Recapitulation of Titan Hunters PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Saturday, 6th November, 2021
Time: 9:00 AM UTC

The Titan Hunters PROJECT team was represented by @Lighthouse103 who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Titan Hunters PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on TITAN HUNTERS?

ANS: About myself, I used to be the Co-founder of Gamebank (Payment gateway for gamer in Viet Nam), Co-Founder of Horus VR Glass and Horus Entertainment ( VR glasses manufactures and mobile game development). I also was Chief of Business Development of Topebox (Apple Game of The Year, Google Play Editor Choice, Top 1 Mobile Game in US & China).

I have a passion for technology and belief in the potential of the gaming industry.

Before the NFT game era, we created games to provide entertaining and relaxing experience to players then players pay us for it.

NFT game bring to us the opportunity to give back to the players and of course to give us fame and economic benefit also LOL .

You can play the game for fun but also have chance to get earn for living. Is it so great, right? That's why I created NFT game Titan Hunters.

We have 3 core teams.

- Game development: Members from Topebox (15 members) - is the leading game in VietNam and the brains behind some hits like Pocket Army, Sky Dancer: Free Falling, and King Rivals.

- Blockchain tech : Members from Rikkeisoft (10 members) - have a lot of experience in the field of software development and blockchain technology.

- Marketing (10 members): We have an internal team to do marketing. In addition, we also cooperate with partner to do marketing and build community in many countries around the world.

Q2: Can you introduce TITAN HUNTERS, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: well, it will be long answer. So i wil unpack this question into 3 parts

1. What is Titan hunters

Titan Hunters is an MMORPG game with an incredible voxel graphic style and friendly-crypto, simple but addictive gameplay.

In Titan Hunters, players can become a hunter to discover an exciting and mysterious world of Titans and participate in bitter battles against epic bosses for rewards.

Gamers can hunt alone or team up with other buddies to collect materials from fallen foes and craft new gears for subduing even crueler and bigger Titans.

As an easily accessible but high-quality NFT game, we bring players the best and safe protocol via free-to-play and invest-to-earn model for mass adoption.

The Titan Hunters team wish to create a charming and fun game, crafted by mobile game development veterans. We aim at delivering such experience with tons of loot, secret areas to uncover, and multiple difficulty-progressive levels to unlock.

2. What is the problem of NFT game now and our solutions

NFT Games has too many problems indeed, we found them and we have solved most of them, we can name with you few bold things that you will have to aggree with us as below:

Problem 1: Too many scam projects.

Titan Hunters is the only NFT game that's truly focusing on both crypto & non-crypto users, which mean you can play the game without spending any money until you feel the need of it and believe in our project. We create the new standard for NFT Games with you guys.

Problem 2: Clones

Most of the NFT games that you're playing right now are clones from well-known game publisher in the world. For example: Hearthstone, Pokemon, Brawl Stars... There're a huge risk while playing those titles since all of your assets will instantly become zero when the owners of these IP come to NFT Game. Titan Hunters Team creates this new game specially for NFT audience, exclusive and focus to serve you guys.

Problem 3: Big Pay Wall.

We know investing a big money into a game just to earn back in the early stage then making profitable later sounds like Ponzi, and it's actually Ponzi to us. How many of yous already success to did that with your NFT Games that you've ever played? Titan Hunters offers you a 100% Free-2-Play with fun first gameplay experience. The game is carefree to enjoy until the time you decide to become an investor into Titan Hunters.

Problem 4: NFT Games are NOT FUN

Titan Hunters is all about fun, you need to try the game before hearing more marketing words from us, it's all about the game crafting level of the creators behind Titan Hunters.

Problem 5: Big Vision, Big Market

NFTs only have its meaning while being accepted with large amount of peoples. Titan Hunters aim to have the biggest market yet in NFT space, not NFT games with few thousands players playing. Your NFTs has no value when there're too few peoples know about it, right?

3. What is our diffrence from other NFT games

-We make Titan Hunters gameplay easily accessible for everyone.As everyone knows, only few gamers are hardcore gamers, who play high-skill required games (MOBA, Card Battles, FPS…etc.). This might scare people to try playing and also prevent most players from enjoying the gameplay. So, Titan Hunters propose an alternative game mechanic that suit most mobile game players, a billion gamers, regardless of demographics, with a simple control, deep but easy to understanding gameplay.

- Free to play and Invest to Earn model: As user simply use email to create an account to start playing the game. You only need to create a crypto wallet and buy TITA token when they you want convert your items in game to NFT items to trade on the marketplace. Freemium is still the right thing to do in the long run. We takes this as the core mindsets to create an NFT game that user can freely start playing without any payment, crypto or fiat, see and own the in-game items first, then decide to mint them into NFTs if they believe they're worth the value.

Plus, our team will create the game with best quality of 3D Voxel art (As you can already experience while playing our demo or our game graphics), there’s no 3D NFT Action games that can beat the quality of Titan Hunters even games in the mainstream market.

so sorry for long answear, but good question should need dedicated answer.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: As our roadmap, Titan hunter will be realease on Q4 2021. We focus on having the game available on all platforms: PC, iOS & Android. As a result, Titan Hunters can maximize the outreach to potential players regardless of platforms.

Player can play the game on PC first then mobile version will come to you around Q2 2022.

Howerver, we will try our best in order to launch mobile version as soon as possible as we our targeted users of Titan hunters are mobile users.

