Recapitulation of SentreProtocol PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Sunday, 24th October, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The SentreProtocol PROJECT team was represented by @EdenP96 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about SentreProtocol PROJECT.


Q1: Let's begin with an introduction, could you please introduce yourself and also tell us more about SENTRE?

ANS: AAh..Of course, My name Eden, I'm in charge of Marketing and Business Development of Sentre

Nice to talk with you here

For Sentre

Sentre is an All-in-One Solana Open Platform with DApps Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity, altogether as a Safe Haven for DeFi devs and users.

We built Sentre with two main uses:

One is to be the Open Platform for dApps by providing resources to devs and verifying high ROI generating dApps for users

The other is to be the Liquidity Accumulator that collects liquidity from many sources (partnering Dapps & SenSwap) allows users to manage their liquidity easily.

Q2: What is the vision and mission of Sentre?

ANS: Yeah. About the Vision, Our vision is to create a decentralized hub where devs can inherit available liquidity to develop their dApps, and users can gain access to innovative apps generating high ROI.

We aim to tackle the challenges of creating a true open platform and generating true open liquidity to all.

Q3: Can you give us a quick introduction about the core team?

ANS: Our core team has 4 members, all based in Vietnam

We have 5+ years of hands-on blockchain dev experience from world-class environments like Infinity Blockchain Labs and Binance, and have all been passionate with DeFi.

Most recent achievement: Our CEO (Mr. Tu Phan) won The Second Prize in Solana's Inaugural Hackathon in 2020 with the project SoproX.

Tu Phan is a talent developer, he is also a mentor of many Hackathon in Vietnam.

Q4: What milestones have you achieved so far and what are your upcoming plans?

ANS: So far we have released Sentre Devnet.

You can experience here:

We’re running a 7-day event for you guys to learn about Sentre overall and earn a total of up to 40,000 SEN (very big)

Actually, the DECODE SENTRE Quiz has already started from today. We’re more than welcome to have you all participated, it would be so fascinating

Let’s join with us right after this AMA section:


Q5: Can you give the highlights of Sentre's technology and products that you believe will help it succeed?

ANS: Many highlight to talk, I can talk about it all day

I will summarize it like this

Our technology highlights:
1. A “dApp OS” platform giving resources to devs and presenting high ROI dApps to users.

2. A triad-pool AMM utilizable by any partnered protocol.
The tech behind are:
- Simulated Mesh Trading (solving routing issues by using SEN token as the “link” between two random tokens for swapping)
- Simulated Single Exposure (allowing one-sided pooling and auto liquidity distribution)
- Yield Farming for liquidity bootstrapping
- and so on.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: I experienced/explored your Devnet and I must confess that it was really nice exploring the Devnet. On the Senstore, I came across a game known as PokeDex. Does this mean that Sentre will be considering games and NFTs on its platform in the nearest future?

ANS: First, I wanna say thanks because of your experience on our Devnet

PokaDex is a fun Project, it doesn't have many features

But It can show you what we can do on Sentre

About the question that Will Sentre join in Game and NFT?

Yes, we will

We are working with other projects to bring many great and credible DApps to Defi users in the next year. Hope we can have a collaboration with a project related to the NFT area, then it’s possible to have NFT rewards for Sentre users.

It’s promising and if we find a use case for NFT, we will definitely do that. However, please keep in mind that Sentre is a tech-driven platform

That means we will deliver cool products that are meaningful to users. If it’s just a trendy project, we’ll likely say no

Q2: Hi Can you tell me in which wallets I can use Sentre services?

ANS: At now, you can connect with Coin98 Wallet, Phantom, Slopewallet and Soilet

We will connect with more wallets in the future. You can suggest some wallets you want.


ANS: I can confirm that Sentre is extremely safe
That affirmation is still on our tagline

"All-in-One Solana Open Platform with DApps Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity; altogether as a Safe Haven for DeFi devs and users."

We are working on the AUDIT and will announce offically soon.

