Recapitulation of The Unfettered PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Monday, 7th February, 2022
Time: 13:00 UTC

The The Unfettered PROJECT team was represented by @Laura_TheUnfettered who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about The Unfettered PROJECT.


✨✨QUESTION1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Unfettered?

ANS: I’m The Unfettered CMO. I have a technology background as ex IBM, and currently in charge of the marketing strategy of The Unfettered.
Anil, CEO, and Haris, CTO, are our Co-Founders. Our team is composed of very talented people. We have very experienced developers, designers, social media managers, CMs, advisors, among others. That work daily to deliver an excellent product. We’re from different parts of the world, but we always look for ways to work together to make things happen.
I invite you to read our Medium article “Behind the scenes of The Unfettered”

✨✨QUESTION2: Can you introduce Unfettered, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: The Unfettered is an AA quality Story-based game with play2earn, NFT, free-to-play, and Metaverse concepts. It combines Souls Like and RPG genres as well. The Unfettered is offering a high-quality product, with a great gaming experience and a gripping story. All of these features, combined with concepts like plat2earn and free-to-play. This is what will make The Unfettered stand out on the market since we find a lot of hyper-casual games that focus only on the earning side. The Unfettered is focused also on the product.

✨✨QUESTION3: Any plans for expansion? What can you tell us about what’s to come in 2022 for Unfettered?

ANS: Yes!! actually, The Unfettered was working with its own fundings. Now seed and private sales are over and we'll expand the team.
In 2022 we're going to have the trailer reveal, IDO launch, and a playable demo at the end of the quarter. Here is our detailed roadmap
📣 Roadmap 📣

📍 Phase 1:
— Q4 2020: Defining the concept of the game
— Q1 2021: Preparing the game scenario
— Q1 2021: Development of characters AI - Part 1
— Q2 2021: Development of characters AI - Part 2
— Q3 2021: Starting to develop level designs
— Q4 2021: Seed sale
— Q4 2021: Private sale
— Early Q1 2022: IDO
— Q1 2022: The Unfettered alpha gameplay reveal trailer
— Late Q1 2022: Release demo from The Unfettered (non-blockchain version)
— Q3 2022: The Unfettered gameplay and blockchain integrated trailer
— Late Q4 2022: Closed beta with blockchain integrated
— Q2 2023: LAUNCH The Unfettered with blockchain integrated

📍 Phase 2:
— Q3 2023: System of the arena trailer
— Q3 2023: Integration of the arena system
— Q4 2023: Daily/weekly quest system trailer
— Q4 2023: Integration of daily/weekly quest system

📍 Phase 3:
— Q1 2024: Metaverse second trailer - Continue to sell lands
— Q3 2024: LAUNCH Metaverse
— Q4 2024: Metaverse bringing different communities together in The Unfettered

📍 Phase 4:
— Q2 2025: The Unfettered Co-Op trailer
— Q2 2025: LAUNCH Co-Op

✨✨QUESTION4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS and BACKERS so far?

ANS: Yes, We have many great partners like PolkaCity, LoC Game, BlockchainSpace, Icetea Labs, VendettaCapital, AvStar Capital, and HTR Group. Stay tuned for new partnerships and investor announcements.

✨✨QUESTION5: Finally, Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of $SOULS tokens?

ANS: We haven't revealed our Tokenomics yet, but in terms of The Unfettered token, with $SOULS tokens, you'll be able to level up, buy items and equipment, buy lands, upgrade equipment, among others. $SOULS holders will be able to mint them, swap them, or stake them.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

✨✨QUESTION1: Can you put us through the game play & what are the use of the in-game token in the ecosystem? And how do you intend to curb inflation?
And hat is the highest priority for the project?
Quality in-game experience?
Or earnings for the investors?

ANS: The Unfettered is a story mode game; you'll be on the realm looking for your enemies; once you defeat them, you'll collect their souls that will turn into in-game tokens $SOULS. And then you can level up; in each level, your enemies will be harder to defeat. With $SOULS, you can buy items and equipment, level up, buy lands, etc. You can swap them, stake them or mint them.
The Unfettered priority is high quality; the earn side is the reward for spending time playing.

And to avoid inflation, we'll have token-burning mechanisms. If you lose, you'll also lose tokens, if you don't fix your equipment you'll lose your weapon and also some tokens.

✨✨QUESTION2: Does Unfettered Game has done bridging on multiple Blockchains ,Can you tell me Which Networks Have you currently bridged and In coming times Do you Bridge more chains like Bsc etc ?

ANS: Were working on Binance Smart Chain, but we are planning about multichain in the future. We are interested in Solana and avax for now.

✨✨QUESTION3: What do you think is the best advantage that #TheUnfettered has over other games in the market ?
The exceptional graphics of the game ?
Free to Play model
Earning opportunities in the game or all combined ?

ANS: The most significant advantage is that The Unfettered focus is the product and the experienced team working on it. We'll deliver a high-quality game combined with free-to-play and play2earn. So this makes a great combo.

✨✨QUESTION4: Is the #TheUnfettered team going to constantly improve the game with high-quality graphics and up-to-date content ?
Talking about Optimization, can the game be played on Gaming Computers, High end phones and Budget options ?

ANS: Yes, The Unfettered project will constantly be updating; the team won't stop working on it when we release it. They will be learning new technologies and receiving feedback to be at the forefront. You already can see the quality of the game in our social media content; all the visuals we've been using are in-game footage; we are not designing those videos for marketing; they are from the actual game.

The Unfettered will also work on PCs; we're very focused on delivering high quality. So in the case of mobile devices, it's different from creating a game for PC than a game for mobile devices. For now, we are trying to create an AA quality game for PC, and it's our primary goal. In the future, we can work around mobile games.

✨✨QUESTION5: I really find it very difficult to approach the current NFT game genres, because no matter how skilled the gamer is, the person who deposits the most is still the winner. What strategy does the game #Unfettered have to improve this situation?

ANS: The Unfettered is a free-to-play game so that everyone will start the journey with the same conditions. You'll have to work on your gaming skills to level up. We want to be that bridge between off-chain gamers and chain gamers, so the game itself is crucial for everyone and has the chance to be part of it.

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