Recapitulation of AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Wednesday, 13th January, 2021
Time: 16:00 UTC

The team was represented by @HenrySugarMe. He judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the project

Ans : My name is Henry Sugar,I am a human, and the founder of

I was involved with 2 crypto projects before:

$RUG -
the game where we pulled the rug when the community voted to, and then we distributed the rug of about 200 ETH to the community.

And also...

$Y - this was a project of memes, farming, and NFTs. We airdropped $700 of Y tokens to all our community

Now, about the team...

We also have my alien enemy, mmmorty as the alien group moderator.

And a team of 3 devs who we have worked with before. They are a highly intelligent alien species from the Andromeda galaxy.

Excellent alien devs!

Q2 : What critical problems does solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitve advantage

Ans : On the surface, WAR is a fun rebase game where HUMAN competes with ALIEN team.

This keeps it fun 👽👽👽

But underneath the surface, this is new alien technology—we call it Reciprocal Rebasing!


The token with the higher price rebases up, and the token with the lower price rebases down.
You can ride the rebase rollercoaster to increase your supply, take profit, and win more ETH.

Q3 : Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines

Ans : The major milestones for us wer:

first, to complete simulations of the economic model.

Secondly, we made a live test of the technology with success.

After launch this week, WAR will be in the wild for the Rebase battle to go ahead.

* When the time is right, we will introduce Space Farms. **

These allow you to stake HUMAN or ALIEN tokens for yield farming.

Finally, the alien developers have hinted that they have another piece of out-of-this-world technology to introduce on

2nd Segment: TWITTER Questions

Q1 : Did create a unique blockchain for its services or does it operate within an existing blockchain?

Ans : ethereum blockchain. best place to be

Q2 : What is your main objective in developing two types of tokens? And for investors, which of the two would be the best option, to invest?

Ans : the 2 tokens battle against each other

Q3 : There isn’t much information on your website about the project and barely 180+ members in your telegram group, now that the project is borning what will be your marketing strategies to get to everyone in DeFi?

Ans : when price is mooning, more will come.

we are small community now, but the tokens are not trading.
I cannot tell you everything (secrets) but the tokens will list this week...

Q4 : Could you give information about the income sources of your project? Are your financial resources sufficient for your project to progress, do you need more resources?

Ans : we have pravte investment: some from humans, ut most from alien investors

Q5 : How long does it take for a new Battle to be fought on WAR Finance and what factor determines which of the price of the two tokens go up?


Each battle lasts 24. hours.
Then the 2 tokens rebase to each other.

the one with higher price increases in supply, so the rich get richer

the one with lower price, decreases, so the poor get poorer

to win war, just buy the token with higher price and you will get richer!


you also asked what factor determines the price of the tokens

I will tell you the answer to this--it is the same answer for ALL cryptocurrencies (and all investments)

when people buy, the price goes up
when people sell, the price goes down

it is so simple, but many people are confused and think many compllicated things

this is why you can win @warfinance and make money

you buy the token with the higher price, and it will rebase so you have even more tokens

then more people (or aliens) buy it and price goes up again


Q6 : When is swapbot getting listed on CEX ?

Ans : we will list on uniswap. we like DEX 🙂


Can you please tell me all link Token Presale and social Media?

Ans : Sure, the website is

but the best community place is

can i tell you 1 secret?

launch will be in less than 48 hours. sssshhhhhhh

the token supplies of HUMAN and ALIEN go up and down. but the
total supply of HUMAN + ALIEN is always 1998 tokens

starting supply:



our investors have provided LOTS of ETH for liquidity on uniswap

they have fueled up the spaceships!

thank you all 🙂

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