Recapitulation of AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Monday, 26th October, 2020
Time: 17:00 UTC

The team was represented by Hvsh, the lead dev. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourselves and your backgrounds, also if you have a team, you can introduce your team

Hi yeah so maybe I'll just start off with a brief description of STVKE.

Its an application that will allow anyone, whether you know how to code or not, to create your very own ERC20 tokens.

Simple tokens, tokens with burn on transfer, fee on transfer, or mintable.

My name is hvsh and I am the lead dev, I do have a team, u2mad does a bit of everything. G00dfella is our economist. Mosab keso and coldean are our community managers and Shasha is our designer

I have over 10 years building mobile and web applications for various government and business groups.

Q2 : Can you introduce the project better in details, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s your Comparative advantages

Ans : Sure, it allows you to make complex tokens. Current solutions only allow you to make simple erc20 tokens.

On our platform you can build that and more.

The problem it is solving is reducing the barriers of entries for people wanting to start their own projects.

Our advantages is that nobody is doing what we are doing. We want to build and continue.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap if available

Ans : Yes our top milestone is keeping the entire token creation process on chain.

Everything for our token generation is in the STV token smart contract. End of November is our vault, second is our Token Database with info pertaining to the rankings of all tokens created on our platform. That should be finished in end of January. Then the last thing is to migrate everything to Polkadot which should be done in 2021


Q1 : Does #Network_Stvke currently have alliances with other exchanges in the market? Are more alliances coming in the near future? Are you currently working on one?

Ans : Other exchanges? No, we are listing on Uniswap and that is about it. We have offers to list on CEX but I do not see the benefit of it if it is not a big CEX

Q2 : There have been some past and presently built token generators. What has StvkeNetwork done so far to improve upon these past and recently built token generators?

Ans : A lot actually. We are completely different then the others. Everything that has to do with creating your token is on chain, in our smart contract for you to verify.

In addition to that, not a single token generator has the ability to give you the option of choosing burning on transfer or taking a governance fee on transfer

Q3 : Can you share to us the overview of Network Stvke project? Who are the team behind your platform? Do you have any partnership as of the moment?

Ans : We are partnered with DexTools at the moment with more to come later.

Overview of STVKE is to allow those without any coding knowledge to launch projects (tokens for now only) on the block chain.

We are an anonymous team of people who like to build fun things.

Q4 : Are there any plans in place for promoting the project and making it as widely-known among non-english speaking community and the crypto space?

Ans : Yes, there are talks to make the site multi language compatible and to introduce a translations campaign later in 2021 when the UI is complete.

To add to that, the token generator is live on rinkeby and will go live on mainnet in less than 23 hours.

Q5 : How do I become part of the governance?

Ans : Eventually we will set up the token to be able to vote on governance fees, fees for creating tokens, min required stv held for creating tokens, and min required stv held for creating tokens for free.

So simply by holding stv and waiting for this governance section to be implemented, will allow you to take part in governance of the platform


Q1 : Defi is Booming Nowadays . What Makes STVKE Differ from other Defi token and What does this Token Solves?

Ans : No other token allows for transparent token generation on chain. =)

Q2 : Is there any new features STVK NETWORK has to offer that are not already been done in the crypto space or features that are ahead of the competition?

Ans : Same as my last answer

Q3 : Is there a minimum value we have to add to create a token? Or a fee for STVKE?

Ans : Yes 0.1 eth and you must hold 100 STV

Q4 : From your website, your sales ends in less than 23hrs. What mechanisms have you put in place to help prevent whales from mopping up all the tokens as this could deprive early investors who have trust in the project from making profits?

Ans : We had a tiny private sale with a max cap of 3 eth. Max cap for public sale is 35 eth but the price is slightly higher to discourage whales.

Q5 : Can you tell us more about your dual token protocol? How does STV differs from SPR?

Ans : This is currently on the back burner for now. We will announce in June whether or not we will revive SPR.

Q6 : Lots of project has been building and migrating to POLKADOT lately, is there a reason you have chosen to work with POLKADOT ?

Ans : Yes. PolkaDot and their bridging systems are to die for. It opens a wide range of opportunities for developers, also solidity is quite limiting =)

Q7 : What are the plans after your SALE of your $STV token ends? Do you have plans to search for listings in other exchanges such as BITHUMB, kucoin, hotbit etc?

Ans : I have a friend and a fan who works at huobi. I hope to build the project so we can be listed there someday

Q8 : While looking back at your journey what is the biggest achievement you made and what are you most proud of at

Mention the reasons why choosing as an investment? What are the long-term benefits to be gained?

