Recapitulation of Wizardia PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Tuesday, 1st February, 2022
Time: 14:00 UTC

The Wizardia PROJECT team was represented by @Eligutis, @Tomziska and @MindMark who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about Wizardia PROJECT.


✨✨QUESTION1: Can you please introduce yourselves and your background, also introduce the team working on Wizardia?

ANS: sure, that's the most important part after loyal community of course :)

Most of our core Team members have known each other for more than 10 years. We worked together on 500+ projects, games, websites, videos, apps and even social awareness projects.

I’m Mindaugas or Mind in short, the CEO of Wizardia. Firstly, I love games in general. Sports games, computer games, board games etc. Everything is a game when you think about it isn’t it? :)
But on a more professional side I'm an Entrepreneur, team leader, crypto investor. I’ve been gaming/working on games all my life and Wizardia is the passion project I’ve been looking for for a long time.

And our core team members that have and are working 24/7 😅 are:

Tom (COO) - Well connected entrepreneur, digital marketing guru and a very organized person in general. My founding partner who worked with big brands like Ferrari, Redbull, Nokia and has several successful software companies.
Mantas (Creative director) - Digital artist and designer with extensive experience in creating moving image content for video games, film, art and non-profit organisations. The guy with the most impressive resume of AAA games. Worked with Call of duty, the Division, Eve Valkyrie, the Crew and many more!
Marius (CTO) - Experienced digital back-end expert, team leader/idea generator who has his own several successful software companies, worked on Ferrari, Redbull and many more!

✨✨QUESTION2: Can you introduce Wizardia, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: It's nice some of these things have already been discussed in our team :) so i come prepared !

Wizardia is a Play-to-Earn game rich with deep lore, captivating combat mechanics,
a focus on immersive spell discovery, and a highly rewarding crafting system.
Set in a futuristic world enhanced by magic.
Wizardia’s cutting-edge art style is a unique mix of Dark Fantasy and Sci-fi.

Combat is an ever-evolving part of Wizardia where players have to constantly adapt to the changes in the battlefield. There can only be one victor so the stakes are high.

In line with exciting new technologies we have designed the Wizardia world with NFTs acting as its very core. These NFTs are unique virtual assets that have both in-game purposes and hold real-world value.

This way we introduce the possibility to earn active and passive income not only to those who play the game, but also for everyone who loves Wizardia and wants to support the project and earn in the process.

- ACTIVE players will reap the benefits of Wizard NFTs which are the foundation of the gameplay. They can be improved over time to increase the value and then sold, traded or rented to other players.

- PASSIVE revenue element :
without being required to participate in the gameplay - acquire and hold the Arena Genesis NFTs to earn passive income.
Passive income is generated from all battles and transactions conducted within the arena.

We’ll be launching a public sale of these NFTs on our new website about 2 weeks time. Check in a couple of weeks.

✨✨QUESTION3: Can you briefly describe your Partnerships, Backers and community so far?

ANS: Sure, let me just get some lists ;)

Our investors and partners:Ghaf Capital, AU21, TrustSwap, Ready Player DAO, Exnetwork Capital, Longterm ventures, SuperLauncher DAO, Crypto Fomo and more.

We have partnered with over 50 KOLs who really love the project and will help us share the news and info about Wizardia.

Our Community is growing super fast now, We reached 70k+ across all socials yesterday. We’ve already launched a couple of airdrops, with 200k+ entries.

I will give you guys some links how to get in in that

We’re launching a new website in Mid-February. Next level design, and a public launch of our first revenue generating NFT. More info in our social media. Join us at:

Launchpads confirmed : EnjinStarter , TrustSwap, TrustPad, RoseonPad.

Our newest advisor is Danny from “Illuvium” team. We’re really excited about this, because I am a fan of Illuvium’s style and we can learn a lot from them. 🦾

✨✨QUESTION4: Can you tell us about your earning mechanism? How can you earn in Wizardia?

ANS: Yeah, earning is iportant, and it starts - now :)

Get your chance to participate in our LIVE airdrop right now -

There are many ways to earn in Wizardia. The first one is our Arena! If you have the arena NFT, you will earn passive income based on how many players there are in wizardia.
Check out our calculator and play around to see some earning projections.

Others will be able to earn by playing in the arena, creating new spells, renting, selling them and much more!

and I am sorry but I will paste this answer because we have an earning mechanism kinda ready to explain :)

Players and investors can earn from Wizardia:
Investors mainly resort to passive income from Genesis NFTs or holding valuable in-game NFTs and selling them to other players or investors.
On top of the investor income sources players can earn from in-game interactions.
Mechanism: There are 2 distinct types of transactions in the game
Player to player
Battle other players in the Arena and win wagers as well as acquire resources (needed for Wizard upgrades and other game interactions) that can be sold to other players
Craft valuable consumables/Artifacts/Abilities in the form of NFTs and sell them to other players
Players who invest effort into upgrading their Wizards and are lucky enough to roll powerful stats, abilities and rarity can later sell them to other players or use them for more efficient resource grind and/or winning PvP battles and/or rent to other players if unused
Other NFT items (including Genesis NFTs) found in the game or purchased as a limited time offer gain value (because of their in-game uses, unique art, passive income or rarity) and can be sold to other players
Player to vault to player
Arena Genesis NFTs - earn passive income from an in-game Arena that collects small fees for facilitating PvP battles and any other transactions taking place
Other in-game institution genesis NFTs as the game develops (e.g. in-game bank) - passive income from institutions/NPCs providing in-game utility and collecting fees
Participate in Tournaments to win in-game currency and/or $WZRD and/or valuable NFTs.

