Recapitulation of SuperLauncher PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 12th August, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The SuperLauncher PROJECT team was represented by @Pinky_superlauncher who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about SuperLauncher PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself?

ANS: Sure. I’m Pinky, I handle the business side of things at SuperLauncher. I’ve been in the crypto sphere since 2018 and I have an institutional trading background. I have experience running crypto funds and defi protocols prior to SuperLauncher :)

Q2: Can you introduce the SuperLauncher project to the community?

ANS: Sure. I'm going to keep my answers short :)

SuperLauncher is a Launchpad based on BSC. We source for promising blockchain projects and invite them to IDO on our platform. We operate like a VC, so we will not onboard projects that we will not invest in ourselves. We perform thorough due diligence so our investors get only the highest quality projects.

Q3: What are the IDOs you have had to date, and how have they performed?

ANS: To date, we have hosted 4 public IDOs, including our own.

SuperLauncher: 7x all-time high
Citizen Finance: 8x all-time high
Black Eye Galaxy: 7x all-time high
Landshare: 5x all-time high

It’s worth noting that investors have had plenty of time to realise these gains. These ATH numbers are not spikes created by bots. You can browse these projects on our website:

Q4: Do you have upcoming IDOs? If yes, can you share some details?

ANS: Next up we have YAY Games, a decentralised gaming marketplace run by experienced founders. SuperLauncher has been working with them for more than 2 months now, and we are very excited to see their project reach the IDO stage. They have a great product development pipeline and have forged some key partnerships in the space. You may find out more here:

We screen projects daily, and very few make the cut, as we are selective. We have a number of projects currently in our pipeline which will be revealed as we firm up the details.

Q5: What's the most important thing you ensure a project have before even considering them for IDOs?

ANS: We look at various things to see if it is a good investment. First we look for technical and experienced founders who can deliver. We ensure that their token model is balanced and has good utility. It is also important to us that the project has the necessary resources to market and gain exposure for their product. These are all crucial elements to ensure success in the long run.

Q6: What’s the process to whitelist/subscribe to these IDOs? What allocation can a user expect?

ANS: SuperLauncher has the easiest whitelisting and subscription process in the industry. We have no KYC, no whitelist forms. Once you buy and stake $LAUNCH, you are whitelisted and can subscribe for the sale.

Step 1: Buy LAUNCH:
Step 2: Stake LAUNCH:

Armada Tier: 6,000 LAUNCH stake requirement (approx 4 bnb allocation)
Rocket Tier: 100 LAUNCH stake requirement (approx 0.3 bnb allocation)

More about Tiers here:

Q7: So I across something like SuperFarms, and you have not mention anything like that.
Can you elaborate on this?

ANS: Sure!

SuperFarms are Liquidity Provision farms, similar to those you see on PancakeSwap. We host farms for our portfolio projects, in a bid to help them bootstrap liquidity in the early stages. Our farms have attracted nearly $1M in deposits to date and give out APRs in excess of 300%. Do check them out at

Q8: Could you share a little bit more about your roadmap? What’s next for SuperLauncher?

ANS: Thank you, yes, we try our best to provide as much value to our users as possible, to create a frictionless investing experience.

At SuperLauncher we set quarterly milestones, but try not to get too obsessed with it. We are constantly watching the space to identify the gaps and opportunities and tweak our roadmap on the fly.

Next up, we will be releasing a product in August which will add significant value to the SuperLauncher DAO in the form of revenues. This is not in our main roadmap, so we are very excited to see how it's received.

After that, we will reveal SuperLauncher V2, scheduled from Q3. This will bring significant changes to the way IDOs are held, eliminate tiers and fcfs, bring guaranteed allocations to stakers, and also put upward price pressure on our native token, $LAUNCH. So keep an eye on us ;)

Q9: Can you share some information about the $LAUNCH token and why users should pay attention?

ANS: Sure. So our token, $LAUNCH, is a utility and a governance token.

