Recapitulation of WASDER PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 29th April, 2021
Time: 20:00 UTC

The WASDER PROJECT team was represented by @sam6ft9 and @ThomasWasder who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about WASDER PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on WASDER?

ANS: Sure, my name is Sam, I’ve been working with both Fortune 500 companies and startups for many years. I’ve been in crypto since I bought ETH at $1.50

So I am Thomas, the founder & CEO of Wasder. I've been in the gaming industry for almost 15 years now, and as a gamer for well, 28 years almost. ( I know,I'm old).
I've worked as the community Liaison for more then a million players in Age of Conan, and then after that I've been with EA. And since then I've been in sales and corporate matters for a long time.

I'm also fortunate enough to have a very very competent team around me, with a VP of Product who came from King, where she was the Lead Producer for Candy Crush. We have the previous CTO of LeoVegas, one of the managers from Reebok who worked on the Crossfit deal, and then the UFC deal.
We also have a very experienced chairman of the board, and a huge talented team consisting of developers, designers, community managers, award winning brand guys ++

I was introduced to Thomas and Wasder through a mutual connection, and our 10 minute conversation turned into 3 hours.

It ended up with be personally investing in the company, and joining the board. Later, I was asked to come onboard as a CMO, and here we are!

We also have great globally appreciated investors behind us - with previous apple execs, billionaires, family offices and very good advisors :)

Q2: Can you introduce WASDER,what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: For sure. I’d say Wasder solves several challenges that the gaming community has:

Match making - find good players to team up with, no more trolls and ragequitters wasting your time

Community spaces - host your own community on the platform with feeds, chats etc.

ONE spot to actually only talk about gaming. Don’t have to search for gaming hashtags on social media networks. Everyone is a gamer here.

So Wasder is a social gaming ecosystem - think Facebook, but modernized for gamers with gaming behavior, and no "noise".
BUT, we also built in actual usable functionalities that make it simpler to achieve the base needs that gamers are after.

So functions like Party Play - which is a matchmaking service that helps you find the perfect people to play with.
Game spaces - where you can find all kinds of content and functions around a specific game, which is perfect for both publishers and the gamers!
Communities as Sami just mentioned

So for communities - think about player created communities like guilds, teams, squads. But with the functions they actually need.
Member management, promotion mechanics, leaderboards, event calendars, etc

Let me put it simply, imagine if I told you that you can only have ONE app pr smartphone you have?
Thats the gaming space today

We are making it so that you can have ALL your favorite functions on ONE platform. So all your apps, on one phone basicly.

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Sure, so we opened for early beta last year for a 6 week period. And ended up getting 85 000 users immediately!
Since then, we've rebuilt and polished almost everything based on their feedback, and reopened just before christmas.
Since then, we are now past 100 000 users without doing any marketing. We are seeing more then 50% retention on the new users coming in, and we have tons of stuff coming

We released a twitch extension with Razer last year that got covered by business insider, Yahoo Marketwatch, TheGamer.
We've had partnerships with folding@home that got covered by Fox, ABCnews and more.

And more recently, we partnered with Gala Games to add even more value to gamers.

Q4: Can you give brief description of your partnerships thus far?

ANS: Sure, so as I mentioned, we partnered with Razer about a twitch extension.
Back then, streamers didnt have schedules on twitch (they do now).
So we made a stream schedule that also worked with Razer Chroma (RGB lightshows) and allowed streamers to trigger lightshows on their audiences keyboards that was branded in the streamers colours and effects

With Gala Games - we've partnered around our game spaces in our platform, which gives them a dedicated space for each of their games inside our ecosystem.

Which means that the players can easily find everything connected to for example Town Star - and easily communicate with eachother AND gala.
Basicly all the functionality I wanted when I worked with publishers.
And all I've EVER wanted as a gamer.

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the WASDER?

ANS: Yes! So every game has always had some sort of digital currency. But usually, it doesnt add any REAL value.
At best, you get something thats still technically owned by the game, but you get to "have access" to it

We wanted to create something that was truly valuable for all of our users, either through ownership of something like NFT avatars, special avatar frames, or "design" upgrades

OR, through creating REAL unforgettable experiences - like playing with your favorite streamers, your favorite influencer or celebrity, or challenging other gaming communities to a matchup , and staking your tokens for a winner takes it all

So I am actually going to copy the way that our Vice President of Product writes it in our deck

The Wasder token ecosystem was created to incentivize you - the user - to continue using existing, and testing new functionality. Think of if as a circular economy, with a whole bunch of exciting ways to both earn and spend tokens.

For the content creators, we are currently exploring ways to get rewarded from fans for all your hard work. In the true spirit of Wasder, this also means there will be ways to give back to the fans and the community to make it truly circular.

