Recapitulation of Tribe Land PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 3rd November, 2021
Time: 15:00 UTC

The Tribe Land PROJECT team was represented by @AprilJoy_Inu who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Tribe Land PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on Tribeland?

ANS: My name is April Joy Lacanlale, I’m working for Tribeland project as a CMO. I had expertise in multiple digital marketing disciplines, including search engine, social media, content, and email marketing.
The Tribeland Team consists of people with rich experience in their own field of expertise. What we have in common is our passion for games and blockchain technology. Sitting together, we realize that we can make the gamers’ dream come true, and that’s how Tribeland was born.

How big is the Tribe Land team?

Our team consists of ex-Ubisoft, Activision and Konami game designers, artists and developers ;)
Dozens of ppl are working on this project to make it perfect.

Q2: Could you explain a little about Tribe Land and what makes it different From another Project?

ANS: Tribeland is a Play-to-Earn game that is like no others before. I can’t really give you a “short description” about it. Instead, I will tell you guys 3 most significant things about Tribeland that make the difference.

1: With the help of Solana, Tribeland is a true real time RPG game. Almost every items, resource in the game are NFTs. Every action related to these NFTs, like equip/unequip, trade, drop,... is simple and swift, bringing the best gaming experience possible for gamers right now.

2: Tribeland has 2 different kinds of tokens, which serve different purposes.

One is $TRBL, which has a limited total supply and a deflation mechanism. This Token is used in crowd-funding rounds, Vote in the game’s T-DAO, as well as participate in the game’s DeFi activities.

Next is $SHELL, which has the total supply increasing alongside with the development of Tribeland. This token is used to pay for in-game activities, such as resource mining, forging items, improving territories, upgrading buildings etc… This token can be exchanged for $TRBL, and is charged inflationary. The purpose of this token is to create a stable monetary base for Tribeland, without affecting the governing operations of the entire system.

3: We have the territory feature, a limited kind of NFT, which will increase its value alongside with the game development. Owning a Territory gives players unique features that are not available for normal players. More and more perks will be given for territory owners as time goes.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: The proudest thing we have done is to create a smooth RPG gaming experience, with the help of Solana ofcourse, as we have mentioned before. You all know that all Play-to-Earn games available now have simple gameplay. That’s due to the low speed and high transaction fee of the blockchain, which forces the game to be as simple as it can be, to reduce the burden on players. But with Solana, we no longer have to think about transaction fees, and the speed is fast enough even if the game expands 100 times. That’s why we can focus on building the best game that lasts for years without worry about the disadvantages of Blockchain. Of course, there will still be bugs and imbalance here and there, so to encourage players to try and help perfecting the game, lots of incentives and rewards will be granted to players in the first period after releasing the game.

Our roadmap will be divided into several phases. Each phase will have different goals. Our ultimate goal is to create a fully decentralized metaverse, where the player-base and community can have complete control over the entire operations of the game.

Fist era:
2021-2022: Product Development and User Acquisition. In the first phase of our development, we will focus on finishing our products, especially the base game and in-game DeFi hub. The first major expansion of Tribeland will also be available at the end of 2022.
This is also the period where we are building the loyal player-base for our ecosystem. Many incentives and rewards will be granted to players in this period.

Second era:
2023 – 2024: Introducing T-DAO and Ecosystem Growth. The second phase of our development will focus on decentralizing the game ecosystem. Tribe Council will be selected, voting features will be implemented, allowing users to vote for gaming balance.
We expect the number of monthly active users will range from at least 100,000 to 200,000 users during this phase.
Another Major expansion will be released at the end of 2023.

Third era:
Fully Decentralization and Ecosystem Blooming.
At this point, the token supply will be fully dilute, and the Tribe Council will take charge of the game direction entirely.
The main developers will still be working to follow the direction of the community, with monthly incentives given to the devs. We expect this to be the phase where the player-base overgrows, as most of the core products are already released. The expected number of Monthly Active Users will be ranging between 500,000 – 1 million at least.
All in all, this roadmap will be adapted according to the developing situation. But the general idea is, it will take us 4 years to make Tribeland one of the most played Blockchain games in the space, with a fully functional ecosystem and heavily DeFi-integrated products that help maintain our inherent values in-game assets.

