Recapitulation of SuperWhaleToken PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 8th October, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The SuperWhaleToken PROJECT team was represented by @Biggestlou who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about SuperWhaleToken PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Superwhale?

ANS: My name is Big Lou and I'm the creative director on the project. I've been in the crypto space since late 2016, but mostly on the sidelines. On the Super Whale team is myself, Drew, Jamie, a killer team of mods, and a Super supportive community. Both Drew and Jamie are well known in the space and have been behind some of the biggest projects in BSC, most notably, Drew was part of the founding team of Everrise.

Q2: Can you introduce Superwhale, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?


Welcome to Super Whale!

The idea for Super Whale started shortly after the Everrise team was botted pretty badly. The tech behind Everrise was meant to create buy support every time there is a sell by deploying a fixed amount of tokens after each sell.

The problem was that deploying a fixed amount led the project to be super vulnerable to bots. If someone sent a 1 cent buy order, then the code would deploy sells that were far greater than 1 cent e.g. 0.2bnb. So their reserve lost all of its value.

Drew and I were chatting through this issue and realized that there was a better way

What if we could create a percentage based system, so the reserve could never ben depleted.

Thus the Perpetual Buyback System ("PBS") was born. A novel technology that automatically creates buy support every time there is a sell. In the Queen’s English, the PBS or “Super Whale” limits any “whale” investor from tanking the market price of $WAROO with a huge sell off — like on a random Tuesday when Elon Musk decides he no longer loves Doge Coin and sells off his entire 2.5 million doge holdings, which would immediately tank the price. Our Super Whale PBS technology limits the tanking by creating a proportional buy.

We felt that the tech alone was enough to stand on its own feet, although we wanted to make the project more exciting, more than just another cool DeFi token.

So, we teamed up with professional hollywood writers to help us personify the technology that we were deploying. And thus, Super Whale was born.

Our very own Super Whale scripted IP that follows the masked hero Super Whale in the dystopian world that he protects with vigilante crypto justice. A tonal blend of satire and honest celebration for the pantheon of superhero and dystopian genres. Think somewhere in between Batman and The Tick, but in the darkest timeline where every bad future that can happen already has. Our universe will aim to create Comics, Films, TV, Merch, NFTs and so much more. And all of it will be bought and sold with $WAROO token, including both NFTs and physical products. The first crypto currency in the world to offer a scripted media universe companion to its coin.

That's a big file, but we'll let it load for a bit... it's our teaser video.

Crypto needs a hero and Super Whale is the cryptic protector that's in all of us. It's the stability we seek in this volatile market. Super Whale is our protector.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?


The roadmap is ambitious and we aren't here to guarantee that we'll have an amusement park or a hollywood blockbuster, but these are ideas to get the community thinking about what's possible.

We're creating a super hero universe from scratch and so there is limitless opportunity.

Our community is eagerly anticipating the release of our first edition comic. We have released an outline of the comic along with all of the characters and villains that will be present. People are FIRED UP to see the finished product.

Our writers are hard at work putting the finishing touches on scripting. We have top-tier professional comic graphic artists working on the graphics as well.

It's a huge project that has taken many many months to get to this point and we think we'll have the finished product within the next three-weeks. In the meantime, we'll be releasing parts piece by piece.

The comic book (either print or digital) will only be available for purchase on our website with $WAROO

We will also be releasing a merch page on our website within the next 1-2 weeks for people to buy Super Whale swag using their $WAROO - eventually, we want the community to be able to post their own merch ideas and earn $WAROO with their own creations.

NFTs will come after the comic release and the dream is to have a web3 game to accompany them. It will take time to get the game off the ground though

The rest of the roadmap will follow. Lot's of collaboration opportunities with other tokens and projects.

And please remember, WE'RE ONLY 3-DAYS INTO LAUNCH!!!!!

Q4: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics, and Utility of $WAROO tokens?

ANS: Tokenomics can all be found on our website

Basically, 5% of buys and 7% of sells are stored in the Super Whale wallet. Super Whale then automatically deploys a 10% buyback after each sell.

Utility is participation in the Super Whale universe. Our vision is to create an economy within this universe where you can spend, invest, and play-to-earn. We'll be enabling this economy through merch, comics, NFTs, and games.:

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Due to the recent boom in Gamefi and NFT, many projects have spring up from nowhere with the promise of helping investors/users solve one problem or the other. However, most of them end up to be scams who have nothing to offer. Some exit scam immediately, while some carry out a soft rug pull. This makes it hard for an average investor like me to trust any new project, in view of this, I would like to know how Superwhale project aim to restore trust, transparency, accountability and credibility back into the crypto space? Will it be possible for people that have lost their live savings from various scam projects to recover if they purchase and hold the WAROO token?

