Recapitulation of VERSOVIEW PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Friday, 26th February, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The VERSOVIEW PROJECT team was represented by @TommoNL and @Moody_alex who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about VERSOVIEW PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on the VERSOVIEW project?

ANS: Thank you for hosting us today, my name is Alex Moody, Director of Operations at VersoView.

I come to VersoView as a successful entrepreneur in several previous businesses in a variety of industries. I manage the day to day operations of VersoView and help align the diverse strategies and skill sets of our full team.

With me today is Tommo Coumans our Community Manager. Tommo is a blockchain veteran with significant experience building communities and connecting the right people.

We also have (but not with us); Julian Jordan (CEO), Steve Peaple (CSO), Col Werner (CFO), Rohit Silva (CTO), Robbert (digital marketing advisor) and Felix (patent strategy advisor).

Between Julian and Steve there’s 50 years of experience in publishing via their main company, which has 8 offices globally.

Q2: Can you introduce the versoview project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitve advantage?

ANS: VersoView is an engagement and rewards platform hosting branded DeFi ecosystems.

Brands, businesses, educational partners and publishers can host and engage their communities around their content and reward them with branded social tokens within the VersoView ecosystem.

This is publishing 3.0 and reader engagement and the methods of rewarding that engagement is what VersoView is designed to disrupt.

The ecosystem contains two primary products at this point, with room for expansion.

First, VersoView is a patent-pending AI tool that digitalizes publications seamlessly. There is nothing else on the market that can do what we do, how we do it.

It is easy to use and converts a publication into a properly formatted digital version in one click.

Second, The social media platform that revolves around social tokens and engagement turns the VersoView tool into a decentralized ecosystem for companies, writers and readers to get rewarded for their contributions.

VersoView is a streamlined version of the best of SaaS and the best tech solutions on the market such as Medium, Wix, Google, Patreon etc all in one place.

Even though we share similarities in certain features no one is doing what we do. The competition is low quality flip book style publications or "pinch and zoom" pdf style delivery, or its an expensive process to properly format.

VersoView fixes this...

Q3: Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Sure, I'll take that one!

For our roadmap, you can find it in a litepaper (I'll also link a picture here though)

For milestones we’re actually getting adoption faster than was originally anticipated, including more high-level hires. We've also announced a partnership with Ferrum, UREEQA and MRPH (Morpheus Network) and that's just the beginning. We're looking for synergies with meaningful companies that can add to our ecosystem, and in return we can give things back too (more on that later!)

There’s a distinct possibility some roadmap items will be pushed forward substantially ;) - maybe even a quarter earlier.

Keep your eyes on our announcement channel next week and the week after and you wont be disappointed 😉

Q4: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, Release Schedule, UTILITY and explain more about your 200k mcap Listing Early December?

ANS: We’ve listed our token (ERC20) on Uniswap early December 2020 after deciding we did not want a capital raise that included big venture capitalists (as we originally expected to do).

We have self funded the project for the past 2 years (and can continue to do so up to the Alpha release, after which revenue should be in) and don’t want major unlocks happening that can cause big sell-offs in the market. Investor confidence is important to our team.

We raised some funds from a friend & family sale to get everything in order (locked liquidity for a year via unicrypt, erc20 minting and auditing, all the legals and launched right after. We listed at a price of $0,005 and are currently hovering around $0,083.

There’s been some concerns regarding our total supply vs circulating supply; and understandably so. Our current circulating supply is 40m (16,5m is locked through community staking pools) which puts us at a market cap of $3m. Our total supply is 2 billion tokens and I’m glad we can talk about that here - since it gets asked a lot.

$VVT is the ‘fuel’ for the ecosystem. It’s used for payments and acts as a staking mechanism for branded social tokens and rewards. We use deflationary mechanisms that are tied directly to revenue, to offset token emissions generated by the VersoRewards staking program - usage will release tokens but won’t enter circulation; it’s an effective lock that goes to an 0x000 address.

Our tokenomics are being finalised so should be out in Q1, along with a few other new pieces of information! We all know how it feels to be investors, as most of us, besides having businesses, have been in the crypto space for a long time, so we're going to keep it as healthy as we can for everyone.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: VersoView announced a partnership with Ferrum Network, what will both parties be working together on and what can we expect this partnership?

ANS: Ferrum partnership began with us as a client if their for their Staking tech but after the teams got to know each other its become quite a bit more.

