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Date: Sunday, 2nd May, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The SMART TRADE NETWORK PROJECT team was represented by @Leepaton9 and @Tommycp2 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about SMART TRADE NETWORK PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on Smart Trade Network?

ANS: My name is Tom and I’m a blockchain researcher at a university in Queensland. I’ve been in blockchain since 2013 and I’m technology lead for Smart Trade Networks (STN).

Most of the developer team on the project were the first developers to work with ConsenSys in Australia.

I'm Lee and I have an extensive marketing and digital marketing background. I am now working as part of the STN team in a marketing and business development capacity. I'm a long-time blockchain enthusiast and am excited about the future of the industry as a whole and of this project in particular.

Q2: Can you introduce Smart Trade Network, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: #STN opens up global supply chain (SC) finance market via Asset-backed securitisation + decentralised SC finance.

The market potential of US$1.3T pa. Experts estimate that ~10% of global market potential is being met today.

so in plain english, there are all the critical supply chains and at different times the businesses need access to extra cash to help pay for their product to move down the supply chain however their needs are not being met. We are talking about a potentily 1.3 trillion us per annum and for different reasons they can’t get access to finance via traditional means and only 10% of this need is being met

So as long as Smart Trade Networks secures the records of assets on the asset tracker, then money from the fund (from investors pooling money) can either be setup as a Joint Venture from the fund and provide profit sharing to the STN5 tokens holders or 2. can give them a simple loan deal and protech the loan by taking security over some of their assets and recording this on the STN blockchain for all investors to see.

so in a nutsheel it’s a way for people to get a cut of the profits in very large supply chains by providing loads to businesses that need them to help pay to move thier resources down the supply chain to make products

and each time we start financing new industtyr virticales we will deploy a token fund for that industry verticle. so essentually crypto currency backed by assets in supply chains.

STN5 is a foundational project for Smart Trade Networks Asset backed digital securities project.

The assets are registered and tracked as NFTs.

Examples of Assets include Property, food system infrastructure, livestock, farm equipment… Any object in the real world.
Works of Art, bottles of wine, motor vehicles.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: 3 Year project agreement signed with QUT and FFS - Future Food Systems CRC (Cooperative Research Center) and QUT (Queensland University of Technology are commited to R&D funding to develop Smart Trade Hubs with our Technology.

This was back in July 2020 -

Sucessful Livestock Supply Chain Tracking
Smart Trade Netowrk has sucessfully tracked 91 Cattle on STN Ethereum side chain.

Dec 2020 - Implemented ERC998 Grouping Connected a group of NFT Assets to an ERC20 contract. which you can see the beta version now at if you connect with your metamask wallet

There is a more complete roadmap and milestones here:

To add to this, QUT (Queensland University of Technology) is a major University not just here in Queensland but a very well respected University in Australia.

This partnership alone is a huge achievement for the team.

But in a nutsheell is we’ve deployed our first fund, and now as the fund supplys funds to different parts of the livestock supply chain we will see more assets added to the STN5 asset register under: which will back the token by more revenue potentl from the registeed assets.

Q4: Is there a specific production sector you support?

ANS: We are production sector agnostic, Smart Trade Networks is a primitiave mechanish required across all sectors required to make supplychain run with less waste if businenss owners can get fast access to finance in an industry vertical the supply chain can move faster, becuase thanks to DeFi they can now rotate money faster even if it’s tide up in a shipment of assets, at lease they can regisster those assets and get more finance to start the next batch/process.

As i mentioned earlier, the potential to meet all the un met needs of business owners trying to scale and rotate funds with STN help is huge.

We're looking to completely optimise the currently supply chain process and as Tom mentioned provide real assistance to business owners who may have been traditionally overlooked.

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We’ve partnered with a diverse number of companies, perhaps to explain briefly is best to provide a picture of some of these partnership.

What kind of partnership relationship do you have with OpenSea?

We have a branded store with Open Sea with one of our sub projects (BeefLedger)

Q6: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $STN5 Token?

ANS: You can think of STN5 as getting a share of the value in the Livestock industry. You can read more about it here: at a later time.

Re tokeneconomics
it’s a real Australian registered security.
there will only every be 20,000 tokens ever.
44% is set as reserve that is as the supply chain either finance or JV deals come in will be used to provide finance to farmers in need. and the rest is available to the public. As people see the STN5 reserve account go down in % they will see it being replaced by assets on the register at anyone who is an STN5 holder is prevy to those assets.

that is a good summary for this chat, but again go an read further in the git book.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: When i use blockchain to buy product Most of time i feel doubt about the product and the data flow and payments are not so smooth. How SMART TRADE NETWORK ensure to solve this kind of problem? Why i would use SMART TRADE NETWORK over other platform?

ANS: Good question: STN puts saves data of proejcts on un sensorable databases, those databases also record who is recording information about products moving thorugh a supply chain, if somone is found to be reporting fake information their reputation will be destroyed and their word will mean nothing.

