Recapitulation of Theus Yield Protocol AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Monday, 16th November, 2020
Time: 15:00 UTC

The Theus Yield Protocol team was represented by @Theuses. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on Theus

Ans : I am Johnson, i have been a crypto trader for last 3 years and have been following blockchain Technology developments. I have worked earlier in VLSI industry. Team comprises of 4 developers including me who work on smart contract & UI development

Entire Theus Yield Protocol ecosystem has been custom developed by the team.

Q2 : Can you introduce the Theus project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : Theus Yield Protocol Introduces "Ytheus" Token & provides platform for investors to invest their funds & earn rewards on a daily basis.

To understand "YTheus", you need to understand about "Theus" Token. A month ago, we opened an airdrop for a small supply token which was immediately sold off by many receipients, sapping all liquidity. Most development teams would have walked away uninterested looking at such a beginning. Theus as a team did not give up took up the challenge of developing entire Theus Yield protocol ecosystem

We would say that off late there has been many instances of Defi projects doing a rug pull or not being transparent. Theus Team focusses on transparency & sustainability.

Staking contract has been audited by "CTDSec Security Services" to safeguard the interest of investors

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap

Ans : Top milestone achieved by the Team has been successful development of Theus Yield protocol ecosystem which is custom developed within a month’s time.

Community has been a really supporting us in getting this up.

Our presale would be starting tomorrow i.e 17th-Nov on LID presale platform. Liquidity will locked permanently i.e liquidity pool tokens will be burnt . 70% of raised ETH would be offered to uniswap.

Next on our roadmap would be to 1. Introduce Zap feature for instant liquidity Addition 2. Work on use case of Theus 3. NFT Dapp


Q1 : We have found that many DeFi projects fall short in yield farming, liquidity mining and rewarding, and are not fair. YTHEUSE attaches great importance to sustainability and transparency issues. What are your principles in this area?

Ans : Thats a nice Q. Theus team believes in transparency & sustainability. Team did find a lot of rug pulls or hacks in last few weeks which would ideally keep away potential investors from investing. Team decided & went ahead with the audit of staking contract to safeguard the interest of investors.

Team was really excited that no major issues were observed by the audit team except for few minor ones observed which has been fixed by the team.

Regarding sustainability, no unfair token distribution is supported. Total rewards are distributed equally over 10months/phases. Users can earn share of rewards based on their user percentage staked in the pools

This helps in long term sustainability of the project as tokens are distributed equally over the entire duration.

Q2: Apart from holding an AMA, what marketing strategies will Theus team do? How can the community get involved in promoting about Theus token?

Ans : Theus team believes the community is the biggest marketing manager for the product. If the community is happy, word gets spread to attract new investors.

We will obviously work with crypto influencers & look at new partnerships for future expansion.

Q3 : Many new projects initially developed well but were suddenly abandoned. How will you manage your project to get your position on the market and become the best project in the blockchain world?

Ans : Team would be locking 70% of the raised proceeds (ETH) from the presale towards premanent liquidity lock (Liquidity pool tokens will be burnt) for give long term sustainability & visibility of the project.

Team has been striving hard to provide its best, existing community has already seen the efforts of the team while developing the Theus Yield protocol ecosystem. Team will continue to put it’s best efforts going ahead.

Q4 : Fundraising for crypto has been evolving in the past few years. A number of projects that raised funds through public ICOs/Presales have carted away investors funds or run into legal issues. How fully regulatory compliant and insured is investors funds with TheusToken team?

Ans : Yes, Various team have been raising funds for past few years. Lot of projects have rugged post ICO/presales. Team has got the audit of staking contract completed for investors safety & to defeat any doubt about rug pull, 70% of the raised ETH would be liquidity locked permanently by burning the liquidity pool tokens.

Team has done its best to be regulatory compliant.

Q5 : In the world of crypto, which one do you think is more important between building a community or more and more listed coins on many exchange markets in order to make a profit, and be clear about what you choose?

Ans : Theus Team believes building community is more important for the future of the project. There are projects which think listing on many exchanges would help them but we can see many tokens trading at their life time lows even with these listed on multiple exchanges.

Listing is also important aspect but would come second when compared with the community.

