Recapitulation of UnikNameNetwork PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 14th October, 2021
Time: 12:00 UTC

The UnikNameNetwork PROJECT team was represented by @Dlecan and @LaurentLourenco who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about UnikNameNetwork PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on Unikname?

ANS: yes for sure

I’m Laurent the CEO.

I started programming at the age of 14 and continued my early career in IT until now.

I’m 53 and Ive started to be interested by crypto and blockchain since 2013.

In 2017 I met Damien in a meetup he has founded about blockchain.

We’ve been convinced that this technology will play a major role in the futur of the Society and of Internet.

I’m Damien, CTO

It means I’m responsible for technical choices with the team, and checking these choices are "working" well 😁

I'm also products architect

I’ve been coding with blockchain frameworks and sdk since 2015, at first on Ethereum

then on Hyperledger, then on

Then on !

before i was building secured API and products for banking companies

i also founded a now quite big Meetup in France about the Blockchain revolution, where I met Laurent in 2017

We were both working in software and we were facing two major day to day issues with the full digitalization of the world: we need more and more users account and password on a daily basis, we share personal data, and the number of hack is exploding.

Then we had the idea to use the blockchain technology to face this issue. It’s how Unikname is born.

About our team

We're 10 full time employees, helped by 4 advisors.

Q2: Can you introduce Unikname, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Unikname Platform provides ready-to-use Decentralized ID products and an integration framework to enhance added value of any websites.

With Unikname, the Digital identity can take the form of one or several pseudonyms. These Decentralized IDentifiers (DID), unique and Non-fungible (NFT), act as proof of trust.
Web platforms integrating Unikname solution provides trust and privacy to their users and easily reinforce cybersecurity.

Our vision:
Making the internet trustful and safer.

In building its platform, Unikname has chosen to focus on extensibility and modularity. As such, the platform is built around essential SSI services that can then be called
upon different use cases.

Everytime, in all cases, the goal is to increase privacy and to improve UX for end users

Unikname SSI Platform is composed of multiples SSI components:

1️⃣ Decentralized authentication: New generation and single step strong authentication without email or password.

2️⃣ Privacy-friendly data sharing: Users can share private or confidential data embedded within their Decentralized ID with the websites they’re connected with. (e.g. during a signup a user can share their eMail, during a paiement they can share their VISA card number…)

3️⃣ Operations and data certification: Certify documents and operations without KYC. Companies can request strong authentication to certify operations (e.g. confirm a workflow step, confirm when someone attends to a meeting...) or to certify data (e.g. timestamp file upload, certify an invoice...).

4️⃣ Anonymous voting: Setup surveys or votes respecting participant’s privacy and anonymity.

5️⃣ Digital Identity Management: Manage multiple digital Identities for individuals and their related datas (eg. augmented pseudo in gaming, professional ID...).

In comparison with other SSI Solutions, Unikname is unique in different ways:

* Plug & Play Modules
* Pseudonymous ID
* Multilingual naming system
* Token Business Model

To clarify
SSI = Self Sovereign Identity or Self Sovereign Identifier

Could be interested to show the SSI competitive landscape, and where we are.

So we're on the Virtual Identity Market, not on the "Verified Identity Market"

And provide an extended SSI platform, with our own specialized blockchain:

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: First of all it’s important to understand that most of the Unikname components have already been developed, released, and are up and running

as a version 1, let’s say

The mobile application iOS/Android My Unikname app

Launched one year ago

The Decentralized Authentication module + the secured protocole

Called Unikname Connect

Launched one year ago

And third major component:

It's a blockchain dedicated to SSI management

The mainnet has been up and running since May 2020, after more than 1 year of testing with our community

So, this is v1 of Unikname 😊

Now, for the future: DeFi interconnexion and Unikname plaform v2

Few months after the TGE (Token Generation Event on a DEx), we will launch a Bridge between and the DeFi ecosystem

At first: Ethereum and Uniswap

This will allow to "liquify" the UNIK token

Quick after, we interconnect Unikname Bridge with 2 others major networks of the market

Not strongly decided yet

But among Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot or Avalanche

The choice is hard, all these platforms are very good!

