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Date: Thursday, 6th April, 2021
Time: 18:00 UTC

The TRIFORCE PROTOCOL PROJECT team was represented by Let’s welcome @Calfreezyy, @Cmantic, @Devdonatello and @MigaraX @Whlskey_Dickwho judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about TRIFORCE PROTOCOL PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on TRIFORCE PROTOCOL?

ANS: Short answer I’m jew I’ve been a admin for many projects these last few months and me and my partner decided to step out and create our own thing no more shitcoins and in that process I met some very trustworthy devs which helped create TFC💯

Donaatello here, I am the resident technical SME, with a background in all aspects of development. Assisting in a full stack nature, server infrastructure, auditing and deployment. Massive gamer and pizza lover <3

My name is Whiskey Dick, for those who did not know such things.. I started my ventures into this space about a year ago & haven't looked back since. Along the way I've met some incredible human beings who actually want to bring goodness to the DeFi space, and be done with all the rugs & bullshit we all see far too often. It's difficult sometimes, because you almost have to give someone your trust & faith first to find out who they really are, but this team is one of the strongest & most trusted ever assembled. We all have mutual contacts & have known each other & talked about working together for quite some time. The team includes our devs, @cmantic, @calfreezyy, Mig & Splnty. Then there's Jew & I on the TG, Marketing & Conceptualizing aspect of things, and we also have a very good friend we trust 💯 & have the utmost faith in who goes by the name Leaf. Leaf is where a huge part of our utility will come into play more with his project AXIOMS & soon to be released MAGIC & DARK MAGIC. So keep an eye out for those 2 as well

Hello im cal! Just another engineer! Was intrigued by the crypto space growth since last october. Started learning about solidity, launching tokens, code and all. Had a couple of failed launches and had to refund all the collected funds for my earlier projects. Almost gave up when whiskey motivated me to come up with something beautiful and now we're here! TRIFORCE PROTOCOL!

Hello, Cmantic here.

My good friend @calfreezyy nudged me to work together with launching a cool project on BSC. Began working with him to create a rug free, organic project.

With the direction provided by @Whlskey_Dick and @jewbynature , we are here today with TRIFORCE gaining massive attention and we're glad it worked out well.

Q2: Can you introduce TRIFORCE PROTOCOL, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: But yes, 7 core team members, with probably another 20+ behind the scenes & on TG helping us grow in many directions

1 problem is not being able to sell your nfts thats one big thing we are here to do which is create major usecases to do many buybacks on our community nfts but also have fun with it, just one out of many

Well for me, I have seen a lot of growth on the BSC over the last couple months, but it seemed the one area many were lacking was their ability to raise a decent amount of liquidity for listing, but still have buying pressure coming in. This is where we stepped in with some of our closest friends & raised $250,000 in liquidity to begin with & have implemented the 3 % liquidity generation tax, as well as the auto rebalancer, to continue building upon that. We wanted to make this project available to any & all types of investors, while balancing the liquidity ratio as it increases, and not have it get dumped into oblivion or completely destroyed within a few days of launching. This is why we spent roughly 2 months building & prepping for TFC's release to the public & have not stopped providing more & more since then. It seems too many people list a project within a couple hours, with zero plans or ideas except "COMING SOON." We also knew we had multiple partnerships we could instantly create from the start that will bring & continue to bring so much utility to this project that it will never stop evolving & growing over time.. And I mean, nostalgia & the damn TRIFORCE being such a beautiful thing, we had no choice but to name it that when considering our token has a 9% tax, or a 3 sided equilateral triangle of 3% Deflation, 3% Liquidity Generating, and 3% Frictionless rewarding to all of our holders.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: I will say hitting 1mil in liquidity,we did it before with other projects but there’s no feeling like having this happen day 1 on your own project💯

Target milestone I would say having our own arcade game that use our token and to get listed on a big exchange

Roadmap 1 & 2 for now we will post 3 & 4 sometime soon maybe on a nice day or something💯🤷🏾‍♂️😂

Axioms is all over our roadmaps btw shootout to them💯 they will be bringing major usecase to TFC that’s out of this world

So far I feel one of our biggest milestones has been generating the $1.3M in liquidity in roughly 4 days that we have locked for 1 year on a friends newer platform called CakeSafe. Link: But as I have previously stated, we planned & prepped for a couple of months, so we indeed had a pretty flawless launch with utility already given to the people through our staking/farming of $TFC. We also have more already completed, such as the farming of our NFT token Pyukumuku, or pYUK, that will be made available at the right time. We are currently exploring multiple use cases for pYUK, so it won't be like every other farming token we all know too well that just gets farmed & dumped on the market. We are developing these use cases with our friend Leaf again, as he is a well-known & trusted crypto mechanic in this space. As Jew has just posted, we have 4 roadmaps already drawn up & completed, with only 1 & 2 released to the public thus far. And even with those 4 roadmaps, we have not stopped creating & improving upon TFC behind the scenes, as we have promised one another that we will not stop evolving & pivot whenever necessary to continue the long-term growth & stability of Triforce Protocol.