Q2: Some projects are more easily accessible and alot beneficial to crypto users expert and professionals than newbies and non crypto experts because they aren't as experienced as expected, do you have a way to bridge this gap to help newbies and non crypto experts have the same benefits and access that experts do enjoy.?

ANS: Our funders are crypto people, however our users who need finance are simple people who normally go to the bank and pay 14% on money they borrow, here from DeFi they can pay less, or pay nothing and do a Joint venture, where we all profit share from that supply chain. so I think the 2 market segments work well, we are just connecting DeFi with farmers in the STN5 case. and STN5 holders get to see the assets providing the increase in value.

Q3: "SNT5" is that NFT of Smart Trade Networks??? When the NFT will release and we can buy?

ANS: STN5 uses ERP998 to group NFT(livestock assets) so when you are buying an STN5 you are holding a fraction of many NFTs.

Q4: NFT is considered the next trend of the crypto industry after DeFi. Could you share your opinions about NFT?

ANS: totally agree, and once people get over buying a single NFT, they will want to buy an ERC20/currency backed by 1000’s of NFTs. at some point the penny will drop and they will realise what we have done is next level.

we are very excited the world is starting to wake up to the power of NFT, becuase we simpley agrigate NFT and deploy ERC20 backed by ERC721/NFT which spreads the risk.

Q5: Marketing strategy is one of the factors that determine the future of projects. No matter how good you are, it will be difficult for you to succeed if there are more people who don't know you. Will you carry out a different and dynamic marketing with experienced team members?

ANS: We are developing a strategic marketing plan not only for the blockchain/crypto space who many would be across such technologies - but the wider business community who may have not had exposure to what is happening in the industry and all the benefits it can bring businesses and consumers.

We want to bring blockchain further into the real world and as mentioned previously, optimise and correct many inadequacies we see in the current supply chain process.

We bring a marketing team whom have been across major blockchain projects and many other major marketing campaigns and projects over many years.

Our network spreads far and wide and we are able to engage with specific people and teams with specific, extensive and varied skillsets to each and every project we deploy.

Absolutely this is just the begining, we are just in the process of telling the world what our research team has been up to for the past 2 years…. There is the next year of market plans to execute for this 5 year fund.

Q6: Every token has a vision for success their plan...what is the main vision of $STN5 token? Where can i buy $STN5 token? What is the usecase of $STN5 token?

ANS: In a nut shell
Vision: represent the worlds resources on blockchains.
Join Telegram to learn how the Asset securtisation process works and then let your brain explode with use cases.

Q7: Some projects are more easily accessible and alot beneficial to crypto users expert and professionals than newbies and non crypto experts because they aren't as experienced as expected, do you have a way to bridge this gap to help newbies and non crypto experts have the same benefits and access that experts do enjoy.?

ANS: Great question! A major goal not only for myself but for the team as a whole is to not only promote the benefits of what Smart Trade Networks can do for businesses and supply chains but we want to help eliminate many of the hurdles newbies or non-crypto experts may encounter.

We want to provide information and resources about what Smart Trade Networks are currently working on, projects we are working towards and also educate the public as to the powers of the blockchain and projects like Smart Trade Networks.

This is a major part of what Smart Trade Networks is about.

Q8: Your project is about trade. Security is very important in trade....Does Smart Trade Network security system have such unique features that traders can trade safely here??

ANS: All our coming modules are listed here: however I will point you to: Escrow deal rooms (ERC20 <-> ERC721); which our lead multisig engineer Barry presented at QUT on friday, it’s a deal room for wholesalers to trade smartly, by putting NFT/assets and payment tonens in escrow with dynamic oversight based on the context. Again a picture of STN tech will help here.

Q9: What is the most ambitious goal of the project? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any upcoming updates? What should the community look for?

ANS: We have some big funds launching that, will fund very large transport infrascructure for different cities around the globe, I can’t say too much about these goals just yet, but essentually STN an audat log of assets that get managed transparently, and it’s most likely our commons assets will get manged by these systems.

To add to this, we are not just looking at one specific industry or product or even country! We want to diversify and provide a positive impact on a number of major industries and countries around the world.

Q10: Why you choose ERC-20 for $STN5? While every other project is either switching to BSC or implementing LAYER 2 solution for the ERC high gas fee and transaction time. How ​Smart Trade Networks aims to solve the high gas fee and transection time Problem?

ANS: We’e done the same thing, we do our investing either on ethereum or BSC or other ethereum virtual machines popping up, but then deployed a side chain to record the details of the assets: with our own side chain we have plenty of scale capacity, but will probably move this chain into a Delegated Proof of Stake chain or holochain. And STN will become the payment token to register or modify the condition of assets. People who are holding STN5 will get an early bird deal on the STN token. As we roll out a bigger network.

Q11: The project's name Smart Trade Networks, where dose the name come from? Which smart systems or features will be provided in this platform that others can't? What kind of smart product do the team will create?

