Recapitulation of Subme PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Sunday, 31st October, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The Subme PROJECT team was represented by Subme_MD who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Subme PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on SUBME?

ANS: Of course. When it comes to me my name is Michał Dziopak and I am the partnerships and communications manager in Subme. I have years of experience in marketing & sales. Apart from being the P & C manager I hold other minor roles in Subme.

Regarding our team - our team has over 20 people with all of them being experts in their own fields. Not to make it a lengthy introduction you can check out our core team members on our website:

Q2: Can you provide a summary of what the project is all about, and a summary of how your last months have been?

ANS: Our project is called Subme and we are developing a platform & application which will serve as a marketplace for subscriptions, where you will be able to manage all of your subscriptions in one place, be it subscriptions of real and online goods and services.

Our application will get those items purchased by you on a recurring basis delivered straight to your home and each time you make such a purchase you will be granted a cashback. You can learn more about us simply by visiting our website: and through joining up our main Telegram group:

In the recent months we have been able to get listed on the PancakeSwap and BitMart, we started running the farming, our app is in advanced development stage with sellers testing it out and introducing their services to it, and soon we will also let the first users (buyers) test it out as well. In other words there are quite many things happening on our side.

We are also intensively working over the partnerships with both from the Crypto and non-crypto side and within the week we have begun collaborating with and Terra Land.

With our collaboration involves cool NFTs Gloves with their physical manifestations in the form of signed by Jan Błachowicz gloves - UFC star. You can find more info about them and also purchase them directly from this place:

Q3: Can you give us an overview of the Tokenomics, and Utility of the $SUB token?

ANS: Of course

Our token, called $SUB, is a BEP-20 based token. You could call it a lifeblood of the whole ecosystem and Subme platform.

Our users will be able to get with it discounts in our app and also to pay fully for the goods and services, exchange it to other cryptocurrencies (swap), get neat cashbacks with it, sell back or hodl for its value to increase or the $SUB could be simply treated as loyalty points for our users.

Our Token is neat, isn't it? 😎

Q4: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, and also to share your Roadmap?

ANS: According to the roadmap we have been able to follow all what has been laid out in it. At the present time there are no delays and we intend to release our app this month as planned together with introducing to it basic services and products.

To sum up again, in the recent months we have been able to get listed on the PancakeSwap and BitMart, we started running the farming, our app is in advanced development stage with sellers testing it out and introducing their services to it, all in accordance to the set roadmap goals.

Next year though we have planned quite big gigs - expanding to more markets, establishing fulfillment centers first in Europe, later all around the world, introducing more industries to our platform.

To know more you can check out our Roadmap section in the whitepaper:

Q5: The focus of Subme is been a marketplace for subscription and I believe this will require the team to utilize all the connections it can gather.
Haven said that, Partnerships in the Crypto space can be game-changing, especially for a protocol like Subme.
Have you been able to work out any kick-ass partnerships and if yes so could shed more light on one of them?

ANS: Of course, we are aware of that and that's why we have been able to work out pretty kick-ass partnerships. Let me present to you one of them

Our partnership with Terra Land

The Terra Land project is a global transactional platform designed with selling entire real properties or their parts in mind, based on the blockchain technology. Fractionating the real estate market keeps investors interested in the geographical diversification of their real property portfolio, particularly for those with fewer funds.

Our projects would like to form together a special DCA strategy for investing in Real Estate markets or simply by creating subscriptions for your future house or flat that you would own after saving up enough funds.

Which is kinda amazing and awesome approach no one has dared to introduce it before in the shape we will.

Q6: Could you tell us more about your SubPad platform and the IDO to which it is related?

ANS: With pleasure 😎

Just like you mentioned, right now there is an ongoing IDO on the side of the Terra Land project, our partner project, which is a perfect chance for you to invest in one of the most promising future industries.

What is more, you can do it through the SubPad platform and Panel (which is our platform) as we have very competitive entry conditions for our community members and also for you.

To know more about them, kindly check out this medium article:

On our side we have 200 allocations available with worth of $500 each for users who will want to get Terra Land allocation with our help, which means they are worth $100.000 in total.

The terms as you can see in the medium article are very attractive and there is no catch in them. All you need to do is to lock your liquidity for short and to get whitelisted, wait for the announcement of the results and voila!

The whitelists closure is expected to occur tomorrows evening.

And again

I invite you to join up our main TG group to stay more up to date in terms of the ongoing IDO

You may join us up people :):

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: For those who commit to holding your $SUB tokens as an investment for a longer time,
Is the staking will taking place in your App??
And what are you plans in increasing you liquidity?.

ANS: First of all, we will have staking coming in November. Its APY I cannot disclose to you, but we used to have staking before the listing time and back then it was 40 % APY , so I would expect some cool figure this time as well 😎Our hodlers will be rewarded in a proper way. We have farming, we keep supporting one IDO, there might be other amazing projects partnerships on the way, the app will be out soon and so the trades of our coin will increase with all the good things on the way.

Q2: 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻 Can you explain about SUBME audit condition and security ?

ANS: Our contract has been Certik audited. Back then the audit didn't find any serious bugs, just few minor bugs and all of them has been resolved very quickly.

Q3: You have written in your Roadmap that you will list Subme on CEX Bitmart. So what is the progress?

ANS: We have been listed on BitMart in September and our token is being traded on BitMart as well.

Q4: Hello, How we can buy your token right now?
Is there any special requirements for buying ? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

ANS: Well, the main requirement is just to have BEP-20 wallet and you can easily purchase our token from the PancakeSwap without any further requirements.

Q5: Something that caught my attention when I entered your page is the phrase "get ready for NFT" so could you explain me what function would NFTs have within the Subme ecosystem? What benefits will have for a user to buy a NFT from your project? When would this feature be available?

ANS: Actually we introduced NFTs already. You may purchase them from our store at :

We have plans to introduce more kinds of NFTs, be it NFTs related to our partners or our own branded NFTs.:

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