Recapitulation of WINk AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Friday, 13th November, 2020
Time: 05:00 UTC

The WINk team was represented by @LuciaWongWINk, @Karth1706, and @DV0707. They judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Some users may not be familiar with WINk, can you give them a brief introduction first?

Ans : I’m very excited to meet you here and share with you more information about WINk.

I will explain exactly how WINk works and what you can do on our platform firstly.

WINk, the King of Staking, aims to build on its market position as the leading blockchain gaming platform through the consistent introduction of high-quality decentralized applications (DApps). The Player always WINs at WINk.

WINk has revolutionized the relationship with its customers and through its revenue-sharing model has turned players from cash cows into cash partners. By participating on the platform, players earn a stake in the casino and receive daily drops in multiple currencies. The ultimate WIN-WIN business model and its taking the world by storm. By playing on WINk, you will become one of the "shareholders" in this World Leading blockchain gaming platform.

Q2 : Could you share with us your profit-sharing business model?

Ans : OK. For those new to blockchain, the decentralized revenue sharing model can appear confusing but it has the potential to transform not only online gambling but potentially all industries.

The easiest way to explain it is to consider a traditional site such as Betfair which has separate loyalty schemes for each of its platforms. You earn points based on how much you spend which either earns you discounts on commission or cashback.

Where WINk differs is that playing on each section of the site earns you tokens which in turn earn you a daily share of the platform’s future revenue. Every day, without fail, forever.

The more you play the more tokens you earn. Even a losing session on WINk results in the player walking away owning a small part of the platform. Nobody likes losing at a Casino but with this model, even after a loss, there’s the comfort that you’ll start to earn this back the very next day. WINk shares a whopping 65% of its daily revenue with its token holders. This is a phenomenal percentage compared to the negligible amount that most online casinos spend on bonuses and cashback with the ultimate aim of taking it back again from the player.

Every day at the same time the daily profits are shared with the token holders and arrive in their wallet. Players receive daily dividends in three separate currencies; TRX, BTT and, USDT and can then choose to spend, invest or gamble their daily earnings however they see fit. For many WINk players and token holders the first thing they’ll do after waking up is to check their daily dividend. Players effectively become the house owning their own slice of an online casino.

Until recently this wouldn’t have even been possible. The costs of managing such a scheme would have been so prohibitive both cost wise and from an administrative point of view that it would have been impossible to implement. Through the invention of the blockchain and smart contracts, this can now happen automatically at negligible cost.

Q3 : Can you tell us more about the drops and earnings?

Ans : WINk has four tokens. WIN the main flagship token and the three sub tokens; DIce, Live, and Rake.

WINk is made up of three separate DApps. Dice, consisting of onchain games of chance. Permissionless and provably fair that anyone with a Tron wallet can play. Live, the casino section with slots, table games and sports betting that requires some registration to play, and Rake the online poker platform.

Each section has its own token which you mine through play and each section has its own drop pool so you can see in full transparency how much the DApp has made so far that day. At a set time every day, the pool pays out to token holders with the lion’s share going to the sub token holders and a percentage feeding into the overall WIN Pool.

WINk’s flagship token WIN cannot be mined, it can only be purchased on exchanges. It was the first gaming IEO to launch on the notoriously selective Binance Launchpad.

From July of 2019 to now, WINk distributed about 3.78 billion TRX in drops to the WIN/DICE/LIVE/RAKE holders in total, here is the specific data:

Total Drops $TRX

At a mining cost of 3 TRX per DICE, the APR based on the 4 worst performing months for Dicedrops is 49% in the last 12 months. The APR is 24% for Livedrops in the last 15 months based on the 4 worst performing months at a mining cost of 3 TRX per Live.

The Dice token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 and it’s current circulating supply is 395 million. The total supply will never be increased and supply is only released into circulation through wagering. DICE holders share 51% of the Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) of all games under the Dice section.

The maximum supply of the LIVE Token is capped at 999,999,999. The current circulating supply of LIVE is 334 million. LIVE holders share 49.47% of the GGR of all games under the Live section.

The DICE token is listed on the Polonidex exchange already, with a price between 1.5-2.3 TRX. The LIVE token has been listed on exchanges too. With the Poloniex wallet integrated on WINk, more cryptocurrencies will be used for wagering and we expect this to attract more players to the platform. We can, therefore, expect a greater ROI for WIN, DICE, and LIVE tokens.