We offer Ferrum a path to traditional enterprise via the platform and our advertising scope (you will see this in action very soon) and ferrum offers us a lot of excellent DeFi tech integrations for our platform.

Q2: You have expanded your team with two more people a few weeks ago. Why the additional team members? How will their knowledge and potential impact $VVT, and what values will they bring?

ANS: Rohit (CTO) was a huge win for us to hire with his background and he will lead the tech team from MVP/ Alpha, where we are now to live retail release and beyond. He has already hired additional team on the tech side since joining as he builds out his project management structure.

Felix was hired to advise on our patent strategy which is a core focus for this year and next.

Q3: What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

ANS: Onboarding as many companies as we possibly can. This is in the process of happening. One of the perks of having 50 years of experience and massive connections in the publishing world is that it’s easy to open doors for our company.

Publishing is a sluggish sector while they're forced to digitise more and more. Publications are often digitised (think different formats; android, apple, tablets, pc's) by a team, which can take a week's work and thus also dollars. Our patent pending tool eliminates that and does it in minutes; thus it's a big cost saver. This alone is getting a ton of traction in the publishing world, as soon as we can (NDA) we'll share more big names joining up.

- Work on the platform, in which creators and readers get rewarded and companies can mint their own social token (for example $LEGO) where you get tokens you can use for products.

- Marketing! Marketing is so important in this scene and often overlooked. We aren't overlooking it. Publishing is marketing and crypto benefits from marketing. Awareness, exposure, influencers. We're happy enough people are taking a risk to invest, and we want to return the favor by making sure the ecosystem that is our community is healthy too. If marketing is good from both sides (blockchain + our product) then it should be a great year!

Q4: Can you tell us what @VersoView stands to gain from partnership with Morpheus Network? How excited could investors be over this partnership?

ANS: Morpheus has best in class supply chain management solutions, and a tremendous client list who can benefit from the VersoView platform. Additionally MRPH values our ability to access traditional markets via advertising.

We have long term relationships with our enterprise clients and as we onboard them and teach them about blockchain adoption, many will need blockchain services beyond what we deliver.

Q5: VersoView will have three subscription packages for its app (Free, Starter and Pro). What is the monthly fees attached to each of the packages? And what other revenue stream does VersoView have apart from the App subscription fees?

ANS: The cost structures for the retail app have not been released. We derive a lot of our revenue from this as well as advertising being a core revenue driver. There are additional niche streams you will see later on, but this is the core.

Q6: Who will your competitors be up to now? Do you think that the technology solutions of the competitors in the same industry have been less effective compared to what is coming from versoview. What is the main difference between Versoview and other competitors?

ANS: Right now there aren't any clear cut competitors. There are flip-overs on the market that sort of do what we do, but none use algorithms to improve advertisement AND the reader experience. When I joined, I thought about publishing by just being 'magazines', but it's way more. Every bit you publish is in essence a publication. From short stories to novellas to magazines, but also a newsletter for your company, or a monthly report from your local football club.

We can avoid censorship and plagiarism while rewarding real creators and readers. Publication A to Z we can handle it all.

Q7: I Love STAKING & will always be interested in the Staking where investors get passive income from Staking, so what are the Staking Pool pairs at Versoview? What makes the Staking Versoview ecosystem more attractive to investors & connoisseurs of the Staking ecosystem like me?

ANS: VersoRewards Staking is core to the platform. Rewarding engagement is what VersoView is all about.

Currently nearly 17,000,000 VVT of the 40,000,000 circulating supply is locked into pools. All pools are full and closed currently but keep an eye in Telegram and Twitter for the next pool details!

Q8: Can you tell me will this token be listed in any CEX soon? Eth higher gas fee is a big issue for what people would not bye this token?

ANS: We are exploring other chains/layers to trade at, since ETH fees on Uniswap are getting a bit out of hand. Besides that, we are also talking to other CEX-es (which is the first mention of it I reckon). We haven't before since we're only '9' weeks old. Well the token is, the company is 2-2,5 years old.

And last but not least, which isn't tied to VVT but to Uniswap in particular, is that there's been teasing of a layer 2 on Uni to reduce fees; that should be good for everyone.


Thank you so much for the opportunity. Feel free to PM any one of us if you have any questions and we wish you all the best!

Have a great day and if you have any additional questions for us come find us in Telegram!

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