Recapitulation of TRUE PNL PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Monday, 17th May, 2021
Time: 12:00 UTC

The TRUE PNL PROJECT team was represented by @Plikhomanov who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about TRUE PNL PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on True PNL?

ANS: My name is Pavel, I am CMO@TruePNL. I have 6+ years in Marketing and PM in Blockchain/Fintech spheres.

Among my colleagues there are experienced guys such as:
CEO of True P&L, Ruslan Abdullin has 4 years in the crypto space and has had a successful exit before. Ruslan has been focused on marketing and founded a successful marketing agency (, which helped to 250+ projects in crypto-space. Also Ruslan and Slava created an exchange (Top200) which was acquired by US company 1.5 years ago.
Ruslan’s LinkedIn account -

Viacheslav Tiurdenev, COO of True P&L.
Viacheslav has 4 years of experience in managing IT and blockchain development. He was the exchange co-founder and operating director.

Evgeniy Ivanov, CTO of True P&L.
Evgeniy has 12+ years of tech development, last 5 years on CTO/Tech lead positions. Also 6+ B2B developed projects from scratch to commercial production.

Q2: Can you introduce TruePNL, Why is TruePNL' product so special? and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Of course.

There are similar platforms, but most of them are not effective due to overloaded interface / high subscription prices / insufficient trading statistics. Our platform has an intuitive interface (UX), a lot of bots that get higher yield and no subscription fee, only success fee - customers pay only if our bots perform well.

Also, Truepnl provides to their users wide and transparent real-time data of the algo-strategies performance, so that the user can make a quality choice. Our users connect their exchange accounts via API. It means that TruePNL doesn't have an access to their funds.

So in general TruePNL builds on-and off-chain financial products for retail investors to achieve a beautiful and transparent investment experience. One of our products — Robo-trading marketplace. TruePNL develops products to help investors grow their capital without deep knowledge in trading, giving them an opportunity to choose strategies that suit their risk profile and get income with minimum efforts.

You can check our website and socials:

Q3: What should we expect from TruePNL in the short and long term? Could you please provide some info about your Roadmap?

ANS: Currently, we are working on the implementation of PNL token use-cases and preparing a big announcement regarding the new hot on-chain product under the TruePNL ecosystem.

As for the recent news, tomorrow we are launching our IDO! You can check details here

Also feel free to check our roadmap to get the full picture!

Was there private sales?

Yes. It's finishing right now. But you still can apply for the whitelists on Duckdao and Poolz

Q4: I'm asking because its well know that early investors who participate in private sales/seed sales do dump the token upon listing
How do you intend to prevent this? And what benefits is accrued to the early investors?

ANS: Yes, this is really important issue. We have slow linear vesting for private investors to protect holders who will buy tokens from the market and avoid the dump. As well, we allocate 300k$ for the liquidity pool. We are going to reward our holders with some off-chain benefits.

Please, check our tokenomics

Q5: Do you only want to be on the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem or are there any plans for TruePNL to create cross-chain integration between other blockchains?

ANS: Ohh, yeah. Gas price isn't so nice lol

Actually, BSC chain allows the deployment of ETH Dapps without any pain. But it goes without saying we also will consider another networks (suck as Polkadot) and probably will create bridges between blockchains, so users will be able to use the same token on different networks.

Q6: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: Partherships is one of the most important thing in every business. So we are working hard in this field now 🙂

Binance is a market leader so it’s not a surprise that we started our cooperation with them. But we are in touch with many top tier exchanges from the worldwide.
Also we are already partnered with (where listing of our token will take place tomorrow), with launchpads DuckDao and Poolz, with TradingView and many funds!

And this is just the beginning, we’ll announce new partnerships with big players really soon so don’t forget to check our website and socials!

Q7: What security modules offer TruePNL and how would you protect from any attacks?

ANS: Yep, crypto is risky. So we should always take care about security.

We use top-notch technologies which have all the necessary security logic included by design.
We follow OWASP guidelines on building safe and secure applications, all sensitive and payment data are being stored in secure databases in encrypted form. We keep everything safe and secure!

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: In terms of robo trading, TruePnL is still at the very beginning journey and as such might have several flaws which will prevent the team from proposing some cool high-frequency trading strategies. And this will come as a weakness for the project. How do you intend to turn this weakness into an opportunity for the project?

ANS: You're right, we’re at the very beginning of our journey.
In terms of creating a Robo-trading marketplace, we have several flaws which prevent us from proposing high-frequency trading strategies, but we always try to objectively assess the situation and turn our shortcomings into advantages, for example, for this reason, we focused on mid-and low-frequency strategies that work well over a long distance. And our experience shows us that this can be really profitable!

Q2: 🟢Basically TrueP&L is a trading bots platform, so can your explain with do need a native token? What are the best features/elements of the $PNL?

ANS: $PNL is a utility token of all our platform's products. In the beginning, holders will be able to pay Robotrading bot fees and the opportunity to have access to advanced bots by holding enough $PNL. Speaking of Defi products, $PNL will help users to manage and create On-chain Community Portfolios. We'll also implement $PNL stacking. Anyway, blockchain is such a great technology platform that allows us to adapt the best Defi products on the market.

Q3: How does TruePNL assure us that users are the only ones who have the management of their funds 24/7?

ANS: We don't have any access to your funds. We don't ask you send us anything. You just need to add your API keys in your crypto exchange account. And you can stop or remove it any time. That's it.

Q4: Can you tel us about all TruePNL subscription plans? How much PNL tokens do we need to pay to get access to these plans?

ANS: Currently we don’t charge any fees as a loyality bonus for our first users. Soon we’ll start applying a plain 10% fee form profit made by the bot.

Q5: You have an impressive list of funds that supports you, funds like Propeller, Blocksync Ventures, AU21, Lotus Capital, and X21 Digital. Which of them is considered the biggest supporters of the project and in what way do they increase the popularity of the project?

ANS: Yes, we have a lot of cool partners. Each one helps us not only with investments but with promoting to their communties. So more users have chance to know more about project and they can decide if they want to work with us. And we really appreciate this!

Q6: 🏎️ Apart of offer your capacities to SPOT trading, your bots are also capable to works well with derivatives markets? Like margin, futures or others?

ANS: Yes, we allow users to have marging trading with up to x3 leverage at the moment. But we are working, testing new instruments and as soon as we see that it allows user to make more profit we'll add it to our platform. Son don't miss our announcements!

Q7: At this moment, which one the most Necessary for your project: 1. Investors 2. Community 3. Market/Exchange and why?

ANS: I guess this one will the last.
The answer is really simple. If you want to gain success you shouldn't divide any of these points. Each one points is really important and working simultaneously this will provide us synergy effect.

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Thank you all! Have a good time!



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