There are also tools available to track drops such as and

Q4 : Can you share more details about the variety of games on the Wink platform?

Ans : Yes, WINk plans to be uniquely positioned in the online gambling industry. Sports betting, casinos, and poker account for over 80% of the market share of online gambling. WINk is developing products in all these markets and more.

WINk’s sports betting platform is under the live section. Users can bet on over 37 different sporting disciplines, including virtual sports. We offer competitive odds and players can watch live streaming of many sporting activities.

WINk has a decentralized poker platform. Whenever you exit the poker tables your TRX balance is returned to your wallet. You only require your TRX wallet to play. It’s fun trying your poker skills against other players on WINk poker.

Live Casino
Players can enjoy live casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Sic-Bo, and many more. There are also a variety of innovative games on offer from Evolution Gaming such as Monopoly Live, Crazy Times, Deal or No Deal, and a host of other exciting game shows.

Slots & Table Games
Under the Live section, players can choose from a wide selection of slot games from over 10 providers including Netent, Microgaming, Kalamba, and Platipus. Other table games available include Poker, Andar Bahar, and Sic-Bo.

E-gaming Section
This is the fully decentralized section of WINk games. Players can choose between Dice, Moon, Ring, and Mine games. Being fully decentralized means users have custody of their tokens and winnings are paid into their wallets instantaneously. WINk pays the energy fees for players since all gameplay uses smart contract transactions.

Q5 : Could you introduce WINK’s Social System for games and the VIP service?

Ans : We understand the importance of social components in gaming, we have an account creation system, onsite player chat function, player rankings, incentivized leaderboards, and more. Our goal is to foster a sense of community where users can come together to share ideas about gaming, crypto, or whatever else they wish to discuss. We will begin introducing further upgrades to develop platform growth, such as exclusive privileges based on player levels — including but not limited to, a point system in which points can be exchanged for various prizes such as increased mining bonuses and free bets.

We also have a VIP chat room based on the player rankings and the token amount held.

We have dedicated support in the group to channel their feedback, suggestions, and address problems. We will discuss with the VIP users on project decisions and inform them of key information ahead of time. They will also be invited to test new games early.

Q6 : Can you explain the advantages of the WINk platform?

Ans : OK, in contrast with more centralized gaming platforms, the TRON-based platform WINk ​provides a unique and compelling user experience​:

(1) Auditable smart contracts: as the back-end of the games are deployed in a publicly viewable smart contract, ​smart contracts can be audited​. This provides much greater transparency than traditional online casinos.

(2) Self-custody:​ most games allow users to maintain complete custody of their funds.

(3) Token rewards:​ users will receive cryptographic tokens and other rewards for playing.

The “mine” model on WINk will also allow more users to participate in the WINK project, purely by choosing WINk for their gameplay. Due to this model, the benefits of the WINK platform are shared with everyone. Whether your tokens are WIN tokens that are purchased on an exchange or DICE LIVE and RAKE tokens obtained by playing.

Q7 : What benefits will this partnership bring to WINk and Amaloverclub?

Ans :The partnership with Amaloverclub is an exciting move for WINk to expand its strategic landscape. Amaloverclub can help increase the popularity of WINk. Amaloverclub users will be able to enjoy the blockchain-based entertainment provided by WINk.

Q8 : Can you introduce WINk’s next strategic plan?

Ans : WINk will open its doors as a DApp ecosystem store in Q4 of 2020, allowing specially selected DApps to bring high-quality gaming additions to WINk. The aim of this of course is to bring in more players from different types of DApps and not just limit ourselves to the gambling sector.

WINk will be cooperating with first-tier digital asset exchanges, to introduce WIN staking to their platforms as well.

The WINk platform will begin introducing further upgrades to develop the platform’s growth, such as exclusive privileges based on player levels - including but not limited to, a point system in which points can be exchanged for various prizes such as increased mining bonuses and free bets. We know loyalty is important and we are aware that WINk needs to be more in line with the industry by giving more incentives to the players and that is what we intend to do.

Please visit our website to experience the best games. While playing the games with TRX, you may win a big bonus. Whether you win or lose, you will get DICE/LIVE/RAKE sub-tokens. While freezing the sub-tokens, you can get daily passive drops based on the revenue of the WINk platform. Furthermore, you can also sell sub-tokens too. The Dice token and Live token have been listed and we will cooperate with more exchanges.We welcome you to experience the great games on!



