Recapitulation of TigerSwap PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 13th April, 2022
Time: 14:00 PM UTC

The TigerSwap PROJECT team was represented by @TigerSwap_Alexe who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about TigerSwap PROJECT.


✨✨QUESTION1🩸: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on TigerSwap?

👉ANS: My name is Alexei from TigerSwap Global, I am the project and operations manager.

Personally I have about 5years of great relevant industry experience from working with analytics firm to market making and crypt aggregator protocols.

In the past 2-3 years, I have been privileged to also work with projects listed on global exchanges, cmc and coingecko too and that’s how the team from TigerSwap was able to find me and reach out to me to join their board.

We also have on our team one of the best sales manager that’s has experience in DeFi too and worked on successful projects listed & trading actively on Binance.

We have all come together with our experience, expertise and network with the one goal and ambition in mind to create the greatest and biggest project on Binance Smart Chain yet after discovering a loop and an full gold mine no one is tapping into yet.

Infact my last project listed at about $45 and got to an ATH of about $670 in less than 2 months!

And we are here to make TigerSwap the most profitable project of 2022 on Binance Smart Chain

Thank you for having us here today.

✨✨QUESTION2🩸: Can you introduce TigerSwap, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

👉ANS: TigerSwap is built for expansion and elasticity in mind. And what do I mean by this. In an ever increasing industry and constant evolution of technology, one of the problems the crypto industry experiences is how fast protocols can become obsolete.

Today one thing is trending and tomorrow it is worth absolutely nothing. This has been a constant cycle especially on the Binance smart chain network leaving little to no room for advanced evolution and protocols beneficial to the people, the investors and the whole ecosystem.

We can all agree that we have not even scratched the surface of the unlimited potentials available in the cryptocurrency space.

What TigerSwap will be bringing to Binance Smart Chain, will first be to unlock the power of v3 AMMs, Concentrated Liquidity Positions, over 4,000x Capital Efficiency while ensuring the ecosystem accommodates play to earn games and NFTs applications at the same time. We are working on 2 research works at the moment, decentralized betting and activities with NFTs and the other part which is offering DeFi as a service.

All these to be on v3 AMM the latest standard in this technology compared to v2 on which more than 90% of all projects are currently built. We are asking you to join us

The unique service offerings and products with marketing and institutional affiliations by team are some of the core standard reasons why project is no doubt waiting to explode!

✨✨QUESTION3🩸: So v3 solves the problem of frequent trend changes?

👉ANS: v3 comes with advanced oracles and nodes that’s makes updates and upgrades easy

It also comes with concentrated liquidity positions and by offering Liquidity positions as NFTs the possibilities are endless for both LPs and holders.

✨✨QUESTION4🩸: Can you briefly tell us some key achievement of TigerSwap since commencement and what is to come in the nearest future?

👉ANS: So far we have achieved quite some milestones. Actually team has been operating for about 6months now and the past 3 months has been spent on the DeFi and game.

First we launched our merch store -

And our dapp is about 60% - 70% complete because all that is left now is opening the market and integrating with global crypto aggregators and apis

You can check out our dapp here which is about 60% complete. Staking is ready so early investors and holders can start earning rewards immediately after listings and only thing left for DeFi aspect is the presales, liquidity and CEX listing then we round up and launch.

For the games, we have completed character profiles and personas and set up environments and assets. Trailer video and game demo available on our website

And there is still lot more being achieved as we speak.

✨✨QUESTION5🩸: Any Date for launch yet?

👉ANS: Scheduled for end of April after the presales

Good, we anticipate!

Let me share with you some of the strong points of TigerSwap. First you must know that we have equally done our research well and history always has a case study of reference, I will share about 3 case studies so I can properly put it in context in a way to help you really see the strong points of TigersSwap.

One of the case studies to mention and referrence is Uniswap and the idea behind concentrated liquidity.

In this model, each LP position is represented as an NFTs and unlike v2 version were liquidity positions range from 0 to infinity, holders and LPs can choose to concentrate their liquidity between certain price conditions so instead of getting 20% over a wide range of asset value, you can get over 200% from a concentrated position in less than few hours.

This is currently not available on be biggest dex on Binance smart chain network. This is one of the unique features and what TigerSwap is bringing to Bsc. Infact upon launch, we foresee projects and LPs migrating from pancakeswap and everywhere else to TigerSwap. This is one of our uniqueness

Second strong point unlike other swap and DEX platforms, we have a total limited supply of just 90,000 tokens out of which 50% has been burnt.

Why? This is to address the Price and Value variations common in DeFi and crypto. Because rather than so much supply of token that you see about where you hold 35,000 tokens but they are worth $0.00000000035 we would rather our investors and holders hold 35 tokens that are worth $35,000.

This has been proven in history with YFI and we have integrated a similar formula in our project too. Unlike other DEX and Swap that have unlimited tokens or 100,000,000 of supply, we have decided to make our supply limited to a max of just 90,000.

This is a very unique strong point and we don’t see anything stopping us from hitting 10,000x price in coming future

The 3rd strong point is the integration of NFTs as utilities and DeFi as a service to institutional financial bodies.

Currently institutional application of DeFI has been very challenging for financial institutions and centralized banking system despite the demand for DeFi and how much they want to participate in DeFi but the technological and other limitations is affecting institutional adoption of DeFi this affecting the inflow of liquidity and funds from centralized finance to decentralized finance, TigerSwap will be addressing this by offering DeFi as a service to these institutions allowing them to access DeFi services, protocols, pools and tools with their funds and liquidity which makes it mutually beneficial to both parties.

