Recapitulation of ShinobiVerse PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 12th May, 2022
Time: 12:00 PM UTC

The ShinobiVerse PROJECT team was represented by @FinalFilmCo and @Peterfinalfilm who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about ShinobiVerse PROJECT.


✨✨QUESTION1🩸: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on ShinobiVerse?

👉ANS: Yes! My name is Ralf and im the CSO at Shinobi. I will do this AMA with Peter, CMO at Shinobi

Ofcourse! I'm the CMO of Shinobiverse, so I'm responsible for the marketing and also creative direction of the project. I've had a major background in branding and marketing, I've combined this with my crypto career since 4 years now!😁

To tell something more about the people behind this project, we have multiple expert teams working towards the launch on Pinksale now!

We have FinalFilm working on the creative direction, content, storyline and concept art of the game. They've worked with a lot of big names and awesome projects.
With their expertise in branding and content we can take Shinobiverse to a next level. The team is ready 7 days a week to push out new content.

Some of their best work:
- Fanverse (project with the co-founder of OnlyFans)
They've done their whole marketing strategy and content creation.

- Octopus Network
They've made a lot of content for explaining their concept in over 12 languages (which they'll also do for Shinobi)

- Shell
Commercial made for their Hydogren Fuel project

- Revomon
Made a beautiful commercial (which you can see in the Vimeo reel), where after the release of this commercial the token went up 10% in value.

Check out more of their work here:

For the marketing side we're working with
They have a huge network of influencers and great groups to host AMA's with. They're also doing a big part of the marketing strategy.

They've booked huge results for other projects before us, and we've seen that our community and twitter has already ran up big numbers and engagement in a very short period of time🙌🏽

All the hype is already there, eventhough we haven't shown much of our plans for the game itself!

Next to that we already 15+ moderators in different timezones, and more then 3 international marketing advisors who are also fluent in French and German.

I started orientating in crypto in 2017, first as trading but turned out trading is not something for me..... So I started a business called FinalFilm, FinalFilm is the first Dutch crypto marketing content agency based in the Netherlands. Over the years we have helped 100+ projects (DeFi) to amplify their marketing by creating suitable content. Also I have advised some projects like FanVerse, 300M Mc ath. My position at Shinobi is CSO (Chief Strategic Officer), my goal is to try to make the right decisions to amplify organic healthy growth. So far so good ;)

All of this knowledge is now fully oriented towards Shinobiverse, combined with all the advisors we have who have worked for very big projects! So we have all the right people in the right places🤝

✨✨QUESTION2🩸: Can you introduce ShinobiVerse, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

👉ANS: First things first, Shinobi is not comparable with other openworld play-2-earn metaverse games in terms of quality. We will create the game in Unreal Engine, the engine used by a lot of tripple A game titles. Shinobi will be compatible on Windows (PC)

In short, Shinobi is a openworld role play game based on the asian aesthetic. You will start as a Shinobi (means ninja in Japanese), first you will be forced to enter the tutorial mode, getting used to the controls and physics of the game. Once you have finalised the tutorial you can enter the online multiplayer mode. In this mode you will be able to challenge other by creating mini-games, duelling in battles, setup clans, raids etc. The game will have multiple eras medieval, modern and hyper-modern. All on one island

What distinguish us from others that we will open doors for content creators, architects, 3d model artist and cloth designers. Our users will be able to create 3D models that you could upload to our platform ShinobiVerse, once approved it will be implemented in the game as an NFT. In return the creator will receive royalties.

Our main goal is that players from all around the world could be able to play the game. There will not be a starting fee to play the game. The main goal is that players will earn money, not spending 🙏

Also we're very gamer oriented in stead of trying to throw everything at marketing, we just want to have the quality of an awesome PC game but integrate it with everything the NFT and crypto space has to offer

@peterfinalfilm Could you show a video?

✨✨QUESTION3🩸: Can you briefly tell us some key achievement of ShinobiVerse since commencement and what is to come in the nearest future?

👉ANS: Well as a start, our gameteaser shows what we've been working on recently! We're trying to build up the game bit by bit towards a first playable version so people can explore the world of Shinobiverse already

Also we've been approached by other big games and game related companies who we are currently talking with to get a partnership with! We already have a nice one confirmed this week. 😏😏

Also we've grown our socials very very rapidly, which you can check out here:
🌐 Website
📲 Telegram
💻 Discord
📸 Instagram
🐦 Twitter
🤖 Reddit
🎥 Youtube

The main thing we're focussing on now is our Pinksale launch, which will be on the 17th of may🥳🥳

We have some big influencers on board which will share our awesome project so that will draw even more eyes towards Shinobiverse🤩

✨✨QUESTION4🩸: Finally on this segment, Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of $SHINO tokens?