Ans : Haha that I kept my sanity!

I don't give financial or investment advice!

Q9 : After Presale most projects struggle to maintain/stabilize due to people dumping on the secondary market. How do you aim to prevent this from happening to STV? Will there be penalties for those that buy the token only to dump within 24hrs of listing?

Ans : We had plans of this, but decided to opt out in terms of keeping the token generation on chain.

Q10 : Many Tokens are created for the purpose of scam since the contracts are decentralized, STV has terms and conditions in which the creator of the contract can be a Scam, how do you protect the user in Presales from future scams, do you follow up?

Ans : Users that created tokens? No we do not follow up.. it is an anonymous decentralized platform.

You should always do your own research no matter what anyone says

Q11 : Has the STV smart contract being audited? Which firm audited the smart contract and what critical errors were observed after the audit?

Ans : No audit.

My last audited project had 0 critical errors on its first go and 0 high level errors =)

Q12 : The scope of the project *Stvkeapp* is very large and want to compete with other projects, how does *Stvkeapp* achieve this goal ??

Ans : By working harder than the rest!

Q13 : We can create other tokens than ERC20 in STVKE app, which other blockchains are supported by the pltlatform, is the same process to create any token?

Ans : Currently you can only create erc20 tokens and tokens with the settings i have mentioned above (burn, fee, mint)

Q14 : Do you have a feature ensure locking of liquidity in tokens created if required? Or any audit, srategy to enhance users trust in STVKE?

Ans : We will be locking a good portion of funds raised on unicrypt for transparency

Q15 : Can you explain your tokenomics to me? Can you show me your token distribution?

Ans : Please view our medium article for this

Q16 : Does SKVKE have any other features you’re currently working on ?
What are these upcoming features of yours ?

Ans : =) maybe you can find them through my previous answers. Maybe also token timelock and presale contract generation

Q17 : Have been willing to have my own token (AGY). Seems this is the right time and chance for me. Apart from filling the form on your website, what other steps do I have to take to have my token generated successfully?

Ans : None. Once you click deploy, your token is made.

To deploy you need to hold 100 STV, 0.1ETH for our cost and whatever the deployment fee is in ETH to pay the network

Q18 : Even without knowing how to code, in STVKE app users are not limited to simple ERC-20 tokens, so what is required to create customized tokens, how easy it actually is?

Ans : Its really easy. Choose yes or no on the options. Choose the amounts. Bing. Bang. Boom.

Q19 : With more similar project coming up lately, how will STVKE maintain its relevance even when bigger competitors come around ?

Ans : Let the come, we will innovate

Q20 : Is it possible to create trc20 tokens or are erc20 token the only ones supported by the platform?

Ans : Erc only at the moment. Trc20 shouldn’t be hard. But our road map is pretty set at the moment

Q21 : If every one can make their own token, does that open up the platform for fraudulent activity or what has been done to ensure this platform is not used for fraudulent activity?

Ans : Man. I don’t know what is peoples problems with wanting to control what others do. I don’t support scamming I think its disgusting. But I definitely don’t support restricting regular people from using the platform because of some chumos


But before leaving, do you have any Final Words for the community, perhaps important links and how we can participate in the public sale

Ans : Sure, you may find out more on the project, or chat with me at the links below =)

Official Website:





Our sale is ongoing for the next 24 hours or so, and you may find the wallet address on our website.

You can currently use our token generator on our website on rinkeby testnet where I've changed the stv holding requirement to 0 stv. All you need to do is get rinkeby eth from the faucet.

Thanks everyone for participating it was fun!!

STVKE Public Sale
Max Cap: 570 ETH
Price per STV: 0.0003 ETH
Uniswap Listing: 0.0003 ETH

MIN Send amount is 0.5 ETH, anything send below that will not be considered and will be refunded.
MAX send amount is 35 ETH, anything above that WILL be refunded.
Public Sale Address: 0x90D3aBd641F9cf94552DC108ABC0Bd932A6D6CE1

Steps to receive your STV
1) Send your ETH to 0x90D3aBd641F9cf94552DC108ABC0Bd932A6D6CE1
2) Wait until Hardcap is reached, or 48 hours have passed.
3) We will then add liquidity to Uniswap, lock the liquidity for 6 months.
4) We will then disperse your tokens to each of your respective accounts proportional to what you have sent in the public sale.
5) We will then disperse the private sale tokens proportional to what was sent in the private sale.
6) We will then update the site to reflect the ability to create tokens on the main net.

Telegram Group:
Telegram Channel:

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