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Recapitulation of The Collective Group Project AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Sunday, 21st February, 2021
Time: 17:00 UTC

The The Collective Group Project team was represented by @TheCollectiveGroup & @PhantomRang3r who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about The Collective Group Project.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on the The Collective Group Project?

ANS: Sure I'll go first. My name is David Payton, I'm the COO of the Collective 2.0 I've a background in community management dating back to 2017. I was one of the original admins in the largest ICO in history (by number of participants). Before that I was the principal in a small telecommunications company, offering services to oilfield rental companies and fiber optics network coms.

My name is Hein Esterhuizen, the Ceo of The Collective 2. I am based in South Africa, where the company was recently registered too. I have a business and marketing background, owned 3 of my own, and enjoy the Crypto space and all its challenges and opportunities. We have a fantastic loyal team that has been with us in excess of 2 years in some instances. We are a core team of 4, David, myself, Roy our Executive director, Apo our hotshot dev, then management, Max, JD, Erakey, advisors Alex. Our team of 10 mods have been great too.

Q2: Can you introduce the The Collective Group Project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitve advantage?

ANS: As it stands the wait time for customer service can be upwards of a week to 10 days in a lot of industries. Especially through zendesk and email. We intend to solve this issue in crypto and beyond. We are also working on a massive marketing initiative through our CoinrushGo project. This game is an excellent opportunity for issuers and other companies to gain exposure in the crypto market. We want to do this without using ads, so instead, as people play the game they will find our clients tokens and info about the client. The game is similar to Pokémon Go and pubg combined. So an AR style first person shooter where you can find increasingly more difficult obstacles and foes as well as power ups and skins and weapons. As you play, you will find different tokens throughout the game play. Issuers will be able to geo fence their issuance or go global. They can launch treasure hunts as well. The clients/issuers will pay for this service in CO2 tokens, adding liquidity to the market.

We already have the bones of the game and an apk demo for android users if anyone is interested.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: I will share our current Roadmap first


Q1 - Launch CO2 Trading on Uniswap | Start Multi-Platform Marketing | Have 3 Clients - Generating up to $75,000 in revenue

Q2 - List CO2 in Top 20 Exchanges | Prepare MVP - CDEX | Burn 25% of Reserve supply | CO2 buyback programme
| Launch CoinRushGo Game

Q3 - Partnership for the future EcoSystem | Marketing Campaign Part 2 | Reduce Token Supply by 50% | Have 20 Clients - Generating up to $500,000 in revenue

Q4 - Have 50 Clients - Generating up to $1.25M in revenue. Year in Review

2022 - Have partnerships with Banks in RSA and Latin America to help our clients | Start CO2 Launchpad

We regard milestones when we worked with clients in the initial stage and they flourish thereafter, as David mentioned about Nahmii and Curate. It makes us extremely proud, and we are also still holders of their token that should speak volumes.

Q4: Sequel to the Ever increasing Inefficiency of the ETH blockchain over, do you think of having plans for a bridge or migration to Binance Smart Chain?

ANS: So atm there are no plans to migrate to BSC, however we are definitely looking into the possibility. Having said that, we are very bullish on Nahmiis layer 2 project to mitigate fees on the ethereum blockchain. But, with wrapping, there's no reason not to do both!

Ethereum devs are working on a solution as well. If this comes to pass then the fees will be greatly reduced. And as I said, with wrapping. There's multiple blockchains we can look at including xDai

Potentially Gochain as well. The possibilities are endless.

Q5: For the investors amongst us, how best do we invest in The Collective Group Project?

ANS: Unicrypt offers a safe and trustless way to purchase and a liquidity locking mechanism that helps guarantee no rugs pulled. We also locked team tokens for 6 months on we will also be adding farming after presale

We went through extensive KYC, AML and contract audit this past week, the proof is on the site as green ticks and banners respectively.
Here is the link:

Q6: Learning is a continuous process and that's what many people lack most especially when it comes to Crypto and Blockhain industry it cut my attention when I come across this on your website;

"We provide a safe educational environment to millions of people in the cryptocurrency industry while constantly onboarding them as a user base for CDEX by giving guaranteed exchange listing to start up Community Management clients"

I will like to ask the plans or measures put in place to ensure that the above say come through???