Here are some of the plans we are working on (subject to change):

Spending $WAS:
Participate in VIP events (Influencers, e-sport teams, streamers) - Think NFT tickets
Cosmetic upgrades in the platform (avatars, frames, badges) - NFTs and personalized looks
Tip/pay your favorite content creators on the platform - inspire them to create more
Battles - challenge other gamers to in game battles

Earning $WAS:
Perform various actions in the platform - more details to come
Hosting tournaments/events - bring all your friends (and enemies)
Be a content creator and get rewarded for great content
Rank high on community leaderboards and earn rewards
Defeat communities/guilds in battles and tournaments.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: It's very convincing to see celebrities like Logan Paul tweeting about Wasder on his Twitter page. You already have my support but how do you intend to earn trust and support of other people who are not yet convinced that you will actually be rewriting the story of gaming with your novel solutions?

ANS: I think that just inviting users in if they are curious will keep them on the platform. Our whole concept is to have a non-toxic, inclusive platform, and that’s the big differentiator.

Q2: What importance or benefits does your partnership with Gala Games will bring to your users and the crypto world?

ANS: It benefits us in the way that we have to show the world that blockchain companies work together - and with NFTs, properties can be moved between platforms seamlessly.

So; The party play mechanic that we've released is only the first slice. Right now, we match people based on a few criterias that the player can choose: Game (of course) region, platform, voice or no voice, rank or no rank, and if so, which rank.

Then there's a hidden criteria that is designed to protect children, which are certain age brackets.

Long term, our party play will also delve deeper into each game with integrations, so that we can also use statistical parameters in the matching.

Q3: While researching abou WASDER i found your mission is to make gaming personal - by giving people the opportunity to engage in their passion. That's a great vision but my question is how i can find my passion by WASDER? How can WASDER help me to find my passion?

ANS: I’m not sure we can help you FIND your passion - but if your passion is gaming, we can help you make it better! Connect with likeminded people, play games with them and share interests.

So for us -- making it personal means that we customise what we show you based on your game interest, your friends and their activities, your gaming "persona". This includes which content, which features, which people and streamers, and which communities!
So that every gamer will have a different - personal experience.
This is of course a long term project that takes time and massive resources to make. But we are getting there step by step.

Q4: I downloaded the Wasder App not long ago and signed up with a nickname. But I noticed I couldn't do anything more. Is it necessary I have the $WAS token to be eligible to play games with friends? And why are there no free games on the app? Any guidelines as to exploring the app?

ANS: The Wasder token is not released yet, and Wasder is a community platform. There are no games ON the platform, you will have to play them outside of it with the friends you make on the platform.

Q5: you said your plan is to onboard game studios, publishers and even e-sports teams, so that they can have their own spaces, their own “world” or “ecosystem” on your platform.
When is your planing actualization?

ANS: We are onboarding some as we speak. We just released our verified badges as well to help people identify official pages.

This will be announced at a later date.

Kindly notify me once you are done answering the final question

The problems we’ve all faced as gamers - wasting time with trolls and ragequitters, not having a space to only talk gaming and host communities etc.

Its a huge project - and very broad in offering. This means that our obstacle is resources and ingenuitety. How do you create something thats very complex and broad in nature, and still make it feel simple and easy and intuitive for the user? We've brought in some of the best in the industry, and its still a daily challenge to get this right. Community feedback is essential for it

And yes, the motivation was what Sami just wrote.

Q6: For Project like Wasder, the number of qualified users is important. Do you have statistical or numerical data about your user numbers and the progress of your application? Have you set a goal for 2021 in terms of the number of users?

ANS: Absolutely, we keep a very close eye on the data. We have over 100k registered users now and a pretty good retention rate on new users, and our goal is to be over 1M users by the end of the year.

Absolutely, we dont go to deep in statistics for the public, like most social platforms. But we have 100 000+ users without doing any real marketing. We have done some tests, and can say that we are confident of passing a million in 2021. Right now, we are seeing retention rates that are absolutely fantastic. But we have a goal of being the best in the industry by far on it.

Q7: How about the experience and background of the @WasderGG team, has it been effective in the success of your project so far?
and what are your goals to revolutionize the blockchain and NFT fields?

ANS: oh, 100%. This team comes from executive roles at EA Games, Candy Crush, LeoVegas, Reebok, and many other fantastic companies. It’s essential to have an amazing team to have any kind of success.

When it comes to staking and liquidity mining, we will have more info on that soon.

Q8: What kind of gaming community that you are building? Where gamers will play game? Is the game will be played by solo or multiple system?
How many game is available for playing? I like to play games too. Can you tell which game is most famous in your platform?

ANS: So our platform is game agnostic,that means that we support content and communities and functions for tons of different games. The gamers and their communities drive which games we focus on, and which games becomes most apparent on the platform. Right now, Outriders, Minecraft, Apex Legends, and Rocket league all have big active communities on the platform

Q9: Q 1...When I will download games from the Play Store, do i have to pay???Can I play this game with a lot of people???

Q 2....There are two communities in $WAS
1.super communitues
2.sub communities
What is the work of these two communities inside the game ????

ANS: Super communities - is basicly everything relating to ONE specific game.
Sub communities are player created.

Both are vital to gamers :)

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