Q4: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: There’s a list if you take a look at my profile piks we will be partnering up with some of them but as of now axioms/magic to start

Currently I am talking to a number of projects some of you may or may not know already to bring continued growth for not just $TFC, but for our friends projects as well. These will be the good humans we have already worked closley with & have put out successful & trusted projects. For example, one of those I am in current discussions & progressing forward with nicely is $GANJA & $BLAZE. We are making some original NFTs there which I won't go to deep into yet, but you could kind of picture it when you put Nintendo games & blazing ganja together. 😘 Our one official & largest partner to date is Axioms & Magic, which I cannot go into the full details of as it has not yet been fully released upon the world yet, but I will say Leaf is creating some serious goodness over there that will bring insta-utility in not just one specific area, but a number of areas for both his projects, $TFC, and soon to be many others. We have also made deals & created partnerships with a number of artists on Instagram already, and these artists will create not just original pieces of art & NFTs, i.e. My-NFT, but one of which is a clothing designer too. So you won't be seeing some copy & pasta merch, it will be all original created by actual artists & designers so the products are worth the investment. I've seen multiple projects branch out into this field with just some garbage looking products & we at $TFC do not believe in such things. We believe in quality first & foremost.

There are also a number of my close friends in other projects too that I am currently speaking with, but I will not devulge that information at this time because it is still in its infancy

But I will say, many of them you will know.

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $TFC AND $pYUK Token?


Tokenomics for $TFC

Max Supply: 10 Million
Presale: 5 Million (50%)
Liquidity: 2.38 Million (23.8 %)
Staking Rewards: 2.62 Million (26.2 %)

And simple version of pyukumuku it’s our farm token that’s not released yet we don’t want another shitcoin farm token that’s only good is to do is sell so the team over at axioms is helping us develop a major usecase for it so it can go up not down once released

The TRIFORCE ecosystem will be a two token system with TRIFORCE($TFC), its farm token Pyukumuku($pYUK) and will also include NFT’s. In short, the users will have the following options:
- Stake $TFC to earn more $TFC, NFT’s and an opportunity to get into the private sale of the farm token $pYUK.
- Stake $TFC to farm $pYUK
- Stake $pYUK to farm NFT’s via a point system.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: I really love the idea of your transaction fees which are 3% Liquidity Fee, 3% Tax Fee, and 3% Burn Fee. It's no doubt that this will help bring about scarcity and help drive up the price, however, if the token price increase to a certain level, this fees would be too much for users to cope with and could discourage some people from buying the token. Are these fees permanent or subject yo review as time goes by? I would recommend a review of the fee later in the future.

May the FORCE be with you

ANS: Hi,

You have a valid point. We have already discussed about this and have planned to lower the fees when the value of $TFC becomes much higher. It may become 2%, 2%, 2% as well

Will surely review the fees in the future

Thank you

May The Force Be With You.

Well I do see a number of questions about the tax of 9%, so I will start there. When we first made this token... and @cmantic just nailed it. We have it so anything & everything is adjustable but we wanted to start higher to discourage dumpers & to garner as much of the early high volume tax as we could for both the project & the holders.

Q2: What are the fees to be charged on each TFC's transaction and how often will you burn tokens to reduce the supply and create a higher market price?

ANS: $TFC Transaction Fee

On each transaction (sell, buy, and transfer) of $TFC, the following fees are levied.
- 3% Liquidity Fee (to automatically generate liquidity).
- 3% Tax Fee (to reward holders).
- 3% Burn Fee (to decrease the supply and create higher market price).
Example: (For a transaction to buy 3333 tokens)
- 99.99 tokens as a fee to automatically generate liquidity.
- 99.99 tokens as a fee to reward holders.
- 99.99 tokens as a fee to burn.
So, the buyer receives 3333- (99.99 + 99.99 + 99.99) = 3033.33 tokens.

3% of $TFC tokens in each transaction (buy, sell, transfer) are burned forever, so it is a continuous process. Apart from it, Rebalancer triggers the burn as well. Kindly look out for my reply about rebalancing mechanism below

Thank you.