👉ANS: Also we've have been working with Wopp, FinalFilm, Moonlabs and of course our main-team. Wopp is responsible for the development, smartcontract etc. FinalFilm is responsible for the content and branding. The Moonlabs is responsible for the marketing and exposure.

We are partnered with the biggest online social media gaming platform in crypto so far!

Together with them we will give away some awesome stuff, including NFT's 🤫 So keep an eye on our and their socials. More will be announced soon

Shinobi will have a total supply of 45B tokens and we will launch on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Our game ecosystem will be bridged on Polygon. We are keeping this separate in order to provide the maximum security out there. Also polygon is way more user friendly!

Let me also provide with our tokenomic schematics

⚠️Also guys! Don't miss out on our awesome GIVEAWAY!

How it works?

Download SnapChat 📸, if you already use snapchat go to:

🌐Shinobi Augmented Reality

🌐Shinobi Track Suit

🌐Shinobi Mask

Post your photo/video on Twitter with the hashtag
Use Hashtag: #ShinobiVerse #Shinobi
Tag: @Shinobiverse_io
Include: $SHINO

Selfies could be submitted until 24-05-2022 (11:59 PM CET) on Twitter🐦

5 WINNERS 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁
The photo/video with the most likes wins

1st place $1000 in SHINO Tokens + NFT Whitelist Spot
2nd place $500 in SHINO Tokens + NFT Whitelist Spot
3rd place $250 in SHINO Tokens + NFT Whitelist Spot
4th place NFT Whitelist Spot
5th place NFT Whitelist Spot

🥷🏽Live the life🔥🔥🥷

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

✨✨QUESTION1🩸: I learnt that users can start an NFT company through which they can earn $SHINO token rewards monthly within the Shinobi ecosystem and I'm so curious to know more about this. What are the requirements for users to be able to start their NFT company within Shinobi? Also, what factors determine the magnitude of $SHINO tokens that will be rewarded to any particular NFT company monthly?

👉ANS: Hey Kene, thanks for the nice questions, we do appreciate! Yes, people can create their own stores in the game, of course there are some requirements attached to it. Let me describe:
- Buy-in Fee
- Player name

We will organize first some meetings with the store creators, this could be partners but also very talented enthusiastic players.

The goal behind a game-ecosystem is that is getting used, with users the game ecosystem will be use-less. There will be a mint and burn option in the game ecosystem (polygon) in order to contain rarity of an NFT for an example.

✨✨QUESTION2🩸: I Got to Know that SHINOBIVERSE Will Be Live On PINKSALE on the 17th MAY , Would You Please Tell me More about it and Why You have Choosen PINKSALE and How Can We Participate ?

👉ANS: We think a lot of our target audience is there, actually we were approached by the owners of Pinksale if we wanted to launch there! They were super enthousiastic about our project and we even have a collaboration with them do market Shinobi through their socials. Keep an eye on our Telegram group, on the launchdate the 17th of May we will post a tutorial on how to buy!

✨✨QUESTION3🩸: How can we own private property in ShinobiVerse and there is any option to Rent our property to other Gamers?

👉ANS: Yes so there will be some properties that you will be able to buy and rent out, like safehouses for factions, pokertables etc. This way you can earn passively!

✨✨QUESTION4🩸: I understand that there are 4 ERAS on Shinobiverse (Medieval Era, Semi-Modern Era, Modern Era and Hyper-modern Era). Will users have to fight their way to through each era in stages or users can just decide to enter any era as they wish?

👉ANS: We will start out in the medieval era en then release other parts of the maps (other era's) which you will be able to enter by buying an expension pack or by completing enough missions to gain XP!😎

👉Follow Us On Our Various Social Media Communities For More Update👇👇👇

🥷🏽 !🕹

We’re an open world play-to-earn game that fully integrates NFTs allowing players to create real value in a virtual world. Shinobiverse offers gamers all over the world a thrilling new experience in the form of a stunning ninja game in which participants can earn $SHINO tokens while playing in our amazing world where multiple era’s of shinobi warriors come together.

‼️Make sure to join our community to be able to participate in the PINKSALE LAUNCH, 17TH OF MAY!

💸P.S. We’re giving away $$$ on our Twitter with a contest so go check it out!

Shinobi socials:
🌐 Website
📲 Telegram
💻 Discord
📸 Instagram
🐦 Twitter
🤖 Reddit
🎥 Youtube


📌Telegram Group:
🌎📢Telegram Channel:



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