DeFi as a Service is also one of our major strong points at TigerSwap and it covers across all aspects from farming to staking to lending to borrowing and so much more

Thank you and I sincerely do hope you get to really see the vision and magic we are building on Binance Smart Chain. We can’t wait to have you with us guys!

✨✨QUESTION6🩸: Before we proceed to the community live segment
Let's talk about Tokenomics
Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of $TIGER tokens?

👉ANS: The tiger swap tokenomics has 50% total supply burnt

And over 60% of total presales will be going to liquidity and listing

Initial market cap is about $700,000

And liquidity will be locked for 2years

Team tokens are locked for 90 days with only 20% to be released after every 30days after the 90days lock to handle miscellaneous fees and team rewards

To prevent & manage whale manipulations and heavy dumping on listing, Public Sale rounds makes up about 70% of total tokens allocated for sales while seed sale and private sale are just 1.1% and 2.8% of the total tokens respectively.

Funds Raised From Public Rounds Will Go Into CEX Listing of TIGER/USDT Pairs, Heavy Marketing, Development & Expansion of The TigerSwap Ecosystem.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

✨✨QUESTION1🩸: Inspite of the huge demand for DEFI, Unfortunately institutional application of DEFI has been very challenging for financial institutions and centralized banking system. What solution has Tiger Swap come up with to help address this issue?

👉ANS: We are providing DeFi as a service for institutional financial applications. Imagine the national centralized banks bringing liquidity to DeFi and be able to access staking, farming and DeFi reward pools. TigerSwap DeFi as a service will make onboarding seamless and easy for institutional investors.

✨✨QUESTION2🩸: I learnt that All proceed from your project will be donated to the wildlife preservation centers globally to preserve Tiger species worldwide, how true is this? Also, how will you ensure Transparency in this process, will the transaction hash be made public for people to verify?

👉ANS: Yes, All transactions will be made public for everyone to be able to verify.

✨✨QUESTION3🩸: ☮️
With just 0.25% trading fees and zero taxes, through what other ways will Tiger Swap generate revenues to sustain the activities of the platform? Finally, in a case where there are some unsold tokens after the public sale, what will happen to the Tokens?

👉ANS: All unsold tokens will be burnt. The Tiger suite is full of profitable solutions from
Lending and bowering protocols to Tiger Bets and Vaults system. So much unlimited and exponential utilities

✨✨QUESTION4🩸: Hey ✨✨✨
Can $TIGERS Hodlers participate in decision making & voting rounds before taking any major decision by Tiger Swap? Community opinion matters in Tiger Swap?

👉ANS: Yes they can. $TIGERS will be the governance token of the ecosystem.

✨✨QUESTION5🩸: One striking feature of Tigerswap for me is the Tiger BET. At the moment, is the Tiger BET feature live? When one makes the right price prediction on digital assets, what benefits does such a person get? Also, why do you believe that Tiger Bank, at this point in time, is needed in the DeFi space?

👉ANS: Tiger Bank not only makes onboarding of institutional financial bodies but lending and borrowing protocols are also some of the backbones of DeFi too. And for Tiger Bet, we expect to go live immediately after listing and launch.

✨✨QUESTION6🩸: Hey 🌹
To access the TigerSwap which wallet I should choose? And do you have your own Dapp/App?

👉ANS: Yea we have a dapp - and you can access with any decentralized wallets from MetaMask to wallet connect et.c.

✨✨QUESTION7🩸: I was impressed when I heard that TigerSwap has Tiger Bank which is a fully decentralized lending and borrowing protocol, however, my fear is security of funds in this bank, how will you ensure safety of the bank?

👉ANS: It’s all secured and stored on the blockchain. Security is also one of our top most priorities.

✨✨QUESTION8🩸: Hey 😄🙋‍♂
Can you give information about Tiger Games and P2E? Will it be Free To Play and Earn or money would be required to play those games?

👉ANS: The games are operate on a freemium model. Free to play and you have the option to unlock premium aspects of the game with the $TIGERS token.

✨✨QUESTION9🩸: Hello 🙋‍♂
Why we should trust and use Tiger Swap over other Swaps? There are lot of Swaps in the market.
How Tiger swap is Better from other Swaps?

👉ANS: 90% of swap available in the market right now are still operating on the v2 standard of the AMM and expected to go obsolete in coming months, v3 is not only the latest and advanced upgrade but it also comes with concentrated liquidity positions and capital efficiency of over 4,000x compared to what’s currently available in the market.

✨✨QUESTION10🩸: Community support is one of the most important aspects of a project's success, so how do you plan to attract more users and expand your community globally?

👉ANS: Through marketing, dissemination of information and bootcamps and also by setting up local communities too. Already in progress as we speak

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Tiger Swap Private Sale Round 1 is live 🔥

Total supply: 90,000
Total burn: 45,000

Sale Price: 15$
Listing Price: 35$ (2.5x from sale price)
Min/Max: 0.5bnb - 3bnb
Hardcap: 50 BNB
Total allocation: 1350 $TIGERS

How to buy?

Send USDT/BNB to the below address and you will receive equivalent $TIGERS tokens within 30 minutes in the same wallet.
Make sure to use decentralised wallets like MetaMask,Trust wallet

0x5fbF524573368491c3deaE2acA3Fa43f0E96C9F1 (Tap to copy)

Dex ✅
Audit ✅
Vesting ✅
Staking ✅

P2E Games 🔜
Tiger Suites 🔜


Pinksale (KYC completed)


📌Telegram Group:
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