Recapitulation of Velorex PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 23rd September, 2021
Time: 18:00 UTC

The Velorex PROJECT team was represented by @JayTexUS, @CryptoMaster_77 and @Todd_Velorex who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Velorex PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on Velorex?

ANS: Mr Todd Taylor - Lead Developer and Smart Contract owner

• Business Management
• Digital Marketing
• E-Commerce

Hi well we are very happy to be a part of this AMA and are very thankful for everyone attending. My name is Jose Reyes and I am a moderator for Vex 🤝

I am Thanos Lampropoulos, Co-Owner of Velorex.
• Bachelor of Business Administration
• HR Consultant & Payroll
• Digital Marketing
• Cryptocurrency trading
• E-Commerce

Our complete team consists of 18 members.

Q2: Can you introduce Velorex, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: The Velorex company will operate with the aim of providing a free and open-source solution that allows anyone to facilitate the exchange of crypto and fiat currency by providing liquidity to their ATM machine and coupling it with our innovative and revolutionary software that can be hosted from a remote server and accessed world-wide that interacts directly with ‘Decentralized Exchanges’ - avoiding the traditional method of having a ‘master wallet’ that is owned by the company and instead opting for a more distributed approach with each ATM owner providing the liquidity and all access controls themselves. This system will be known as the ‘Velorex distributed bank-less ATM network’.

Currently all existing crypto ATMs operate using a centralized master wallet - we are the only project that is offering a decentralized solution.

Here's our promo video - please take the time to watch it

Along with the ATM's & Software comes the Velorex Smart Wallet and the Velorex Debit Cards.

As you many know over 2 billions adults are unbanked in the world so this also provides an option/solution to help provide for those in need of a financial system.

We anticipate the unbanked population using our network as a means to safely store their funds while retaining complete control and custody. This would generate a large amount of daily volume that equates to burned tokens and reflections for holders.

Our system is unstoppable even in times of complete economic / political meltdown.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?


To date our largest milestone by far is the arrival of the ATM hardware and the installation and testing process of the software on the remote server. This has shown our community that we mean business and we're delivering on everything we promised.

Today we are on the front page of CoinMarketCap in the Top Gainers list - we're in a battle for the number one spot which we claimed for a short while earlier today

We are also working on updating everything as time passes by so we can correctly inform the community what our current steps are. We are transparent with our moves in this market.

Thus far it's been almost purely organic marketing with a few banner ads thrown in - the real advertising has not even started and the product is still not yet complete

We are aiming to end the beta testing in the following 1 or 2 weeks max hopefully, then release the software and the ATM's to the people

After that, we will immediately start developping the Velorex Smart Wallet.

Q4: As regards the hardware ATM, where is the first place you intend to install it?😄

ANS: We, as Velorex plan to not own any machines for now. So that's up to the people that will buy it and become the owners of it!

It's more like a safe bet that it will be in Europe though 😎

The software can be used on any existing crypto ATM - the network can spread immediately to anyone that wants to become an operator. We aim to grow our network and have ATM hosts all over the world providing their own liquidity and facilitating the decentralized bankless network

The Velorex Company can register in due course and host it's own ATMs as a source of revenue and to provide the infrastructure to the network

Likewise anyone could form a company, buy a load of ATMs, install our software, and make passive income from being an ATM operator.

Q5: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIPS so far?

ANS: At the current time Velorex does not have any active partnerships - we are a sole entity and have funded our own development. We do have the luxury of offering secondary services such as facilitating the exchange of another token and displaying adverts on the ATMs which could lead us to partnerships in the near future.

We have a passive partnership if i can call it, which will be announced on time due to NDAs and contracts.

It has to do with a very big utility of Velorex.

Q6: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics, and UTILITY of $VEX token?


The main utility of VEX token is to facilitate our De-Fi applications

Q7: Does this indicate 10% tax on every transaction?

ANS: yes

this will move down to 5% in the first place, when atms are officialy launched

3% will be for development wallet, 1% for Deflation and 1% dividents

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Permit me to say this, Velorex is simply the definition of an Amazing project, it's indeed the future of DeFi, your smart wallet application has a nice interface, kudos to the developer(s).
1. I believe your ATM machines will be available on order, since you plan on a global outreach, won't setting up the ATM machines in their respective locations require technical expertise?
2. You also have a VEX Store, are the clothings NFTs? I see HODL on some of the clothes, what does this means?
3. Does Velorex require KYC verification?

ANS: 1. We will provide full support with a dedicated team to assist in the installation - this will be funded from the transactional taxes.
2. The clothing items are not NFTs - you can order them to remind you of all of the good times
3. Velorex will require KYC for some products - we will make this as simple and fluid as possible for the user.

Q2: Permit me to say this, Velorex is simply the definition of an Amazing project, it's indeed the future of DeFi, your smart wallet application has a nice interface, kudos to the developer(s).
1. I believe your ATM machines will be available on order, since you plan on a global outreach, won't setting up the ATM machines in their respective locations require technical expertise?
2. You also have a VEX Store, are the clothings NFTs? I see HODL on some of the clothes, what does this means?
3. Does Velorex require KYC verification?

ANS: 2. Yes we have a VEX store which you can actually you Vex tokens for! They are not NFTs as they are just merchandise for fans/customers. HODL is a common way to say hold in the crypto market.