Q6 : Can you give us the real life use case for THEUS and YTHEUS? Wouldn’t it be simpler if one token was used? Why do we need both tokens? Which has a bigger potential to the community?

Ans : Both Theus and YTheus are part of the ecosystem. For yTheus we have plans of developing the NFT dapp where the tokens can be used to mint the NFT’s which can be sold on marketplaces such as rarible etc, It’s still early days for this as the team is brainstorming & working on a plan to have this use case. Theus will be used as a license for accessing the Dapp.


Q1 : - How many staking pools does Theus Yield Protocol have, Also can you explain the rewards allocated to these staking pools?

- Why did Theus Yield Protocol implement a 10 phase distribution reward method, also after Phase 10, what method will the contract use for rewards distribution?

Ans : We have 4 staking pools , 2 pools allocated for uniswap (i.e stake ULP tokens obtained from staking Theus & Ytheus), another 2 pool are allocated to stake Theus & yTheus tokens.

yTheus Uniswap Pool : 45%, Theus Uniswap Pool : 20% , Ytheus staking pool : 25% and Theus staking Pool : 10%.

5% of total rewards allocated for Phase 1 - Phase 10 will be used for rewards from Phase 11- 20 & so on

Q2 : What is the earning strategy on THEUS? What incentives do long-term liquidity providers receive?

Ans : yTheus rewards distribution are fair not like other projects where initially large sum of tokens will be released as part of rewards, it is equally distributed over 10phases with each phase spanning over period of 30days.

Q3 : Security is a priority for users. So how secured is your smart contracts code, did you ever audit it via any third party?

Ans : Security is indeed a primary concern for Theus team. Staking Contract Audit has been successfully completed by CTDSEC Security services

Audit report link :

Q4 : Theus has a dApp section on her website. Can you disclose what it is about and what features and news will it have?

Ans : Dapp section will be accessible when staking pools are opened. Stake ULP/Theus/yTheus tokens and earn yTheus. Pools info have already been shared.

Q5 : Why should I decide to invest my money in your YIELD farming project from so many similar projects that there are currently? What benefits can we obtain from investing in your project that no other project can offer us?

Ans : Agree, There have been multiple projects to invest. Many are these project are mailcious & rug pull causing potential losses to investors. Theus believes in transparency , security & sustainance which should increase investor confidence in investing in Theus Yield protocol.

Q6 : A lot of people will want to know what the strength of Your Project is but I want to know the weaknesses and problems Your Project faces ? How do you plan to solve it?

Ans : Wonderful question, Yes i believe in targeting our weakness first rather than showcasing our strengths. We are all mainly experienced as developers, we are learning the art of marketing which is equally important along with the development required for long term sustainance of the project.


Before you to, do you have any Final Words for community, also do good to share every useful links to your project and how we can participate in the Token Sale

Ans : Our first AMA was indeed a roller coaster ride. It was wonderful to be here answering all your questions. Looking forward for you all to be a part of Theus Army. Have a nice day folks!!

Theus Team is excited to launch presale of "YTheus" on LID Presale platform on 17-Nov-2020 at 9am PST. Staking Contract Audit is complete and ready for deployment post presale.
🔷 Presale Date : November 17th, 9 AM PST
🔷 Token : yTheus
🔷 Total Supply : 60000 yTheus
🔷 Supply for Presale : 18000 yTheus
🔷 Hard Cap : 1000 ETH
🔷 Soft Cap : 150 ETH
🔷 Uniswap offering : 70% ETH raised and 12156yTheus

🔥🔥🔥Permanent liquidity lock - Uniswap liquidity tokens would be burnt

Staking Contract Audit :

Staking dashboard demo video :

Medium Post about presale :
Introduction to Theus Yield Protocol :

🔷 Presale Date : November 17th, 9 AM PST
🔷 Token : yTheus
🔷 Hardcap : 1000 ETH
🔷 Softcap : 150 ETH
🔷 Total Supply : 60000 yTheus
🔷 Supply for Presale : 18000 yTheus
🔷 Uniswap offering : 70% ETH raised and 12156 yTheus

🔥🔥🔥Permanent liquidity lock - Uniswap liquidity tokens would be burnt

Staking Contract Audit :

Medium Post about presale :

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