Q4: Do you have any staking program..?

Can I stake my token for more reward...?

ANS: As I shared, after we launch token, we will release the farming and staking in few days

The APY for staking and farming will very high. It can be xxxx % for farming

Please follow our social media for announcement.

Q5: 🍀When it comes to tokens... Where can I get your tokens right now, what are your current contracts, how can I get your tokens, and what are the benefits by holding?

ANS: The token will come soon, the expected time is the first week of November. It's not the exact time

We will do a fair launch on

A fair launch with Fair Distribution (no random/whitelist, no one can manipulate )

Along with that is farming and staking with juicy APY.

Q6: The Senre Team is hosting an Educating Series (DECODE SENTRE) which is a learn and earn event. Will this be an event that will continue to run on the Sentre platform? How can users earn from this event? What can we do to earn from this event? What is the prize pool set aside for this event? And can new members also participate?

ANS: About the Educating Series DECODE SENTRE

We create this one to user can learn about SEN

Sentre is All-in-One Solana Open Platform with DApps Store and Universal Protocol for Liquidity

We don't want people understand us as a AMM

There are 6 educating topic and 1 quiz in the series

After you read all of 6 topic, you will do a quiz and can get the rewards

The rewards will be distribtue for 20 usesr who has the the most correct answers and comes with a bit of luck.

Q7: We can see lot of airdrops and quizes for earn $SEN token..Thankful for that..
Sir can you explain about benefits of holding $SEN?

ANS: About Holding Sen

I will talk about the project first

The highlight of the Sentre project is its ability to integrate and scale

We take advantage of resources from Developers and Partners to expand the ecosystem quickly and diversely

Liquidity will also flow into the project more and more, and it is beneficial for investors

The second is the use case of SEN token

1. Governace:
if any new project wants to inherit liquidity from Sentre then $SEN holders can vote to choose whether or not this dApp project is worth it.

2. Fee reducion:

$SEN helps reduce and maintain an upper bound of the exchange fee.
When swapping, with $SEN as the “bridge” between any pair of tokens, users can reduce the exchange rate from 0.3% to only 0.25%.

3. Buyback and Make:
$SEN is designed as a fee collector.
With any swapped pair, the fee can be easily transformed into $SEN. Then, instead of burning them away, these fees are collected and automatically transmitted to other SEN-based services.

4. Protocol Entrepôt
$SEN connects all pools in the ecosystem and makes sure any pair of tokens can be swapped.

These are all reason you should to be hold SEN for long term.

Q8: What is the function of the Simulated Single Exposure on your network ? Can you tell us the pools used by SenSwap to accumulate and utilize cross-chain liquidity

ANS: Simulated Single Exposure is also called Asymmetric Deposit

Instead of depositing amounts of tokens proportionally, Asymmetric Deposit allows you to deposit even one side of token. The pool will automatically re-balance itself.

You can experience it on our Devnet

About the Pool, we will announce you soon guy. Please be patient.

Q9: What can you tell us about the Sentre Community. Is the community active and do they take any active participation in decision making process on Sentre Ecosystem ?

ANS: We are a Open Protocol, we build the Project base on Community (Developers, Users, Investors and Partners)

The community will active participation in decision making process on Sentre Ecosystem

Such as Vote for what dApp will be debuted on Senstore.

Q10: I was looking at your whitepaper and I found a comparison of Sentre with Uniswap and Pancakeswap. Can you tell us more about this? In what ways are you better than these popular exchanges and over other competitors?

ANS: The Whitepaper is a little bit out of date

At the beginning, when Mr.Tu Phan won the Solana's Hackathon in 2020, he want to build Sentre is like a Uniswap ver3

But he has a change in his mind, he want to create a decentralized hub where devs can inherit available liquidity to develop their dApps, and users can gain access to innovative apps generating high ROI

So now, we do not compare us with Uniswap or Pancakeswap any more. Cause we are different, we are not just an AMM.

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