ANS: Yes, so we sre going to incorporate the dex into our game. This will allow us to tokenize power ups, weapons and skins as nfts that are tradeable in the game and out. It will also allow our users to swap the tokens they find in the game if they so choose. We do have an mvp, but it will be completely overhauled to accomodate this change.

This is an important feature in the game, and we believe it's something very unique to our project. It's rare that a person can trade weapons they find. So say you find a new weapon that yoi don't particularly need. You can then add that weapon to the p2p swap to gain something else you need say power ups, or a skin.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Your vision is to help companies in all different phases of their life cycle realize their goals. What are some of the ways a new company would benefit from you, does the help come in form of funding or marketing or exchange listing? Also, what criteria must a company meet to be eligible for this help you offer?
I wish you best of luck on your quest of giving back power to the people?

ANS: Ok so, we first to an extensive due diligence and then communicate with the project to find out their specific needs, we then educate our moderators who become living faqs for the issuer. Then according to the issuers needs we will then proceed. Some of the things we do include signing up for multiple angel investor firms for our clients, finding influencers that suit the project, and we take over all social media of the project and answer community questions. We also find other businesses that are suitable for partnership. These are just a few of the things we do.

Q2: I came across a game on your platform which is CoinRushGo. What type of game is it? Who can play the game? How will Collective generate revenue from the game and is it launched yet?

ANS: The game is a VR game similar to Pokémon.. anyone over 18 can play, we generate revenue by marketing clients in game where users can find and learn about the issuers tokens. It's not launched, but we do have an apk for download.. it's rough, but you can get the basic game play and how it works.

Q3: What role will using CO2 as a base pair play in lowering the trade price, and for what services and for how long will the 50 percent discount on CO2 payments be offered?

ANS: This will depend a lot on our presale, but our goal is to increase the amount to 100%.. meaning that 100% of our services will be paid for with CO2

Q4: Since The Collective offers all of its Community Management clients Free Exchange Listing on your dex in addition to being able to pay for Community Management services in their native tokens. How will The Collective benefit from its clients?

ANS: Not 100% of our fees is paid for in native tokens, atm we take 10% of the fee in ethereum, but we will swap to a 50% discount in those fees with the usage of CO2, which we will increase to 100% over time. Then we will pair those tokens we receive with our clients tokens increasing their value and our liquidity.

Q5: Presale is already live and price is $2.25. The team says listing price will be $4.5. What happens if the price is below your target and in what ways do you intend to encourage and incentivize early and long term holders of your token?

ANS: We intend using market making services and have vendors that can assist us here. There is also a deflationary action on the token, with regular burns. We are looking at influencers campaigns on different social media and this will hopefully all support the price.

Q6: I usually love to trade via app wallets, so What about THE COLLECTIVE wallet? What features are available in THE COLLECTIVE wallet? Is the wallet available & able to be used?

ANS: We will likely use metamask and other web3 clients in the beginning. These will allow you to connect to the game.

Q7: I am an investor and I only care about the crypto prospects I choose, tell me the reasons why I should choose your project over the existing one? What are the benefits of your coins that can convince me to change from my other holdings?

ANS: Liquidity will be locked for 6 months. And listing price is 100% more than purchase price.. also, by following us and supporting you will have the opportunity to see many many new tokens pop up!

Q8: You only commit your equity to top tier companies that you strongly believe in, can you tell us what are the most valuable features you evaluate to introduce a company to your network resources?

ANS: Yes, above trust and transparency, we look at use case. 90% of all token offerings fail. And those with the strongest use case usually have the most likelihood of success.


Thank you for this opportunity to speak with you all, we hope that you can see the value in our proposition, and join us on our journey. And remember, never give up, even if it looks like you are going to fail.

Stay in the Crypto space and continue learning and growing, try and get a mentor to guide you through, good luck!

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