Recapitulation of SHIRTUM PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 11th June, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The SHIRTUM PROJECT team was represented by @Marctorras1991 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about SHIRTUM PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Shirtum?

ANS: After graduating from my Bachelor in Business Administration, I took 2 Master of Science in Internation Management and sice then I have been working on startups and tech my whole life. I am also passionate about sports and blockchain technology, so when I came across Shirtum 2 years ago I didnt hesitate to join the project

The team is very diverse, our CEO, David, has extensive (+15 years) experience within the football industry, he worked for the two biggest clubs in Argentina and developed relationships with many players around the world.

Our dev. team, Arker Labs, are also very well known within the blockchain sphere in Spain and other countries too.

We're now building a top content team to create the best content possible for our nfts, doing something no one has done before.

Q2: Can you introduce Shirtum, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: the current NFT market in the sports industry is blowing up but it's still not tapping into what we believe is the biggest source of value: the atheltes

they are being used as "passive" elements, both in NBA top shot or Sorare for example

our vision is to empower them as creators, help them build content that they can be proud of, not a simple advertising stunt for which they get paid

therefore, by creating such content, we can rely on them using their social media platforms to generate organic traffic to our platform and buy their nfts to access this exclusive content.

we also try to make the app as seamless and simple as possible for FIAT users, we are not focusing only on the blockchain sphere but rather on the whole world of sports lovers.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: we have involved players in our development since the beginning, since we figured we needed that if they were going to be our long-term partners

so far we have agreements with top football players and a fully developed technology that will be available both on iOS and Android markets

we carried out an MVP last year during the month of May in which we sold over 26,000 NFTs and worked closely with over 120 athletes to help raise funds for covid-19. This project was called #TheBiggestGame

Our short term milestones ahead are listing the coin on PancakeSwap at the end of this month and getting out the first NFTs, together with our app during the next quarter

After that, we will continue our efforts to sign top players, expand to new sports disciplines and develop our tech to be integrated with other third party apps that can enhance the user experience.

Q4: Which sport are you looking to onboard next?

ANS: I cant say anything 100% official but it will most likely be basketball

we're looking into a really interesting M&A operation as we speak of a different project that would give us huge access within the basketball industry.

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Our main partnerships are with football players, many of whom are very well known: Rakitic, Papu Gomez, De Paul, Ocampos, Marcelo Guedes... and we're close to signing several more that will be announced along the following weeks

we're also in the process of closing deals with several top crypto artists that will enhance the value of our NFTs by collaborating with these football stars by graphically representing their moments

we also work with agents and lawyers with great access within the football industry.

Q6: Before we take the final question, are we expecting the first NFT this month as well?

ANS: the first NFT will be released during the next quarter, during the month of July if possible

we already have several options developed and we're finishing the exclusive content that will be embedded in them

the fact that out tech is already developed allows us to raise the funds with the ICO, continue signing top players and release our first NFTs almost inmediately.

Q7: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $SHI Token?

ANS: Our tokenomics are split as follows:
- 2% Seed Sale
- 10% First Round
- 12% Second Round
- 13.8% Community Sale
- 12% Founding players
- 12% Team
- 3% Advisors
- 10% Marketing
- 11.8% Treasury
- 3.4% Liquidity Pool

The $SHI token will have several uses:
- Governance: deciding next NFTs to be released and next players to join
- Access to special edition NFTs
- Early access to regular NFTs
- Discount on NFT prices
- We’re exploring the chance to have our $SHI tokens used in other platforms too.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Your main objective is to allow sport fans access to content and sport pieces that they can't easily access. So can tell us about the user interface of the platform? Is it designed to ensure there's utter simplicity in interacting? Hope users don't have to go through rigorous steps in signing up on the platform and is holding $SHI token mandatory before we could access all these sport pieces?

ANS: very good question. Our main focus regarding our tech development was to make it simple for users of all kinds. Our interface is very lean (you can see it on the white paper) and you sign up by using your facebook, apple or google account. It can be used by anyone. Holding $SHI tokens is NOT mandatory to access regular NFTs, we want to expand the borders of blockchain tech by bringing in many non-crypto users.

Q2: Will you mostly aim to work with clubs or players?

ANS: we mainly aim to work with players, although a couple top clubs have already reached out to us and we're also working on potential agreements on that front. The thing for us is that we see players as the real creators of sports and they have no place now to develop themselves as such.

Q3: According to its roadmap for 3Q 2021 will be available the final version of the official app of the Shirtum project, this sounds great, but it will be available for download on iPhone devices and exactly when it is expected to be finished?

