Recapitulation of SWIRGE Network AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB


Date: Monday, 5th October, 2020

Time: 05:00 UTC

The SWIRGE Network team was represented by Keith Mali Chung, co-founder and COO Swirge. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself to us, also tell us about your background and team members?

Ans : Thank you, I am Keith Mali Chung, a Nigerian born entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast, co-founder and COO Swirge, in the past I’ve worked with Fomohunt, Tech-startup, and Avalanche

Little bit of the team, Mr. Jay Crypto and myself came together in 2017 and assembled a team of 4 to build Swirge, they all are full stack developers with experiences in various tech fields

Q2 : Can you introduce Swirgenetwork, what problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the utility and competitive advantages?

Ans : Swirge is an ecosystem that embodies a decentralized social media, a decentralized financial system, and a marketplace built on the blockchain technology. Swirge ecosystem is a user-centric platform that is built with users in mind. First, to protect the user’s data and information and give them total control over their data. secondly, to give users the power to create wealth by socializing and the opportunity to take charge of their finances. Our solutions offer a user-friendly social platform, and we are so proud to share it with the entire world.

Unlike traditional existing platforms, Swirge is built to give users complete control over their data, privacy, and finances.
We’ve seamlessly integrated a decentralized marketplace to enable secure and fast peer-to-peer buying and selling on the platform. Together with a decentralized payment platform to enable fast, cheap and secure transactions all within the platform. This solves issues with remittances, payments, and B2B, B2C type of transactions.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and the future milestones going forward, also kindly share your Roadmap?

Ans : In September 2019 we launched Swirge Public beta.
and in November 2019 we Launched and Integrated Swirge Marketplace.
In December 2019 we Launched Swirge Developer API.
In February 2020 we Passed 1,000 Monthly Active users and Passed 10,000 Monthly page views.
We launched our beta mobile app in June 2020 and the app left beta in August 2020.
We currently have over 30,000 registered users on Swirge.
We will be fully integrating our decentralized payment platform on Swirge by November 2020. and we plan to surpass 100,000 registered users by November 2020.
Our mission is to empower users to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.


Q1 : What is total supply of $SWG? Where we can buy it? Are your plans to focus on market or to grow community?

Ans : The total supply for Swirge Token $SWG is 80,000,000 SWG.
We will be running a presale on the 9th of October 2020, 12 pm UTC.
and more details in regards to the Presale prices and how to participate can be found here:

You can join our telegram if you have more questions;
Thank you.

Marketing our decentralized solution/product will definitely aid in community growth.

Q2 : Do you create events that allow developers to come into the website to search for loop holes?

Ans : Definitely, once our entire solutions are seamlessly integrated we will run a bug bounty campaign that will reward developers to find bugs on the platform. We plan to build a top-notch product and to do so we need to ensure that all work perfectly. Thank you.


Q1 : Could you name 1 or 2 important features of Swirge Network that will help you stay ahead of the competition? Have you accomplished all your goals or do you still have some to accomplish before the end of the year?

Ans : One of our core feature is the total freedom and access each user has on Swirge, to protect the user’s data and information and give them total control over their data. secondly, to give users the power to create wealth by socializing and the opportunity to take charge of their finances.

We plan to accomplish more, user growth and platform adoption before the year runs out. Thank you.

Q2 : I see you are based in Africa, Nigeria to be precise, but to ensure mass adoption for #Swirge, what steps have you taken to market your products in other continents like Asia, America etc?

Ans : Swirge network is competely decentralized and there are no risks to future centralization issues as Swirge is built on the blockchain, and soon we will be migrating the decentrlized social media playtform over to Binnace Smart Chain.

Q3 : Many of these Nigerian projects have failed,
What guarantee do you have that $SWIRGE is here to stay and grow bigger ?

Ans : Swirge is completely decentralized, it is built to solve real world issues. Built for and by the community.
And our partnership with Justliquidity will ensure total transparency on our product development and also protect the project and the community. Thank you.

Q4 : How does Swirge Network generate income and revenue?

Ans : Swirge decentralized will generate revenue majoril through ads, and fees collected for the decentralized marketplace and payment platform. Not to worry the fees are very considerate. Thank you.

Q5 : As an investor, why should we invest in the Swirge Network as a long-term investment?

Ans : After the hack with Twitter, we see that the need of a completely decentralized platform is necessary, and we’ve got capable hands to build a community centric decentralized social media platform.
Swirge is built to solve real world issues and with our products, especially our decentralized payment platform will enable user to participate in the open financial system. The platform is a need not a want. Thank you.

Q6 : As presale is at 9th of this my question is where to buy #SWG ?how much is minimum buying?

Ans : Minimum amount allowed is 1 ETH while the maximum is 50 ETH.
Join our telegram to know more info in regards to the Swirge Token presale. Thank you.

Q7 : If anybody thinks your project really likes a scam project, and they can’t trust this project. How do you make them believe in your project?

How do you think with Asia market? Does your team have any plan approach INDONESIA which the potential market in crypto, there have many great teams and investors want work and earn money from crypto?

Ans : Satoshi’s vision is simple. we create a world where everyone are connected to equal opportunity. Swirge is following in line Satoshi’s visison.
Being built on the blockchain make Swirge entire platform completely decentralized and open to all.

Q8 : Why did SwirgeNetwork choose to collaborate with JustLiquidity? What are the advantages of holding SWG tokens on JustLiquidity? and At what phase is the Swirgernetwork road map located?

Ans : There have been countless failed projects that after selling their tokens to the community, they dumped on the market and got the community at a loss, but Swirge has been a community-centered project, we’ve been all in during the bear market, building, and developing a product that will add value to the community and humanity at large and even at that, we want to be one of the most transparent and accountable projects, thus, our collaboration with JustLiquidity which their protocol protects the community by locking our tokens that even the CEO, myself the COO or our developers can’t be able to dump our tokens on the market and also offers instant liquidity.


Q1 : Before going, can you please send all relevant links to Swirgenetwork and also detail on how to buy the tokensale?

Ans : Swirge Official links:
Please Join our Telegram:
Our official Twitter handle:
Presale Link details:

Thank you.








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