Q1 : Lv. 99 is the current achievable level on WINK’S gaming platform, what happens when a user reaches the peak of this Lv. 99 ? Will develop higher levels soon ?

Ans : The maximum level achievable is currently set at Lv. 99. This may be adjusted in the future, with new level specific features to be added. Experience points are tied to a 1:1 TRX ratio depending on how much you play. You can go to the profile page to find out what level you are. The current level features include the following:

Lv. 3: Chat function unlocked
Lv.15: Daily Tasks unlocked
Lv.25: Screen name turns green, and a new avatar can be selected
Lv.50: Screen name turns blue, and a new avatar can be selected
Lv.75: Screen name turns purple, and a new avatar can be selected
Lv.99: Screen name turns gold and the WINk team designs a custom avatar for you.

Yes, a new user growth system is being designed and will be updated to WINK in the near future. We will add some optional privileges for level 100+ users, like avatar boxes, fonts, stuff like that, stay tuned.

Q2 : Monopoly Live seems to be the simplest and most played game on WINK, can you recommend more complex games that are available on WINK ?

Ans : More complex games:

* Texas poker i like to play
* Craps
* Deal or No Deal
* Blackjack
* Lightening dice, baccarat and roulette

Q3 : How can we participate in windrops? Do we have to freeze both trx and win to participate and what is the minimum amount we need to participate?

Ans : Let me share with you one video created by our community member on how to stake WIN tokens.

This video also explains about how WIN frozen on can be unfrozen. Unfreezing WIN will always require 48 hours unfreeze time. Minimum 100 WIN is required to freeze or unfreeze.


Q1 : The maximum attainable level is currently set at Lv. 99. Will in the future the maximum level will exceed Lv. 99?

Ans : Yes, a new user growth system is being designed and will be updated to WINK in the near future. We will add some optional privileges for level 100+ users, like avatar boxes, fonts, stuff like that.Stay tuned.

Q2 : What is your business model? Who are your potential customers? and which markets are you targeting on?

Ans : The easiest way to explain it is to consider a traditional site such as Betfair which has separate loyalty schemes for each of its platforms. You earn points based on how much you spend which either earns you discounts on commission or cashback. Where WINk differs is that playing on each section of the site earns you tokens which in turn earn you a daily share of the platform’s future revenue. Every day, without fail, forever.

WINk has a community which currently has over 100,000 engaged players. Our user base is made up of two main components.

The 1st is DApp players

The community of DApp players will benefit as a whole as they join the platform on its odyssey towards becoming the world’s leading blockchain gaming platform. The more a user plays on WINk, the more incentives they receive to come back and play again, this is achieved by the earning of secondary tokens onsite, which are used to stake within the section they are earned from. By adding more DApps to WINk, Users will be able to show their loyalty to specific DApps on the platform and mine tokens bound to those individual DApps.

The 2nd is Win Holdlers

WIN token holders are the core of the WINk gaming platform. Every DApp hosted on the gaming platform will share a portion of their profits with WIN token holders using our innovative “WinDrop.” The WinDrop takes place once every 24 hours and incentivizes ecosystem participants with TRX, BTT and USDT. The amount of these currencies that are distributed to each user will be proportional to the amount of WIN amount they have and the amount of profits that have been accumulated during the previous 24 hours period to the ‘drop’.

WINk simply Put A Blockchain Gaming Platform where you can Play, Socialize And Earn, you get the opportunity to earn with WINk by staking WIN tokens on the website. You can also earn with staking by playing games on the platform, where you will be rewarded with our sub tokens that you can then stake once earned.

Our market is for the global users.

Q3 : The game I like the most is poker. Does the WINk Platform have any events in the near future for poker games?

Ans : Yes, we will. We are preparing for the poker games. Stay tuned.

There is a wealth of information to learn when it comes to as a platform and just as much to learn about the opportunities that can be provided from the WIN token and our sub tokens. I really do want to Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity that I have had today, to share all of this information with you. I hope you have enjoyed learning about WINk and I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us both on our social platforms and itself, I hope you find it as fascinating and opportunistic as I have myself and we look forward to welcoming you to our community!


Please before Going, do you have any Final Words for community

Ans : Welcome to join us. Thanks for the opportunity today. See you next time.

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