Q3: In what process do you reward the $TFC holders and in what proportions?

ANS: We reward the holders both frictionlessly & staked. The frictionless is currently 3% per txn, and the staking is 1% daily. We have turned off the tax on staking, but there still is the protocol tax when unstaking, however any & all rewards claimed are tax free.

The 3% is obviously divided amongst all holders, whereas the staking is 1% on YOUR staked amount.

Q4: 1. TRIFORCE says it has device a means that ensures that the price of $TFC constantly increase in value against $BNB. Can you explain how this Rebalancing works?

2. Regarding your second token called Pyukumuku ($pYUK), this sounds like an ancient Japanese name, can you tell us where the name originated from?

ANS: Hi,

Auto liquidity mechanism generates Pancake LP Tokens, once the tokens accumulated from 3% liquidity fee cross 10,000 $TFC

Rebalancer mechanism

- The protocol removes 3% of the liquidity (Pancake LP tokens) locked inside the contract. This is broken down into $BNB and $TFC.
- The $BNB so obtained is used to market-buy $TFC.
- 95% of these $TFC tokens are burned and the rest 5% of $TFC is rewarded to the caller of the transaction which invokes the rebalancer (since it is a high-gas mechanism).

Rebalancer executes after one hour automatically ensuring that there is a continuous decline of $TFC supply

2. It is a reference to Pokemon. @jewbynature would be the right person for it is his brain child :)

Q5: One of the mechanisms of $TFC is that it automatically generates liquidity. How does this happen and in what ways are users rewarded since it will involve a high gas transaction?

ANS: Automatic Liquidity Generation is necessary to ensure that liquidity keeps on increasing, without having to depend on liquidity providers. The community itself propels the liquidity

How it works?

- Whenever someone sends a transaction using the $TFC token, 3% of that transaction is sent to the token contract. (3% liquidity fee)
- Over time, the stored $TFC tokens accumulate until they reach a threshold (set as 10,000 $TFC).
- Once this threshold is reached, half of the stored $TFC is sold in the market for $BNB.
- The $BNB and remaining half of $TFC is then used to create a Pancake LP token. The LP token is then stored inside of the contract where it is secure and can never be transferred out.
- Over time, the liquidity stored inside of the contract grows bigger and bigger, which creates a price-floor for $TFC.
- Since this step is a high-gas transaction, whoever happens to initiates this transaction is automatically rewarded with 200 $TFC tokens.

Here is a recent example of it

Thank You.

Q6. I know TRIFORCE currently working on NFTs. That's a very good news because NFT can take the value of your token so high. But where can we find the NFTs? What i have to do to get your NFTs? And looking the market hipe do you guies have any future plan to develop your NFTs?

ANS: We have some NFTs completed already, but we are waiting to bring you a number of NFTs all at once from various different artists. We will have 3 levels of uniquness & rarity, and these NFTs will be available by farming pYUK (or market buying) then staking for NFT points. Each NFT will be assigned a point value that will need to be reached to obtain said specific NFT for your collection. You will then be able to do whatever you please with your NFTs, such as create wall art, or sell them on rarible or opensea

Dropping one last thing to leave off with

1 sec whiskey will post it😂😅👍🏾

Post Script: We have something else we have not told many people about, but we have discussed this with many of our largest holders & a significant number of them from the private sale will be participating to help drive the scarcity & value of $TFC.




Q7: -3% Liquidity Fee
- 3% Tax Fee
- 3% Burn Fee

Why all number are same / 3%? Any special reason?

ANS: No specific reason for 3%. It is modifiable in the near future.

3% fee for each mechanism seemed apt enough to sustain the liquidity and reward holders

As for choosing the same number, it is going to be same for all 3 fee

The name itself is generated using

TRIFORCE — TRIad of Fee levied On each tRansaCtion.

Fee number (2%, 3%) may change but TRIFORCE is woven around these three fees.

Q8: I learnd that TRIFORCE offer Frictionless rewards to holders. This influence me to hold $TFC. But i want to know that how much token i have to hold for how long to get the rewords?

ANS: Rewards will be generated based on the % of tokens you hold

Say, a transaction incurs 100 tokens in the form of fee for frictionless rewards and your share is 2% of total tokens, you will get 2 tokens

Need not hold any minimum number of tokens. As long as your wallet has $TFC tokens, rewards will be distributed to you.


Thank you guys. It was good fun. Hope we cleared your doubts to a large extent. Cheers.

And if you have any unanswered questions or further questions, please join our Main TG & we will be happy to accomodate everyone.

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