollar officially launched, listed on Uniswap and for sale on our WebApp (
- We are completing Buy HI with Credit/Debit Card

We have made progress on Phase 2:

This month we plan to launch:
(I am always nervous to give a date as things sometimes have unforeseen issues)

- Earnings: Earn yield on deposited crypto - just around the corner
- Our first Membership Benefits with Tiers
- Launch our native app on iOS and Android (awaiting app store approvals)

Just after that will be working to launch our Crypto Services live: Buy, sell, exchange, and sell all supported digital currencies with no markups.

If that wasn’t enough, we launched our first foray into Game Fi - a Play to Earn game called hi-Flyers

So lots on! Very excited to see these come to life!

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Thanks for the question.

For any startup partnerships are very important.

We have some things in the works that we look forward to sharing shortly - specifically in the space of membership benefits

To date, we have shared our investment partnerships with three blue chip investment firms - Hashed, HashKey and Longling Capital.

As we have news on additional partnerships, we will share the news.

We are constantly looking for partners that can add value to our members.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Hi Official recently added some updates to their KYC process. Why do you think this Identity Verification update is important and can you please talk about some of the updates recently added and perhaps the level of KYC that members can belong to?

ANS: Hi, thanks for this question. Identity verification (KYC) is very important to the safety and security of hi and its members.👮

We conduct KYC verification at

The steps include: email verification📩, govt issued identity upload and selfie. Following this, the team will review and notify you once your identity has been verified or if there are issues.

As our platform has developed and we have enabled deposits and withdrawals,we have activated the Tier 2 Verification

This allows you Unlimited Fiat purchases Withdrawal limit of 1 BTC equivalent per day

For most people, they will not go past the Tier 1 level of KYC and if you seek a larger transaction you will be prompted to complete the next level.

Tier 1 is the basic ID and Selfie check and is the only level required for withdrawal of rewards.

Q2: You have highlighted it much time that Hi is "Not For Profit" but no organization can run without revenue. So what is the source of revenue for Hi?

ANS: Hi, thanks for the question. This is an important one for you and others to understand.

Not-for-profit is not non-profit (a charity) It means we operate in a way not motivated to maximize profits.

Any surplus generated after recovering costs will go into increasing benefits (rates paid, membership perks, or even buying back tokens).

Some projects take a portion of their profits - say 25% and buy back the tokens.

We have taken this concept to the extreme. 100% goes into building greater membership value - whether it be benefits or buybacks.

This removes the profit motive. Only a company with a membership token can do this.

We are motivated to maximize member value not extracting profits.

Q3: Do you have referral rewards for bringing members to the "Hi" platform. I believe your project must have envisioned building a large global community of hi members to experience feeless and seamless financial services. I am planning on bringing 1450 members of my crypto class to enroll on "Hi" Would you reward me for bringing this number of people to Hi or there is a limit to referral rewards on the platform ?

ANS: Hadn't seen this one before and it is a short answer. You are welcome to invite your friends. They and you will earn hi Dollars each day that they say "hi" (answer a simple question). There are are no limits to invites.

Q4: Sir, 🙋🏻❗️How can we find tutorials and guide videos about HI ?

ANS: Hi, check out our YouTube Channel:

Or our Resources section:

Q5: Can you explain, someone with no knowledge of blockchain and technology makes use of the products in HI? Or is this platform only for professional users?

ANS: We are squarely focused on mass adoption and providing a user expereince that gives people access to services that they hope for

What if you used crypto to cut out the middlemen between you and your money to deliver (nearly) free transfers of money, foreign exchange, interest rates that a normal person can only hope to pay, not receive, and other benefits that would make Black Card holders jealous? Most people would be intersted.

We hope that you can try us out is an invite. We are just begining to release the core services that will make this platfrom rock!

Q6: I was reading in an article where they compared the work done by HI with what the famous Robin Hood did. In fact, the article called you “The Robin Hood of Crypto”.Exactly why this comparison occurs? Do you take "give from the rich to the poor"?

ANS: I saw that too. I see it more as a reference to Robinhood, the stock trading platform, that lowered stock trading fees to zero and thus, opened the market to many more people.

The challenge is that in order to offer their services at zero commission, they sold their customers data 👎- their order flow - to subsidize their operations.

Thus in our video:

They earn a mention at the beginning.

We have a different approach - based on our membership token.

By buying hi Dollars, you get access to tiered levels of service. And if you no longer want to use the services, you have the option to sell your tokens.

I don’t think many of us have ever been able to get an annual fee for a credit card refunded after using the services. 🙂

Q7: What do you consider to be the most important thing about this project? What is essential for HI to always have the expected success? And for what reason should we not hesitate to acquire this coin?

ANS: Thanks for the question. We are not short on ambition or capabilities.

We seek to reach over 1 Billion people to offer them the financial services they need and deserve.

Not focused on extracting profits from them.

With 3.8 Billion smartphones and services that work on popular chat services plus web plus mobile apps. The market is there.

The Team. Our team has been built with people who have “been there and done that” so that we can leapfrog past the common issues.

We are now 80+ people in 15+ countries. We have global capabilities as witnessed by our 13 languages for our website and many local communities.

We have provided an aggressive roadmap and are pushing this hard.

We will build the most commonly used payment system and the best blockchain to anticipate the needs of the future that will allow us to not only disrupt but reframe entire industries.

I hope you will join us on this journey!

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