In the official version will be realeased on this Dec, we have full gameplay of Adventure mode, Marketplace, Stacking availble for you, you can play and earn right at that moment. You can see that Titan Hunters is much more complete in comparision with other NFT games at the time of launching, right?

For more details about our roadmap, please find here:

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Our list of backer and partner as follow:

- Rikkeisoft:
- DAO marker:
- Gamefi:
- Icetea Labs:
- Basics Capital:
- Evangelion:
- AU21 :
- Exnetwork Capital:
- Bullperks:
- Alphamoon Capital:
- Vendetta Capital:
- Cinchblock:
- OKEX Blockdream Ventures:
- Maven Capital:
- Panda Capital:
- Chronos Ventures:
- Avstar:
- Everse Capital:
- Good games guild:
- RR2 Capital:

Our backers and partners have helped us a lot in terms of resources and experience. In the future, we will continue to look for more partners to help us build a community in other countries around the world. Apart from that, we have onboarded already over 100 KOL which cover all countries and major languages to spread out Titan Hunters all over the world.

Q5: Finally, Can you give an overview of YOUR Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $TITA?

ANS: Titan hunters has 2 tokens. They are BEP-20 token standard on Binance Smart Chain

- $TITA is governance token with total supply of 1B

$TITA token used for Summon NFT Items, Audit items, Convert COIN to TCOIN, Staking & Governance participation, Buy NFT items in Marketplace

- $TCOIN Token has no hardcap in supply, they are used for in game activity and in game upgrade.

Titan Hunters' investors can hold $TITA tokens to benefit from staking, governance/voting, profit sharing events. This can refer to Titan Hunters' value as our community grows.

More details about our Tokenomic, you can easily find it here: and in our whitepaper:

Q6: How close is the launch of the governance Tokens?

ANS: we plan to do SHO on DAO Maker on 18 Nov and IDO on Gamefi at the same day

we will make announcement about that soon.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: I read in the whitepaper and you say "we want to make a game that almost everyone can play". So Does Titan Hunter have any plans to educate and increase awareness and adoption among the public to make it easier to understand about Titan Hunter (even for new users)?

ANS: Thank for spending time read our whitepaper.

Our misssion is to bring millions of traddition gamer to NFT game. So we make Titan Hunters to accessible to everyone who.

Players dont need crtyo wallet or pay any upfront cost to play the game.

Titan Hunters also is designed in simple in control and gameplay so everyone can play the game and understand the gameplay very easy but game is fun and addictive to make player love our game and want to play the game for year

As we are long experience in game industry and we got over 100 millions users so we know how to attract and retain user. We had plan to attract some million users play Titan Hunters just within 1 or 2 months after laucnhing.

Q2: Titan Hunters aims to include as many users as possible from the traditional mobile gaming audience. Do you think the Titan Hunter game will have what it takes to compete with traditional games while playing a role in the blockchain world? What are the points of Titan Hunter that can take over the traditional game?

ANS: In term of users, Minecraft & Roblox are our direct competitors. The goal of Titan Hunters is acquiring as much as possible the market of these games and treating them with more interesting contents, the benefit of NFT so they're not just wasting their time.

As we are expertise in traddtional game, we know the behavior of tradditonal user, we know how to attract them and we also know how to monetize the as well. So we are confident to make a high quality, fun and addicted gameplay to attract them.

and with the help of NFT and Earning nature of NFT game, we believe that user will come to Titan Hunters

you are wise user, right? Why dont you play the good game for relaxing as well as be able to get earn ?

Q3: I really love the idea of the PROPRIETARY ENGINE created by Titan Hunters. I am not sure I have come across it on other P2E crypto currency projects. However, how can the AMA LOVERS CLUB community benefit from the Proprietary Engine and in what ways do you think we can make stable income from it?

ANS: Yup, this feature will be come after we finish all basic feature of Titan Hunters

may be you know the Roblox, right. We want to apply this model to NFT game to make user can get much more benefit for Titan Hunters.

If you are dev, you can make the game then publish to our platform and get earning

or if you are user, you can lend your NFT items to get earning as well.

as we have long vision and long goal with Titan Hunters, so will try our best to make more fun game mode, more fantastic world for retain the user. And we also try our best to build a big community ever

So with big community and high quality and fund games, we believe that your imcome will be stable as a wise user will never left a game with a big community and a lot of fund like Titan Hunters.

Q4: I know Titan Hunters uses a Free2Play model, but where in the ecosystem can players invest their money to maximize profits?

ANS: Yes, Titan Hunters is competely Free to Play. You only need an email to creat the acc and play the game, that is all

But when we play and love the game, you want to own permament your items, you should invest money to convert them to NFT items

and when you own NFT item you can easily to bring them to Marketplace to trade to get profit

our model Inest to Earn bring you a safer way to invest as you can know relatively the price of your items before you decide to invest the real money to mint them to NFT items. is it great, right??

and one way to get money is that we have investor rank. For more detail about the investor rank, please find in our Whitepaper

but basically, if you are top in Investor rank you can get a big reward, it might worth million usd as most of our revenue will give back to user via Investor rank.

Q5: As you know, smart contracts are a fundamental part of any project. Are all smart contracts properly audited? What company performed this audit?

ANS: Auditing for a blockchain project is very important. We are now in discussion with Certik and Hacken for such. We will announce soon about the result of auditing. They are leading auditors on the crypto market, so you guys can bielive in their works inTitan hunters.

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