You guys can check our full roadmap here:

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Up till now, Tribeland has made 17 partnerships, including: @mgtradingchannel, @anypadofficial, @DesiCryptoTrades, @CryptoMiners_Co, @solanaarmy, @BigcoinVietnam, @MH_Ventures, @CryptoSt_News, @dreamboatcapital, @solananewschat, @lotusventures, @RegainVentures, @webmastermind1, @cryptoverse_india, @ytcryptovel, @CryptoPlayers, and @thewebcoinhotdrop
More will come in the future, so stay close!

Q5: Finally on this segment, Can you give an overview of YOUR Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $TRBL?

ANS: First of all, you guys need to understand the mechanisms behind our 2 tokens.
$TRBL: This is the governance token of Tribeland, also the token used in the crowd-funding rounds of Tribeland. $TRBL is used to vote in the game's T-DAO, as well as participate in the game's DeFi activities. $TRBL has a limited total supply, with a future deflation mechanism.

$SHELL is a token used to pay for in-game activities in Tribeland, such as resource mining, forging items, improving territories, upgrading buildings etc… $SHELL can be exchanged from $TRBL, and is charged inflationary. The total supply of $SHELL will increase based on the development of the Tribeland ecosystem. The purpose of the $SHELL token is to create a stable monetary base for Tribeland, without affecting the governing operations of the entire system.

When the game launches at the end of 2021, 300 million $SHELL will be released to the market. As a result, players can exchange $TRBL for $SHELL at a 1:1 exchange rate in a short period of time after the launch event. After that, the exchange rate will change based on the game development and the market demand.

Further information about tokenomics can be found at:

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: I learnt that when players construct buildings, they unlock additional features in the game. Please, can you give examples of the additional features that can be unlocked by constructing buildings? Furthermore, is there a maximum number of buildings that players can construct?

ANS: Players can build 10 buildings per territory, which will give following features:
- Blacksmith: Forging weapons
- Hero training camp: Enhancing heroes' power
- Animal training camp: Strengthening the power of beasts
- Mineral mines: Mining minerals
- Temple: Granting buffs for heroes
- Breeding cage: Unlocking breeding function
- Farm: Gathering foods for beasts
- Guild House: Creating and assigning quests to other players.

Q2: As far as I know, they developed in the game amazing creatures like Centrosaurus and Mosasaurus. So, can you give more information about these amazing creatures? What other creatures have you developed?

ANS: Those are legendary beasts with outstanding fighting powers, Tribeland world have many other species that are waiting our players to explore later.

Mosasaurus first appeared in the Great Flood, while the homo sapiens were fishing, they initially saw the giant tails of Mosasaurus raging at the gate of the sea. The Mosasaurus had evolved to be able to adapt to swim freely in the volcanic lava, vanish underground or even The Neanderthals had claimed to have seen them flying in the sky when they were raised by the God of Thunder. Like the dragons, Mosasaurus are divided into four main strains according to their habitat: Aqua Mosasaurus, Magma Mosasaurus, Earth Mosasaurus and Lighting Mosasaurus. For detailed information, head to:

Centrosaurus was a gentle herbivore, which proliferates in the plains of mainland Pangea, The sapiens initially tamed the Centrosaurus their pets for transportation, they also used them as tools of war between tribes. Over the years, The Centrosaurus was tamed by most human species. Some of the centrosaurus released by the tribes had adapted to each environment and had evolved into their distinct types with different characteristics. Aqua Centrosaurus grew fins to swim in the water. Fire Centrosaurus was able to withstand flames thousands of degrees after the Sapiens ignited the forest. Thunder Centrosaurus has a thick layer of blubber that helped them survive in the frosty northern part of Pangea . Rock Centrosaurus chose to hide deep within the caves below the mountain.

Q3: Watching your game I found it very entertaining but I would like to know if in the future your game could be dubbed or have subtitles in other languages? Do you plan to create communities in all regions of the world?

ANS: Currently we're focusing in English since it's the international language. Our team planned to make local communities for all non-English speaker in Q1/2022.

Q4: Do we have your token TRADABLE anywhere yet ?


What are your plans for IDO, will there be an IDO
And for non crypto users will this project be favourable to them. ?

ANS: Our token is registered but NOT YET TRADABLE, beware of scammers who will try to sell you fake tokens.
Our IDO will be kinda a fair launch.
Our project is friendly for non crypto users, it's on Solana, easy to use, fast and low transaction fee.

Q5: Hey 👋✨
I saw the icon of Play station and Xbox In your Litepaper. Will you release the game on XBox and Play Station too?
Can you please give information on this?

ANS: For now the game is playable in almost devices, even a low-end one. We're making it available on multiple platform so it will be even easier for people to reach.

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