Q3: Your telegram admin seems not to be active, how often do you use the telegram group? Can we reach you on the group if we have any questions excluding the ones you will be answering from the community? Kindly drop us the day of your presale token?

ANS: Please ensure you're looking at the correct group @Velorex_net
Our group is extremely active and we always have someone online that is able to assist you :)

Q4: In a simple, clear and concise term, can you briefly explain why you said Velorex is better than a BANK?

ANS: Velorex allows you have full control over your money. No one is there to restrict you access from obtaining or using your money. On top of that, interest in banks are always low and take a long time to accumulate, while Velorex reflections are instant and constant.

Q5: It's really frustrating using traditional banks, they charge unnecessary fees and delay in processing customers request/ payments especially if the person is transferring to another country. I'm glad Velorex promised to solve this problem for users, could you tell us how you plan to go about solving this problem, especially that of middlemen? Can everyone regardless of color, age, sex and religion benefit from the solution you will be offering or your services are limited to specific region?

ANS: Everybody can use the Velorex ATM's regardless. The benefit of Velorex is that everyone can also be an ATM owner and make a passive income out of it, the ATM's will not be controlled by one entity profiting out of everyone. The ATM's will be everywhere in the world, with a very favourable Tax (Max 8% if not less, its in our plans) instead of the traditional Crypto ATM's existing that tax starts from 10% up to 20%.

Q6: How did you manage to recover from Bot Attacks that compromised and ruined your initial token launch. This is a huge setback that most platforms don't recover from. What steps did you take after the attack ? How did you manage to restore the TRUST of the Community to your project ?

Seeing that Velorex is doing the Lord's work, can I enroll to be an Ambassador of your project in my local community in Nigeria ? Can we have a local member purchase your ATM for use our country ?We have one of the highest rate of cryto Adoption in the world so it would really be a great marketing strategy to come into this part of the world ?
Do you have after sales services to help with facilitating the use in this part of the world ?

ANS: The initial contract had issues due to the poor due diligence of the previous owner - this is the time I stepped in to help revive the project and we added transactional taxes and other mechanisms to avoid scalping from bots on each trade.

It was a long and laborious process to regain the trust that had previously been broken - but through our sheer determination to stand out from the crowd and our refusal to give up we made it our highest priority to return the value to the token and proceed with the development of our flagship product

Please speak to our moderators regarding becoming a community ambassador
Yes - anyone is free to operate our network.
We will have a complete after sales and technical support team.

I would love to see our ATMs all over Africa. Our first personal machine will probably be in the UK with all things considered.

We will only begin development towards our own blockchain if the Binance Smart Chain isn't deemed secure enough for our system.

We will be revisiting listings shortly after the launch of the product.

Q7: I really love all the designs available on Velorex e-shop, how can I start shopping for my clothings on it? Asides Velorex, which other tokens do you accept as a means of payment? Can I shop with fiats?lastly, will there be discount for people that pay with your native token or how do you intend to encourage people to use Velorex to shop on the e-shop?

ANS: We have a website and a linktree that I can link at the end of this AMA. From our main website you can click the top right amd access our shop from there using your fiat currency. We have not established any discounts for using VEX in the shop but that is a very interesting idea that will be brought up 👍

Q8: The field of cryptocurrencies is evolving rapidly. Many financial services have in the last 2 years, competition is a good thing, it already provides additional opportunity for the industry to grow. In Velorex, what difference does it have from other projects, which offer similar characteristics to your project? What are the advantages of choosing Velorex?

ANS: The main difference is that we are decentralized, and we will also be trading more than 15 tokens on the Velorex ATM's which is a huge advantage over the other ATM's trading up to 8 tokens. Also, the taxation will be very favorable instead of the existing old fashioned BTC ATM's tax which is very big. About the Velorex token, we have developed a unique software that all Velorex Holders will be gaining insane amounts of reflections. Let's say that we have installed 1000, or 5000 ATM's worldwide. You will be gaining reflections out of all these transactions happening, no matter if someone buys BTC on the ATM or if he sells ETH. All transactions will be going through the Velorex Tokenomics, and you will keep earning a very big passive income.

Q9: Will Velorex offer users live support, in case someone needs help, guidance and so on, would this apply to which countries / areas? Why is it that we will be able to experience 0% fees when entering and exiting our smart wallet, and moving the funds at no cost?

ANS: Yes we will offer a full technical and after sales support team for assistance with setting up and hosting the ATMs
We aim to develop a payment flow that will allow us to exclude our own Velorex wallet addresses from the tax.

Q10: Hack is a big security threat to many defi projects. Have you done an audit on your wallet? If you have, What's the audit result ? Is your wallet certified safe for users according to the audit report ?

ANS: Velorex will employ a very big cyber security firm in order to ensure hacking cannot happen. We care for our investor's hard earned money as we have shown multiple times in the past. About audit, our previous contract which is exactly same like the one we have now, was audited by techrate and passed with flying colors. We will be having a Certik Audit, skipping the Techrate and other firms this time.

Q11: You described the Velorex smart wallet as "Better than a bank". You said Remove the middleman and start managing your funds the modern, decentralized way ? Can you tell us why the Velorex wallet is better than a bank ?

ANS: It is better than a bank, because you fully control your own assets, without anyone interfering. Lets say that you have capital controls in your country for some reason, or the government decides to take some money out of all people's bank accounts to increase it's liquidity or to pay debts as we have seen in the past. That doesnt't apply to the Velorex Smart Wallet or on the ATM'S!

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