ANS: This is a great question! The answer is through our ACTIONS. Not our words. I totally understand the concern and hesitation. My advice would be stay patient, watch, observe, and hop in once you feel comfortable that this project has longevity. At the end of the day, you are buying in to the Super Whale universe and you are buying $WAROO to spend it on the various utilities that Super Whale offers. If you are uncomfortable, please feel free to participate in our community without buying tokens. We welcome all!!!!

Q2: 1) What are you Values at Superwhale? I'm always passionate about making a difference in the crypto ecosystem, will I be gladly welcome to join the Superwhale community?

2) Innovation is key to success, will Superwhale continue to innovate and brainstorm with it community to come up with new ideas that will help the project excel in the future?

ANS: Love it!!
Super Whale's values are:
- Respect all to be respected. Disrespect gets dis-re-smashed.
- Be kind because discrimination, threats, and hate speech are intolerable. Actions speak louder than words, and in Whale’s case, actions do more than speak.
- No crime goes unpunished. Super Whale’s nourishment is vengeance.
- WAROOOAOOOAOO until you can’t WAROOOAOOOAOO no more.

Super Whale is not perfect. He is true to his values, none of which are peaceful resolute. Super Whale is maniacal in his ways and destructive in nature. Nonetheless, he is the bringer of stability to volatile climates. He’s a champion for good, even though his methods are chaotic

2 - there are two pillars to innovation that we hold true:
A) listening and communicating with our community - our community is full of incredibly talented people with amazing ideas and skills! We decentralize innovation and will transition innovation to the community.
B) Hiring best-in-class people to execute. Too often, companies (crypto or other) will cheap out on hiring. We believe that to have a world-class project, you need to work with world-class people. That's why we didn't hire some local writer to write our comics, we hired professional Hollywood writers who have written and sold multiple shows.

Q3: This is a whale indeed....I liked the core values this project embedded with..
Among others but how #secure is our funds and investments or do you think security is not a core value as well??

ANS: Our definition of "stability" extends to security. Super Whale, at his core, is our cryptic protector. He is the bringer of stability to volatile climates. He’s a champion for good, even though his methods are chaotic. His values are the way he conducts himself. His mission is stability i.e. security.

From a security standpoint, we will be conducting an audit on the code eventually. We will also be locking in the contract with Everown to ensure that the community has control over the contract, not just the devs. Everown also ensure longevity in the project because nobody could get "locked out" - there is a mechanism to re-enter the code if the community agrees to it.

Q4: Why did you name your platform Superhero Whale 🐳🐳🐳. I thought Whales are unwanted in Crypto and most people use ANTI-WHALE mechanism or features ?

ANS: That's the irony of it all - it's the first whale that has your back, immutably! Super Whale is the whale we all seek.

The Perpetual Buyback System is our anti-whale mechanism. If a whale chooses to dump funds, an offsetting 10% buy order is automatically deployed to stabilize the impact.

Q5: I read that you will be launching e-commerce in the next week. before launching, can we test everything to ensure that paying with $WAROO works flawlessly? You will also be releasing the first merch and all proceeds will go to either the burn wallet or to feed the Super Whale. Why is it like that? Has this had a positive impact on your community?

ANS: We are sending all proceeds to either burn wallet or to feed the Super Whale because, at it's core, this is a community project! It's only fair to have proceeds from merch sales to go directly back to the community. Where else should they go??


Yeah, this has been amazing, thank you!

We received a few questions about the tech and the answers would be quite long and technical. Please feel free to DM me questions and I would be happy to answer them. We could even create an FAQ and host it on our website based on the questions we received here!

@hon_aim it would be awesome to get a list of all the questions please!

High-level, the PBS is a novel technology that automatically creates buy support everytime there is a sell. It is able to do this because tax is collected for each buy and sell and stored into the contract ("Super Whale"). The Super Whale builds up and deploys when there is a buy. I hope that makes sense!

These questions are great and will prompt us to make some explainer videos and other content to help answer them all. This is the first large-scale AMA we've done, so we hear your questions and will you answers, thank you!!

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