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Date: Thursday, 29th October, 2020
Time: 16:00 UTC

The Stobox team team was represented by Gene Deyev, Co-Founder and CEO of Stobox and Borys Pikalov, Co-Founder and Head of Business Analytics in Stobox. They both judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also if you have a team, you can introduce them

Ans : My name is Borys Pikalov, I am Co-Founder and Head of Business Analytics in Stobox. My main role in the company is management of knowledge and analysis. Digital assets are an extremely knowledge-heavy indsutry with significant legal and business requirement to the technology and strategy. I am uncovering and systemizing those.

Previously I’ve been doing research in theoretical physics but shifted to a more practical field with greater potential for social impact.

I’ve applied my research skills to tokenization and became a recognized expert in digital securities, issued a book on the matter and regularly publish in media and speak on summits.

Follow me on LinkedIn -

Gene Deyev (Co-Founder, CEO). I am a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in doing business. I have 3+ years experience of trading US stocks on the Wall Str in NY. I owned amongst others a stock trading business, car dealing service, complicated hardware startup in connected cars, crypto business in Asia. For the past 2+ years I focus on Stobox

This is my official Twitter -

Q2 : Can you introduce the STOBOX project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage over similar solutions

Ans : Stobox is an award-winning technology and advisory company in the field of securities tokenization and digital assets. Tokenization is a technology that transforms business financing, reduces cost of capital, opens for investors access to investment opportunities that were out of reach and makes it possible to automate legal compliance. It is embraced by companies such as London Stock Exchange, World Bank and HSBC.

We are already two years on the market and have been focused on development of the infrastructure that would allow tokenization to be convenient and deployed on scale. During this time we conducted around 5,000 hours of research of industry landscape, technical and legal nuances; tested several blockchains, including IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric; conducted 500+ hours of conversation with partners and potential clients; worked with several governments.

Our distinctive feature is expertise in tokenization, finance, securities law and blockchain. We are sharing this expertise in publications in the professional media, speeches on summits, articles in our Medium blog and videos on YouTube channel.

Please check our YouTube - it has a lot to say about us

Currently, we are finalizing and releasing three products as a result of an R&D stage - Stobox DLT Network Protocol, Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard and Stobox Crypto Exchange.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : We are already 2 years in the industry of digital assets. Here are our pillars:
- Advised 10+ institutional clients

- 5000+ hours of research of digital securities
- Won an Award “Asset Tokenization of the Year 2019” on Malta AI & Blockchain Summit

- Were recognized as one of the TOP-10 most promising Maltese startups in 2020 according to Even though we left Malta as a jurisdiction

- Established partnerships with law firms, regulated secondary markets, advisors and marketing firms in 10+ countries

- Advised governments in Ukraine (Ministry of Digital Transformation) and Malta (Digital Innovation Authority)

- Issued a Book on digital securities, read by 1000+ market professionals.

Malta Award 2019!


We have a very detailed Roadmap. Please have a look here -

That’s the book we’ve done with Malta Digital Authority. Please feel free to download ;)


Q1 : STOBOX employed " Security token offering " to raise fund globally, of what better strategy is these STO compared to what other project methods of raising funds like IEOs or ICOs ?

Ans : Security token offering provides protection to our investors unlike ICO or IEO, therefore, the offering of security tokens is much more attractive and allows us to raise capital from more conservative investors who need legal protection.

Q2 : I read about your Remote burn feature that could be used by investors who lost their private key to recover their token back. In situation whereby an issue has the intention of abusing this feature to burn securities of legally compliant investors, how would you address that?

Ans : Stocks or securities are issued by companies, so their management has to be done by corporates.The company should be able to lock and burn Security Tokens in case when it belongs to an unauthorized person or a criminal. This power should be given to Security Token Issuer. So we implement those functions in the smart-contract.

Securities Smart Contract will be available for audition on the GitHub and will be public. However the whole Dashboard Functionality is closed-code.

Q3 : What Are The Backbone Of Token Stobox That Make It To Be Among The Active Project In The Universe?

Ans : Our team spent two years on research on the industry and design of the technology solutions. We have a clear understanding of the huge potential, the desire to capture it, and to capitalize on the time, effort, and money we have already invested in the project in the last two years. We have the technology 90% ready to be deployed and the understanding of how to get traction and profit in this market.

STBU is an Ecosystem Token that is used in both STO and Crypto Exchange.

Crypto Exchange will be launched later this November. So STBU is a utility token to pay fees on Stobox Venues.

It’s still very early as Stobox products are to launched soon!

The STO Dashboard will be released Next Week! Please follow us ;)

Q4 : Elaborate the reason Why Token Stobox was created by UMOVIS Lab? And what Advantages will Token Stobox add to the Community And the investor?

Ans : Stobox wasn’t created by UMOVIS Lab, I don’t know where you got this information from. We issued our tokens ourselves. STBU was issued using ERC-20 Tokens and STBX, our security token, was issued using our proprietary DLT Network protocol. STBX, a security token, gives participation in the profits of the company. STBU gives discounted trading fees on the Stobox exchange.

We have nothing to do with


It is a startup in a health industry and not related with us

Those guys don’t write Smart-Contract or do STO Dashboards)

Q5 : With which authorities does Stobox collaborate to support financial innovations in setting new industry standards? Also, could you give information about your cooperation with governments?

Ans : In the past, we collaborated with Malta Digital Innovation Authority, part of the Maltese government, and helped them to educate business communities about the benefits of tokenization and issued a book on STO in collaboration with them.