On the Unikname plaform v2

We will release new version of our mobile applications to add new features around our new SSI modules (remember and after)

We will also release a plugin for browsers (chrome-like at first) to allow the use of your Unikname SSI wallet on your desktop

To manage your decentralized identity on your desktop

This is a feature required by some of our clients

Then early next year (2022), SSI credits based on the UNIK token will be implemented at the same time

So the UNIK token will be at the heart of all our products, even if users or clients don't see it

Later, an ambassador program will also allow rewarding business partners to boost the adoption of our platform.:

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Can you tell me how your team tokenize Unik token business model?
Do you intend to cought down subscription plans from next year, to be able to create a good value for $UNIK token?

ANS: Good question, $UNIK utility tokens give UniknameID NFT Owners access to SSI services:

1. Web platforms get credits from $UNIK that are spent by users when accessing Unikname services (e.g. Decentralized authentication, vote, data certification…)

2. Users can be rewarded with $UNIK for authenticated operations (e.g. data sharing…)

Then Our business model is based on reward sharing

The $UNIK tokens spent to access SSI services are shared between 3 players:
1. Network Validators
2. Ambassador
3. Network Service Provider

We're earn money because we're a major service provider.

Q2: The Digital Identity market is dynamic and already worth more than $100 billion. However, it is not yet a structured market and has posed a strategic challenge for companies as it concerns the protection of data. How does Unikname aim to revolutionize this market and take an advantage of its challenges? And how do you intend to be a key player in the decentralized identity B2B sector and make the internet trustful and safer for all users?

ANS: Yes, the market is not yeat structured and moving fast.

What we've learned testing the market for months, is that end users are not willing to pay, so the market is a B2B one. Nevertheless we've large community of end users (more than 25k followers on tweeters, more than 20k UniknameID already issued) loving the project and looking fo ways to use their ID every days with many uses cases.

So we recently have launched a new program called the Ambassador Program for our community of end users!

The aim is to attract new partners that would be interested in integrating our Decentralized Authentication Solution (Unikname Connect). Unikname will of course reward the ambassadors by offering $UNIK Tokens.

Q3: Hello sir,

💢Can we participate to your private sale?or is it over?

💢How community can participate with your sale?

ANS: Haha for sure you can, feel the form here :

We've justed started and are pitching and signing agreements every days. Let's go

We also have a special round with special conditions for users owning their own UniknameID, just need to go to their Unikname HUB and verify their identity to participate.

Q4: What's very Unikname about Unikname.Network is that there is no password, so can you explain about the transparency and security that is implemented in the Unikname Network? Are you planning to add KYC features?

ANS: Unikname is a virtual identity provider, so no, we won't add a KYC feature into Unikname platform

We wrote a blog post on that

Unikname is also a passwordless authentication solution
It means Unikname doesn't own or even know anything about its users, you
Especially we don't process any passwords or any information about you.

The master piece of that is the My Unikname app, our SSI wallet (Self Sovereign Identifier Wallet). It hosts your UniknameID pseudos

It has been audited by third parties, as for the Unikname Connect protocol and the Unikname Network blockchain

We are quite confident about the security of these components
But it's not enough
So most of them are also open-source, to allow anyone to audit their code.

Q5: I thought KYC was meant for online identities yet Unikname is bringing up another form of digital identity/ nomenclature and still require verification for Token sale. Does this make sense ? Please explain this ambiguity. Meanwhile is your wallet available for download on Apple iOS and Google Play store. ?

ANS: These are very different things:
- The Unikname product
- The UNIK token sale

As a French company, we must apply the trade rights and the process of identity verification is mandatory to sell $UNIK. This step is managed by, a platform specialized in digital identity verification

There is no link between the $UNIK selling platform and the Unikname platform

All data collected during the token sale will be destroyed, except legal requirements for the trade rights.

About our Wallet names "My Unikname app", is available for Android and iOS, but not on app stores.
My Unikname is a PWA, you can install from your favorite browser

We wrote a blog post on that "The Next Generation of Applications"

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