✨✨QUESTION5: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of $WZRD tokens?

ANS: Tokenomics:

WZRD tokens may be used as the mode of settlement for various resources and in-game upgrades, such as:

- Minting powerful NFTs in the form of Artifacts, Abilities, etc.
- Waging against other players in the PvP mode to win more tokens
- Renting Wizards from other players

WZRD token may also be consumed for certain in-game access and privileges to speed up time-gated content, e.g. purchasing tickets required to participate in Arena events.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

✨✨QUESTION1: Some gamers play to earn, while some play for fun, I personally as gamer play for both, I can see the various means and ways I can earn both actively and passively but are there features you can point out to assure us of the fun part of this project?

ANS: We combine fun with Deep Lore, immersive stories, unique wizards with detailed images and something to relate to. The "unsolvable" gameplay where you can win more with skill than just a good starting setup.

✨✨QUESTION2: In Your Website You have Mentioned About the THREE PILLARS of the Magic Which are :


Will You please tell me More about these 3 Pillars, What are its Distinguishing Features of it ?

ANS: I love this part of lore and game mechanics myself! thanks for this question. :)

Wizard talents are aligned to three primary paths of magic: “Mind, Body and Soul”

Synergies between Wizards:

Like rock, paper and scissors - the triangle of magical affinities counter each other.

Mind outwits Body,
Body seduces Soul,
Soul outlives Mind.

Strategically combined wizards balance your team. Superior synergies ascertain better results and faster victories.

✨✨QUESTION3: On many platforms the excess amount of "BOTS" have taken place,
how do you aim to identify and remove them from the platform?
What "anti-bot" systems do you plan to apply?

ANS: We have a really experienced developers team who not only are creating securities for communities from bots, but all of our securities will be implemented into the actual game to avoid bots. Wizardia will be a game that depends highly on skill and the combat system is not solvable so to write a good bot will be a really really difficult task.

✨✨QUESTION4: Hey 🙋‍♂😄
Can you tell what Players will get if they stake Wizardia tokens? Will they get nft or tokens in rewards? Also can we stake NFTs?

ANS: You will receive token rewards for staking tokens and you will be able to earn tokens by staking NFTs and many other ways!

✨✨QUESTION5: In my opinion community development is the key to the success of any project so what are the efforts that the Wizardia core team is making to attract more users to their interesting game and create a strong community?

ANS: We agree! Community is that invisible team member. We value that most. We just started growing our channels more actively but we already have over 70k members. Now we're getting ready to launch more activities, drops and games for our community members only, so now is a very exciting time for us. With the launch of the new website and our nft drop the activities of our communities will be very common.

✨✨QUESTION6: I read that with Wizardia NFTs we can boost our profits, but could you explain to us, what are the scenarios in which we can use them and generate profits and what methods will be used to keep NFTs attractive to investors?

ANS: The first NFT that we are launching in a few weeks is our Battle arena NFT. People who will own the arena NFT will earn income based on how many battles take part in arena. As player count grows - the arena NFT will grow in price too!

I see that Wizardia is built on top of the SOLANA network. Still I find it very difficult to use with new users, so how do you improve their education? And do you have any plans to support more chains in the future like BSC, AVAX, etc?

ANS: We plan to go cross chain in the furure.
Right now we are making our token on Solana and our NFTs on BSC.
Most of the usability issues should be solved with our own marketplace a bit further on the roadmap.

✨✨QUESTION8: According to your documents, there exist 3 types of NFTs that can be obtained:
So can you please give us a little description about this NFTs? In order to play do we need at least 1 of these 3 NFTs?

ANS: To play Wizardia you will need to have at least 3 wizards. But we will have a free to start model. Others are optional, but good to have!

✨✨QUESTION9: Traditional gaming platforms have been from so many years and with lots of userbase as well,
How will blockchain gaming industry compete to traditional gaming industry?

ANS: A very general question, but I love it! 🚀
It is a great time now for everyone to have a chance to earn from their gaming hobby. The "world of warcraft gold farmer" way made into an accessible platform for any common gamer and organized guilds as well. I believe P2E will be fully merged with traditional games, especially those with good economy models.

✨✨QUESTION10: I read that the NFT collectables in Wizardia would be the Wizards, Protospells and Realm Wonders. Can you further explain to us about each of these NFTs, the roles they play in the game and the benefits of owning them?

ANS: We have multiple types of NFTs planned for the future and are still debating what should come out first. Well, the absolute base of our game are obviously Wizards – since players can only interact with the gameplay elements only through Wizard’s hands – so the more powerful the Wizard (better stats, better abilities) the more useful it will be in winning battles and earning better rewards. When we are talking about Realm Wonders at the first stages of Wizardia this will only include the Arena NFT which will grant players and investors a source of passive income. Later, when we add more Realm Wonders, their purposes will give some more in-game abilities for the players. Protospells are the building blocks of many in-game items so they may be treated as trade secrets and controlled by players and investors.

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