Today we also collaborate with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. We assisted them with the design of the legislation for the virtual assets that can promote innovation. We will in the future assist them with the design of the legislation for tokenized securities, and also help them with the education of local businesses.

Government of Ukraine engages us to help write Digital Securities Legislation. We work as consultants. Moreover, we aided Maltese government officials in understanding Security Token Landscape. Now Malta has 3 crypto laws implemented.

It’s a very interesting and challenging journey.


Q1 : In your opinion, which is more important for the StoboxCompany, and why

1. Community
2. Investors
3. Market or Exchange

Ans : Good question. I think it's a combination of every factor. We need community and we gain popularity very quickly. We are public and opened to community. All our actions are recorded and our plans are months ahead. Everyone can learn about us and make their own decision. We do not offer HYPE, but a steady business growth!

Investors are important. We call them tokenholders. Investors are into STBX (Security Token by US Company). We cannot promise financial gains, but we can promise to deliver best results. We are in the same boat with investors and tokenholders.

Products are the core of the business. We are happy that DS Dashboard and Exchange is done after many months of development. Security and legal risks are taken in consideration. So we believe products will find their market fit.

Q2 : What motivated you to #Stobox. What is the estimated success by the end of 2021?

Ans : Potential! Security Tokens have HUGE potential. I was trading stocks in US Broker in New York. Securities on blockchain can bring companies (our clients) massive adoption. Imagine that your company has not 3-4 partners, but 10k and can be managed legally in one dashboard. This what we do!

The success for 2021 would be traction and growth! We have 10+ companies in pipeline for STO. We need to deliver them. Every STO is a big process, so managing 10 of them would be a good traction.

Don’t forget that besides sales we need to focus on technical and constantly changing legal aspects.

But once we success we make everyone happy! Investors, Tokenholders, Team and Clients!

We are building a ecosystem of digital assets.
We have a 2 directions - digital securities and crypto.

- Regarding securities we are on the last stage of developing Digital Securities Dashboard, a tool for companies who want to attract funds through digital crowdfunding.

For your participation in Stobox shares please fill out the form.

- Regarding the crypto, you can participate in STBU to have a better ranking in our future Exchange with a zero commission for our community, that we are lunching in a month.

You can participate here:

Q3 : How will ur token increase in value??

Ans : Read here -
If this is not enough, dive here -

You can find Detailed Tokenomics Projections and Plans.

There are 1B STBU, but only ~2m in Circulation Supply, with a very little Market Cap. So we have some room to grow ;)

We expect most activity prior to the Exchange launch later this November. But early access is always good for those who don’t rush for short-term Sushi-lunch ;)

Unlike most of the projects, we have build tech and traction before we issued STBU. We never did ICO! We list on Probit, Coinsbit and Uniswap and sell according to the market demand!

Q4 : Can you briefly explain what the 3 products (Stobox DLT Network Protocol, Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard and Stobox Crypto Exchange) are? When they will be released and how they can improve adoption in crypto and DeFi?

Ans : Let me also provide more detailed overview of our products:

1. Stobox DLT Protocol
Most common and convenient token protocol is ERC-20. However, it is not suitable for regulated financial instruments. The use of conventional protocols creates legal risks and operational complexity for businesses. To make tokenization easier, we designed a protocol for securities that takes into account legal nuances and makes tokenization easier.

Here is the brief overview of the first version of the protocol:

2. Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard
The Dashboard is a personal fundraising and investor management portal for a business. The big problem is that the investment process is complex and includes many operations – KYC, sending invoices and receiving funds, signing legal agreements, sending tokens, setting investment limits, recording securities ownership, etc. After that, issuers have to communicate with investors, share reports, pay dividends, organize voting. Due to this complexity, very few offer their securities to a wide public, especially in early stages.

The Dashboard automates or streamlines the processes above, making all relations with investors drastically simpler. Therefore, crowdfunding becomes a much more viable option. Our dream is that anyone could walk into the new coffee shop in your street and invest in it a hundred bucks if you liked the coffee and the owner. This is a completely new paradigm of investing and business financing.

We will release this solution in the last days of November.

3. Stobox Crypto Exchange
Crypto Exchange is an inherent part of the Stobox Digital Assets Ecosystem. We used advanced database management technologies to make it extremely fast and reliable to suit professional algorithmic traders. It also possesses advanced functionality, such as NFT-module and futures trading. To ensure the safety of personal and financial information, we utilize clustered storage technology and add insurance on data.

We will release this solution in a month.

We stay away from DeFi at the moment. There are many SCAMS and Regulatory uncertainties. We are still evaluating with our Legal Team. To increase adoption we use a different approach - Vouchers!


If you have any additional questions please visit

BY THE Way! We are hosting the Digital Assets Investment Conference. Digital Assets Investment Conference!

The conference will feature some high-profile speakers:
- Dotun Rominiyi (Head of Blockchain at London Stock Exchange Group)
- Florian Ducommun (Head of Asset Tokenization at Crypto Valley)
- Samson Williams (UNH Professor, crowdfunding rock-star)
- David Weild IV (former vice-president of NASDAQ)
- Felix Mago (Co-Founder of DASH)

However, if you go through gleam - you’ll get $50 Voucher for Stobox Crypto Exchange Operations

We have paid and Free

Moreover - anyone who leaves an email will be issued a Voucher

When Stobox Exchange is Live - you register with the same email and collect $50 in STBU on your exchange account!

Most of the question will be answered from the famous professional from crypto and digital industry!

It allows you to trade FREE crypto on the exchange!. So people can try the product and decide for themselves to us it later. We have many gifts and vouchers to distribute. 100K!

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