Recapitulation of Theos_fi PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Tuesday, 31st August, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The Theos_fi PROJECT team was represented by @AlexTaiTHEOS who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Theos_fi PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on THEOS FINANCE?

ANS: Of course! Let me do a quick introduction of myself

I’ve been a child air cadet, and trained to be a jet pilot in the RAF (Royal Air Force). I developed a love for speed and a tendency for low flying that would eventually make me leave the RAF for the world of executive jets.

I flew a variety of aircrafts and started my own property development company, which I managed for eight years. By 1995 I had my first encounter with Virgin Atlantic, where I served as Captain for Airbus A340s. By 2003 I took over as COO of Virgin Galactic, where I've been responsible for leading the company towards commercial flights to space.

I served as Chairman of the Spaceflight Industry from '05 to '09. During this period I also became Director of Special Projects for the Virgin Galactic Group. I then had the pleasure of taking over as the CEO / Team Principal of Envision Virgin Racing Formula E Team and Virgin Racing F1 Team.

For the last five years I have been chairing the Tai Aerospace, Zest the Agency and BLOK Solutions, and serving as Board Director of the Global Blockchain Business Council.

Currently, I am acting CEO of BLOK BioScience, and have helped in the founding of THEOS, as I believe blockchain and NFTs can be the next building block that will help the world become a more inclusive place.

I could talk about the THEOS' team for a long time, as I have nothing but respect for our members.

Our core and advisor teams come from very distinct backgrounds - from art-curators to transportation, finance and more, we are surrounded by open-minded individuals that have a not-so-common understanding of NFTs. We are a group of individuals linked through a common objective - to change the world through a revolution that will be ignited by NFTs.

We also count with public-renowned personalities, like Matt Sorum acting as Chief Creative Officer.

Q2: Can you introduce THEOS FINANCE, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Certainly. Well, for years we’ve been standing on the sidelines, watching and learning, and analyzing the main pain points that characterize the blockchain and NFT landscape. We found two clear NFT limitations that need addressing:

1) They are almost completely related to one “industry” - art-, and
2) They lack use cases. Nowadays, NFTs cannot be used for much other than buying/selling. We intend to change that, enabling a number of mechanisms that can utilize NFTs as any other asset and provide new use cases - such as passive returns, combination with common DeFi practices, and more.

At THEOS, we want to address these two issues through NFT education and the enabling of NFT liquidity.

While we are not keen in comparing ourselves with other projects (we believe it is better to see ourselves as part of the ecosystem that will change the way we think and use NFTs), I can tell you this: Liquidity for NFTs has been a painpoint that - as of today- still has miles ahead in order to be solved. No other project is directly addressing this.

There are some partial-liquidity hubs for NFTs, that pool together some same-class NFTs and provide liquidity to them. But THEOS aims to include not only similar NFTs, but every single one, so that no NFT (and therefore NFT minter or user) is left out

We will achieve this through our ODYSSEY pools - pools of NFTs that issue fungible tokens in return of deposited NFTs, but that still allows for a relationship between depositor and NFT in case it is sold for higher prices.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Of course. We are concurrently working on our Minting platform and ODYSSEY pools - the protocol core feature. Both will be part of the MVP, which will ideally launch between the end of September and October. After that, we’ll continue to follow our publicly available roadmap, focusing on developing Auctions profiles and our DELPHI pools.

After the original product is live and functioning correctly, we intend to turn our focus to new product offerings, such as NFT collateralization mechanics, and community-requested features.

THEOS also intends to become a fully decentralized community-governed DAO, so medium to long-term plans will be up to the community after the transition.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: We are working on many partnerships as well, some public, and many private. These partnerships will help us onboard people from different communities and industries. Matt Sorum for example -our Chief Creative Officer- will help us bring on users in the music industry - and not only famous artists, but upcoming ones.

While a big number of our partners are private -at least for some time-, we do have several made public:

Our initial partners include Sthorm, Occam, GPS, BLOK BioScience, Possima, NodeZero, GBBC, and Oxychain

Since then, we onboarded several other partners from the industry, like Blockchain Cuties andCardWallet

Sorry for the delay, had to ask for a list on it ⚡️

Q5: Finally, Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $THEOS Tokens?

ANS: Of course! I believe our token economics to be pretty interesting. The THEOS token is at the core of the protocol, fueling agent interactions and feature accessibility. Users will need to own and stake THEOS to access some platform features: High-profile auctions, special 'Verified" status, governance, and more.

Out token distribution and economics have been designed to place users and creators at the center of the protocol as well. This acts as proof of the team's commitment to the project. We also defined a set of vesting and cliff periods for both initial seed/private investors, as well as for the team.

Please do keep in mind this is a high-level overview. I encourage you to take a look to our in-depth articles and whitepaper. Here's a list of links that might help

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Every time we use $THEOS, we will be contributing with NGOs and non-profit organizations, as you say on your website. What organizations do you plan to work with? Which causes will you be supporting? And is the community able to choose or decide which organizations?

ANS: I will start with this one, because in THEOS we believe that philosophy is paramount.

We are onboarding a number of charities and social causes that will be set within ODYSSEY pools, thereby receiving a number of the fees associated to the trading that happens within these pools. These causes will be 'verified' by THEOS, but we'll also enable for users to set their own causes. These causes won't be initially verified, but we are planning on a due diligence process for them.

Q2: What kind of relationship exists between THEOS and Occam and what significance has it brought to your project so far?

ANS: THEOS is part of the Occam Occelerator program, which means they helped us grow from the beginning, and we'll have a lasting partnership.

Q3: Can you give the exact date, time and platform on which you will conduct your IDO. What is the minimum amount that can be purchased and what are the target uses of your token days away from our IDO. Do you have any built-in incentives to reward the participants that will interact within THEOS ecosystem. Can you give a following graphic representation of your token distribution and the role of major players within your ecosystem ?

ANS: About our IDO, you can check this link for exact details:

Regarding amounts, I believe you need to view website for their tiers and allocations, or alternatively inside the THEOS card in

Q4: Staking programme is very important for any project,Can I stake your token?Do you have any plan of starting staking programme ?Thanks

ANS: We will have two initial types of staking within the platform. The first one is 'standard' staking, where users can stake their THEOS tokens. THEOS stakers will enjoy feature accessibility and will receive cast-out fees from unstakers in a pro-rata basis. This incentivizes long-term staking on the protocol through both a deter mechanism, as well as offering rewards. We will also have a liquidity mining program, where users can stake their Uniswap THEOS/ETH LP tokens on our platform for interesting passive rewards. We estimate to have an initial APY in the thousands.

Q5: I am very happy that is interested in a SOCIALLY & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY community. Now, knowing fully well about the NFT industry and it’s environmental impart in terms of high consumption of electrical energy. Does have any plans to decrease the environmental effects form NFT production?

ANS: We absolutely do. This is fact one of our goals. By choosing Cardano as our layer-1 underlying blockchain, we ensure to minimize carbon emissions. With it - and through a partnership with Oxychain- we will issue blockchain-based carbon credits that will be burnt in order to do carbon offsetting.

Q6: please can you tell us how one can become an NFT minter in Theo platform.
what are the requirements so as to ensure the authenticity of any nft minted?

ANS: Anyone can become a minter in THEOS. All you need is a file that can be minted - we support many filetypes- and follow our seamless user-focused minting process.

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Thank you for having me. And thank you for the questions and interest on THEOS. We would love to have some of the community members here over to check our project. Here are a set of links you can use to know more about us :)

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