Recapitulation of UnixFi Finance AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Thursday, 12th November, 2020
Time: 14:00 UTC

The UnixFi Finance team was represented by @Mario_castro10. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also the team should be imtrocuded

Ans : My name is Mario I stay in Dallas, am a certified forex trader with 7yrs of experience. I have been in the crypto space barely 4yrs with much understanding so i and my team decided to think of how we could change the world, by making both short and long term investors maximise their profit that was how UnixFi Finance was born, I hope to make a difference.


Q1 : Pre-sale expires in approximately 30 days. After the pre-sale is over, will there be another token sale, such as a public sale?

Ans : There will be no public sales rather all trading would be done at hotbit,kucoin and others we promise

Q2 : Why does your presale takes more than a month unlike other platforms that only days? What is the advantage of having a longer time of presale? How will your investors trust you with this scenario

Ans : Well this gives us room for development.

Q3 Your Q4 roadmap says exchange listing at Hotbit, Kucoin, coinmarketcap & coingecko. From my understanding, I know that KuCoin charges quite a huge amount for listing, will your development fund be able to cater for this or it’s just a potential exchange you plan to consider?

Ans : Yes sure it will cater for it, we only say what we will do

Q4 : Unixfi Vaults use AI and BigData.What are the benefits of this automation process? Is there a plan to block and release assets automatically through the AI? If so, what would be the advantage of such plans?

Ans : A way of maximising profits and Yes we have a plan on blocking and releasing assets automatically

Q5 : Is it inflationary or deflationary? How can I participate in Governance? How much UXF do I need to hold to interact with any of the features of UNIXFI Ecosystem?

Ans : It is Inflationary and you need a minimum of 1 token to interact with the UnixFi ecosystem


Q1 : How secured is your projects program so as to avoid been duplicated and used as scam?

Ans : UnixFi is highly secured and we are working to put more levels of security to avoid duplication of data or whatever

Q2 : What are the #UnixFi Finance project plans for the future? can you give me tokenomics and your road map for future plans.

Ans : As all started in our road map UnixFi is on a journey to fulfill everything, just like i said we are here to change the space and make a difference..

Q3 : To participate in your sale, how much is the minimum amount of $UXF tokens that I can buy? What are the incentives to attract investors to obtain your token?

Ans : The minimum is 1.1uxf token and even with this you can interact with all our awesome features and soon we coming with the power where our investors decide what the need and what not needed

Q4 : 500% ROI on $UNIXFI Staking is a really huge deal, what criterias do I need to merit to enjoy such huge Staking benefits ?

How can you assure us this project and their promises ain't scam ?

Ans : We are here to make a big difference, one of the reasons why i said alot has happened in the space, we are going to fulfill all we have promised

Q5 : I am an avid trader of Binance Ex particularly in Futures, how will you invite me to transfer my funds in #UnixFi ? Any benefits you can offer to VIP? Do you also have VIP clubs?

Ans : Yes this can be discussed in our private community, we have lots of benefits


Thanks for your answer Before you to, do you have any Final Words for community, also do good to share every useful links to your project and how we can participate in the Token Sale

UnixFi has alot to offer and i will advice you all to take part as you will not reglet. We are here to fulfill everything we have promised on roadmap. it’s no assumption and we are working on partnership with more greater hands just to make UnixFi standout

📣 Presale Detail :
1️⃣ UnixFi Presale will be launched in 4 stages.
2️⃣ Presale will be launched at
3️⃣ Circulating Supply 30,000 UXF.
4️⃣ Min/Max Contribution : 0.10-10 ETH
5️⃣ Unsold Token From Stage 1-4 will be burnt

📣 Presale Stage 1st Details :
Presale Stage 1st Token Allocation : 7,500 UXF
Rate : 1 ETH = 11 UXF
Min/Max Purchase : 0.10-10 ETH
Time : Duration of 5 Days
Smart Contract :

🔜 Thursday, November 12th 15:00PM (UTC+2)

We are talking to get partnership with hotbit and many more and so far we are getting great response so let’s watch the space

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