Recapitulation of YHOB.FINANCE AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB

Date: Tuesday, 19th January, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The YHOB.FINANCE team was represented by @Rocketdev who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about YHOB FINANCE project.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the project YHOB.Finance?

ANS: Hello, my name is Alex. I am full stack blockchain developer. In development more than 8 years, have a big experience with e-commerce and healthcare solutions development. YHOB will help connect e-commerce and healthcare with blockchain by providing one click solutions, or we develop custom blockchain solution for each client. YHOB holders will receive part from each client payment. Also we'll provide farming and stacking for our users.

Q2: What critical problems does YHOB.Finance Protocol solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitve advantage?

ANS: YHOB aims help connect big companies with blockchain. YHOB will provide out of the box solutions for companies and some solutions will be public. Each YHOB client pays in currency which is good for him, 10% from each client payment will be locked in liquidity pool for one year. Let's me provide a quick example:
We have a client, he order standard solution to connect his LIMS (Laboratory information management system) and its costs 50 000 $. So 45 000 $ goes to dev funding and company support (office, hardware, salary for developers). Other 5000 $ goes to Liquidity pool automatically by our smart contract, we just send USDT/USD(C) to contract, and it automatically buys ETH and YHOB tokens and push it to liquidity.
So finally main idea is a give users a way for receive funds from large companies. It's stable investment.
But while we'll build this system, hire developers users can receive profits from stacking and farming. Stacking and farming have one cool feature, if user stake 10 $YHOB he'll receive 10% APY , but if he farm too he will increase APY by 30% automatically.
Otherside we'll implement governance for voting about sharing % from business clients.
In my opinion we build something like community based project with real business integration, business clients pays to community (YHOB holders) .

You can check ecosystem diagram in our website

Q3: Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines?

ANS: Sure! We're launched pre-sale contract and website page with pre-sale progress . Investors receive tokens automatically after sending ETH. Next target after presale it's lock liquidiy and stacking and farming platform launch and we try list on some exchanges like Hotbit. Also airdrop release. Maybe we can make community contests but need think about that.
While users farming and stacking we start to hire more developers and project managers for find clients and partnership with US services (e-commerce mostly) for help us finding clients. We'll start marketing campaign but it aims on business clients.
Also we'll do every 2 weeks dev blogs for community with latest updates from each developer.
In the end of Q4 2021 we start discuss to our community about goals for 2022 year and decide it only with our community.

Ohh also we'll add token to coingecko soon :)

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: Can you tell me what is the minimum purchase we can make in your presale and how are your tokens distributed?

ANS: You can check distribution diagrams in our website. Price is 100 tokens per 1 ETH. Min purchase is 0.1 ETH , max 2 ETH.

We burn some percent of our tokens after each buyback. It explained in ecosystem diagram.

Q2: My question for AMA holding at is: Have you performed an audit on the contract of the YHOB token to eliminate any possible vulnerability? If not, when will you audit the contract? #YHOB

ANS: Our contract token is ERC-20 we just remove minting from contract. Presale contract code published in etherscan and its so simple. Of course we can order audit, but one year ago I working in blockchain company where i do contracts audit too. So for people safety we'll order full audit for ALL our contracts in Q2 ~

Q3: What is YHOB Finance currently focusing on? Are you planning to expand the YHOB finance network globally? And can the local community take a role in the expansion of this YHOB finance network?

ANS: Now we focusing on presale and marketing and AMA's , other team part working for build some ready to go solutions for some services , just connect its to blockchain.

Q4: My question for AMA holding at is: What can you say to the victims of rug pulls particularly in Uniswap? How can we assure that you won't be one of those rug pulls after presale? #YHOB

ANS: It's main question for all AMA's:)
1) We lock liquidity with unicrypt instantly , can make live stream when we do this
2) No reason to do this , we aims on good project, it can give profits to all users for long time.

Q5: Smart contracts are prone to bugs, How efficient and secure are your smart contracts, and do you ever audit them through external parties?

ANS: As a developer I'll write automated tests all time, i test every contract variable for overflows/bugs. For community safety we order some audits, but mostly this audits just display call method diagram. Best method to secure contract in my opinion its write unit tests for each contract part, bug bounty for users in testnet, then order audit.

Q6: "My question for AMA holding at is: Please tell me, there are hundreds of decentralized tokens on the market now. What is the advantage of your specific token and how can I use your ecosystem in real life?" #YHOB

ANS: If you're business owner, like you have online store , and you want to save orders history or some data in blockchain we can provide module for your store for easy do this, you just click two buttons and then you can save your orders in blockchain or get it or verify it. Many use cases can be covered by blockchain.

Q7: Yhob Finance is still in the presale stage, so as an investor how can we assure that you will be a good and legit investment? How can we assure that the money invested in presale is worth it?

ANS: In our devblogs we explain financial part for each two weeks, expenses and incomes. So more details coming soon for this.

Q8: My question for AMA holding at :Some DeFi projects were recently “hacked” as per their explanations. How do you think these recent events on these DeFi products affects the trust by users? #YHOB

ANS: It affects high, people give cash to project which not offers anything but have a good arts which display "big tech" , but finally they're rugpulled. YHOB lock liqudity and give all financial info to investors from each week in devblogs about expenses and incomes part.

Q9: How will you use your product in real business?

ANS: If you're business owner, like you have online store , and you want to save orders history or some data in blockchain we can provide module for your store for easy do this, you just click two buttons and then you can save your orders in blockchain or get it or verify it. Many use cases can be covered by blockchain.

Q10: What are the next priorities of YHOB,
Is there any products YHOB plans to launch any time soon ?

ANS: You can check roadmap, but we have some ideas for DeFI landing platform but not in 2021 :)

Q11: Your road map ends in Q4 2021 but considering the fact that many existing projects are developing for years and still not perfect, how do you intend to reach development in longer term?

ANS: Roadmap for 2022 coming in the end of Q4 2021.


I wish health, happiness and all the best to AMA Lovers community :)


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