Recapitulation of SoccerHub PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 24thSeptember, 2021
Time: 13:00 UTC

The SoccerHub PROJECT team was represented by @Hana2398 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about SoccerHub PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on SoccerHub?

ANS: My pleasure! My name is Hannah, CMO of SoccerHub. I'm also presenting as Business Development Manager of Chainos Solution - 1 of top 10 blockchain companies in Vietnam.

We are proud that SoccerHub was conceived and founded by a team with good expertise and professional behavior. And the greatest strength of our core team is passion and maturity in every action.

Our CEO - Salem Nguyen is also CEO of Chainos Solution
Our CTO - Harry Dau is Head of R&D Department & Blockchain Leader of Chainos.
Our COO - Ngoc Anh Ta is the COO of Ziga Game at the same time.
And me - CMO.

Q2: Can you introduce SoccerHub, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: A nice question! Yes sure, SoccerHub is the combination of traditional soccer manager game and trending NFT game that, we believe, makes us the very first play-to-earn soccer manager game. SoccerHub users can enjoy playing Soccer Hub while earning $SCH tokens from trading, staking, winning matches, or betting.

As we all know Covid 19 pandemic has a devastating impact on the world economy, especially the soccer industry. So we aim to build a game with economic benefits for the community as well as satisfy their soccer passion during this difficult time.

What makes us stand out from other football games and also our advantage is that Soccer Hub is built with plenty of joyful gaming activities surrounding the NFT players and even with a betting system. These activities promise to be a craze for users and help stir up our community.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Yes sure. So proud to share it.
Until now, our game has been attracting to many soccer fans as well as P2E communities so far.
To name a few of our achievements:
✔️423k watchlists CoinMarketCap
✔️26.1k followers Twitter
✔️23k members Telegram Group
✔️22.5k subscribers Telegram Channel
✔️18.6k followers Facebook
✔️3.2k followers Medium
✔️1.2M fund raised in the Private Round

About our mile stone:
The first and foremost milestone is that we are launching 2000 - 3000 orginially designed NFT players and our own Marketplace.

We have set goals to build a strong community before the end of 2021, therefore, our development team is now busy creating many exciting mini-games for members to play and stake $SCH.

Take a look at our detailed Roadmap and Milestones here:

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We are proud to share about SoccerHub's strategic partners. On our global path, venture capitalists have joined hands to support the project a lot, especially for communication and outreach in many countries around the world: Redkite, Poolz, Duckstarter, Basics, M6, Au21, Legion Venture, BSC, Panda Capital (from China), DCI (from Netherlands),....

All of SoccerHub's partners have experience in supporting and accompanying start-up projects from their inception until they have achieved certain success.

You guys can easily take a look at my picture here!

Q5: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics, and UTILITY of $SCH token?

ANS: Well, $SCH is a universal soccer fan token built on multi-chain networks including Binance Smart Chain & Polygon with an aim to offer scalability and stable fees. As a play-to-earn game, you have to use those tokens in order to play by making payment for transferring NFT Players, soccer player's wage, equipment & treatment packages, training packages and betting service.

And of couse, SoccerHub users can enjoy playing while earning $SCH tokens from trading, staking, winning matches or betting.

For your reference, just take a look at our one page above!

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: I learnt that the better the soccer players a Soccer Manager owns, the more value they can bring, so how can I level up my players? I know that training is very essential for better performance, how many types of training are available on SoccerHub and how much is the average skill gained from each training types available?

ANS: Thanks Abu!
Interesting question!
As a Soccer Manager, you can put your squad into training sessions to level up their skills and or join several tournaments to gain winning awards. You can buy training packages in the marketplace and design the training sessions that will boost your football players.

There are 3 training types: Stretching, Cardio, and Practice match. Each consumes different amounts of energy and gains different amounts of skill progress. Your players regain 6% of their condition every three hours.

Q2: When is the duration of the whitelist?
Does holding on to pols give you direct whitelist for the IDO?

ANS: You updated well guy!

Our whitelist is live now on 3 launchpads: Poolz, Duchstarter & Redkite

How to join our whitelist on Poolz:
Read more:

Our whitelist form in Duckstarter:
Whitelist form:

And last but not least is on Redkite:

Q3: In the previous ama you said "we will have lots of Mini-games for the community to play" so can you please describe the very interesting features in the mini-games? And what are the benefits for investors to hold $SCH in a long term investment and what plans do you have to drive the demand and scarcity of tokens/NFT ?

ANS: Thanks bangkot! I'm sure you joined many AMA of us.

About mini-game, these games will relate to soccer only and users will play mini-games to level up their NFT Players and earn tokens at the same time. I'm quite sure that everyone will be addicted to our minigame.

Only after IDO about 1 week, we'll release our mini games & you guys could stake & P2E immediately. Do u have interested in?

Q4: Will the in-game value of NFT's be determined by their in-game strength or rarity?

ANS: I love this question. Actually the NFT's value is decided by both your mentioned factors. But we're focusing more on the strength which users can join our mini games or training session to level up their NFT players.

Q5: I saw there will be a betting game. So I wanna know that betting will be against real players or computers?

ANS: You will bet with real players.

FYI, Bets will take place within the range of matches held within the SoccerHub ecosystem. As long as you are a user and hold tokens in your hand, you can join and bet.

All results of soccer matches in Soccer Hub are decided by Smart contract so they can not be cheated. Therefore, it will make sure all the results are fair play and guarantee the participant’s rights.

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