ANS: We are part funded by commonwealth gov and uni funds to focus on improving the effeciency of global nation to nation trade, the name comes from this context, there will be the fast smart way or you can continue to do the old paper pushing way however with blockchain things will move faster and smarter, so essentally we are creating the highway of trade. This is not just some fly by night project, this project has actually been going for 3 yeears. you are not only just seeing the public facing part of the project.

Q12: Since I've been in the crypto space, I haven't come across a project with sound knowledge of subject matter as Smart trade Networks when it comes to DeFi. I read one of your articles titled "The 2 Fundamental Flaws in Current DeFi Projects" which says DeFi is faced with 2 flaws which are: DeFi is not backed by real assets; and The Investor is not Protected. I totally agree with you on this, what do you think could be done to address these 2 major issues? How do you think investors could be protected?

ANS: good question, I think read the part “Blending Asset Securitisation with DeFi:

Q13: Kindly tell us What sets you apart from other project in your community? From other project with similar missions?

ANS: I truly believe that what really sets us aside is the experience and passion every single member of the Smart Trade Networks team possesses. We have a diverse and experienced team many of whom have been working together for years!

We are aligned in our beliefs and are all working together to push blockchain technology and adoptance to the wider business community by providing blockchain solutions to real life, real world problems.

Q14: Do you need an active community that is motivated enough and focused on the development of the project? Do you have a reward and incentive system to increase your community's motivation and commitment to the project?

ANS: We have in the pipeline about 15 asset backed fund tokens that will provide finance to different industry verticals, people who work on those projects can get early access to deals. We are setting up a forum to start organising this, in the meantime offer help in telegram, and lets see how we go. 🙂

Q15: Which of the DeFi, Staking, NFT and Dapps tools is your team currently spending more time on to take your project's development to the next level? In the short term, will you have news about these areas?

ANS: We are really improving the reporting of the assets and then will move to the reporing of the agents reporting ont he assets. e.g. you can see early versions of these asset pages here:

We do have a few staking features coming out soon.

Q16: Many new crypto projects initially made a good impression on investors / users, but later it turned out that their aim was fraud. How will you increase the confidence that such projects have diminished?

ANS: Thanks for your question. Our team is extremely transparent about who we are, our experience and our vision. You can find out more about the core team on our website: and you can connect with us directly and discuss any ideas, questions or concerns you may have via our telegram channel:

Q17: Do you have any airdrop/bounty program in the near future?
Which platforms will you IDO on? Which date?

ANS: sorry we can’t give away or airdrop real assets for free, all that people can do is get in before we setup more asset securtisation deals.

Q18: Since your project is global How do you plan to reach countries that suffer from less than high inflation in Latin America How do you plan to take this project globally for adoption?

ANS: you will see STN5 is already backed by assets from argentina, businesses are just coming to us as they need funds.

Follow the proect and study, how we launch derivitave tokens in the future.

Q19: I understand that Smart Trade Networks is of great help for the transfer / transport, and of great use because it allows to use cryptos / tokens. But how do they manage to face the serious situation of covid 19? Not a big deal for transfers?

ANS: We are finding more people are wanting to get access to finance in covid, which makes sense because more businesses are struggling from different supply chain delays.

Q20: The project has a value proposition in wholesale data architecture, systems and capabilities that can be quickly deployed in new ecosystems, but could you elaborate on how you plan to attract more traditional users to use the platform's services? Since these users do not tend to use these services.

ANS: Traditional users just want access to finance. So their experience is a new way to do a loan.

Q21: Taking advantage of the changing trends in cryptocurrencies is very difficult to predict, and some tools are not very effective in this area, how does Smart Trade Networks manage to offer the latest movements of the changing trends,enrich the community with this data?

ANS: We are just brining transparency to global supply chains we all depend on, this is a trend that will not change because in times of uncertainty, transparency of our core services is most important.

Q22: What is your top priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?Which part of the project are you most focused on right now?

ANS: Start providing more finance deals to farmers in need.

Q23: Every project claims to be the best...You are no exception...How are Smart Trade Network different from other trade networks???Do you have unique features in your network that others do not have???

ANS: We simply have a lot more capacity becuse we are university backed, and apply DeFi to solve traditional supply chain problems. most DeFi projects aren’t focused on global supply chains.

Q24: Why did Smart Trade Network decided to develope their solutions on decentralised systems? And why do you think there is a need to start the Smart Trade Networks project?

ANS: if you are managing millions of dollars of trade on computers that run the risk of turning off, that is a risk and could cost millions to fix or in lost trade, so all this does need to be managed on blockchains these days. I would like to point you to our medium posts there you will see the need.

Q25: Smart Trade networks has several interesting value propositions but I'm most interested in the "Blockchain enabled asset authentication" proposition. Can you give us more insight into how this will work? Also, what's your research with Future Food Systems aimed at??

ANS: All asset securtisation happens through a multi sig, so depending on the arrangement of that dynamicy multisig there is pleny of accountability on asset securtisation. the research with future food systems is excactly on different applications of this general purpose multisig. and funding the ongoing launch of this platform.

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