1. Staking LAUNCH is required for Whitelisting and IDO participation.
2. Staking LAUNCH earns you SuperEggs and Dividends
3. Staking LAUNCH gives you Proposal and Voting Rights

The $LAUNCH token has an impressive staking ratio, with almost 70% of the circulating supply staked. The Total supply is 6.1M, and Max Supply is 12M.

This makes it a compelling token to consider, not just as a way to gain access to IDOs, but also to earn dividends and gain exposure to the overall SuperLauncher ecosystem.

You may see more of our stats here:

To find out more:
Do visit our telegram group:
Read about us:

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: The idea being "Dividends" which is a revenue-sharing mechanism that’s exclusive to the birdies of the SuperLauncher DAO is amazing. But we all know that these revenue could be used in multiple ways, such as operational expenses, buy back and burn event to bring some deflationary pressure and so on. So what makes you think distributing the revenue to the SuperLauncher DAO is the best decision? Why do think this will be most beneficial for the value of $LAUNCH?

ANS: At the end of the day, we are an IDO platform, and we will be judged by the quality of the projects we bring in, and their performance.

As a launchpad, we will also be judged by how our own token performs in the long run. It's a fine balance between managing the utility of the token, as well as the price of the token.

As you know, one of the most tricky parts of the launchpad business is fostering staking loyalty. Launchpads need investors to keep staking. The only way to do this is to use staking as a criteria for IDOs. However, if you cannot frequently produce projects, investors will unstake and sell.

We did not want to rush and IDO many projects just to keep investors staking. As a result, we had to find a way to foster this much needed loyalty. Hence, we introduced dividends. Dividends are paid to stakers from 100% of SuperLauncher revenues. To date we have paid out nearly 70,000 LAUNCH to our stakers.

With nearly 70% of circulating supply staked, when we get mainstream attention, the price of SuperLauncher is bound to be on a different trajectory compared to other projects. This is why we have often featured in top 10 of BSC gainers, sometimes coming in #1

Q2: Your project was audited by Solidity Finance, QuillAudits, and protected by 3/5 Multi-Sig. What is 3/5 Multi-Sig ? I am aware that most project use CERTIK for auditing. Is there a reason for not using CERTIK ? Besides, You claim your team went anonymous in the spirit of DeFI, do you think this will be of help in promoting your platform amongst investors or present an entry barrier to investors who may be apprehensive of investing in a project with no face to make enquiries with or establish a working relationship with ?

ANS: Firstly, audits are not a guarantee of 100% security. Neither are brand names a stamp of certifications that the smart contracts are safe from exploits. Multiple top auditing firms, including Certik have cleared projects that have been exploited many times. Hence, the brand names mean very little. We look more for personalised and boutique auditors who can work with us closely

Next, about the team being anonymous.
The largest and most successful projects on BSC are anonymous. PancakeSwap, AutoFarm, Beefy Finance, and the list goes on. I think it's important to recognise that DEFI is called DEFI for a reason. Only when we start to understand the magic that smart contracts bring to the space, when it comes to decentralisation, security and investor fund safety, will we truly appreciate why there's no need to be public. It's all governed by smart contracts, and no trust is required.

Q3: I have about 8 projects that I want to refer to SuperLauncher. As a key marketing strategy, is there a referral program on SuperLauncher ? Does this come with a reward for me or it is a voluntary activity without reward?

ANS: Yes, please visit our page, we give users 5k LAUNCH for successful project referrals that make it to launch.

Q4: Sadly, many projects failed to understands the current security concerns of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. There are many scam projects which take investor’s money. How is SuperLaunch committed to being security conscious & transparent in every aspect of the project?

ANS: I'll answer this because it's quite close to our heart.

As you might have already guessed, a launchpad like us is approached daily by multiple types of projects, which include potentially those with malicious intentions.

This is why despite repeated requests from some to make our platform like DXSAle, we have not done so to date. We do not want to be a platform that facilitates scams.

Investors are no. 1 to us, and keeping it that way is what will allow us to grow in the long run.

Just to add on - on how we do this.

We are very strict about token locks and usage of multi-sig if it's required. We also do thorough due diligence on the team. We examine the smart contracts to look for owner powers.

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