ANS: the app is already approved by both the iOS and Android markets and it's only lacking the content that we're currently creating for the NFTs. that's why, as soon as the first NFTs are ready, the app will be launched on both platforms (we will try to make it during the month of July, but I can't promise it as of now, we want our content to really set a new standard).

Q4: When talking about community is something important, so, the Shirtum project has plans in the near future to implement a massive marketing plan to attract more users to the project community or is this not yet paramount?

ANS: currently our community is growing steadily and we plan to make it grow much more during the folowing weeks. Once we have raised our funds, we will be making it grow much more by leveraging on all the social media followers of the football starts that are already working with us and those that we're close to signing. When we deliver good quality, exclusive content, we will attract many people who are currently not in the blockchain world and we'll make it very easy for them to step into it without even knowing.

Q5: Is your marketplace limited to only football #NFT ? Can users be able to stake $SHI for a period which will enable them to mint and claim custom NFTs?

ANS: users won't be able to mint or create their own NFTs, at least by now. content is very important to us and showing the hidden side of sports is what really brings value to our NFTs.

Q6: Wouldn't you have a problem with scalability? I mean, for your shirtum to function properly, you need a large number of nodes to make as many sites on the network available as possible. How will it be solved?

ANS: We use the BSC network as a root chain. And we have our own layer 2 to increase the scalability even more.

Q7: The only fiat supported for deposit as of now is Euro. Been a global project, do you have plans to introduce some more fiats like USD?

ANS: yes, you will be able to top up your wallet with your credit card or even Apple Pay, so you will be paying in your own FIAT currency with no trouble.

Q8: Can you tell us when is the web launch and who can have access to the first NFTs and the first 11 players?

ANS: the app (and webapp) will be launched over the next quarter. We are yet to decide how many limited edition tokens will be released at first, but what we know is that those holding our $SHI tokens will have priority access to those NFT sales.

Q9: I'm a big fan of football. And i learned SHIRTUM is working for football players and fans. So I'm very excited about your project. So as a football fan what kind of facilities i can get from SHIRTUM that i can't get in other project?

ANS: learning directly from your idols the best stories that have built their careers. Something that you can't see on TV and that you can rarely access in some documentaries. We will break down their careers into small pieces of AV content created by them and you'll get to collect (and trade) those limited edition pieces through our NFTs.

Q10: As an investor willing to participate in the private sale of the first round of the $SHI token, what is the minimum I need to use in participating? How sure am I that I will be getting the tokens equivalent to my investment? And can you say anything about the vesting period?

ANS: Minimum investment for this private sale round is 1.5bnb. You will get 12,000 $SHI for each BNB, you can be sure of that because it is written in our smart contract. The vesting period is as follows: 20% released upon listing, 20% at the end of each of the following 4 momths.

Q11: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to your project Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto space?

ANS: there's a growing awareness already in the non-crypto space, that's what the players are telling us. They are getting many DMs from their fans trying them to explain what they will be doing on Shirtum. We plan this to continue to grow as we expand our partnerships with players and start releasing our NFTs with teasers of their exclusive content on their social media.

Q12: Why did you decide to start Shirtum in Spain? Wasn't England a better option since football is the most popular sport?
Will you give priority to the fans of the teams participating in the champions league, or which countries will be next?
What is your expansion strategy?

ANS: The team is mostly based in Spain and Papu Gomez, who has been with us from the beginning also plays in LaLiga. In any case, our focus is global and we will sign players from around the world, as well as expanding to other sports disciplines that are more popular in other countries than football.

Q13: $SHI is a football related project,really i love it...because i am a football fan... You involved players in your development since the beginning, since you figured you needed that if they were going to be your long-term partners...really its a great decision... Take love for this decision sir💜💜💜....But if Sir Footballers ever betray your $SHI project, what will be your initiative ??Then $SHI project will not be destroyed ??cz your main partners are football players you said that.....However, can we specially who are football fans have full confidence in $SHI project???

ANS: we are signing contracts with players and they are professionals, they dont go around breaking agreements. On top of that, we offer them a great value proposition, so we are sure that they are happy to work with us:
1.- Create great content for them in which they share their legacy
2.- Earn the lion share (aprox 70%) of the NFT sales
3.- Generate a revenue stream from all the trading that goes on in our marketplace related to their NFTs
This is a long term project and players know it and, actually, love it.


I'm sure you have seen a couple blockchain-related sports projects, but we're really trying to build something different through our content. We have the access to players, the right team and the technology ready. We'll love to have you onboard too!

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