Recapitulation of zGoat PROJECT AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB.

Date: Thursday, 13th May, 2021
Time: 10:00 UTC

The zGoat PROJECT team was represented by @Nguyenkm who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about zGoat PROJECT.


Q1: Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the team working on zGoat ?

ANS: My name is Nguyen, I am based in Europe, and work as a community manager for zGOAT. Besides me, we are 3 devs (1 contract, 1 website, and some minor stuff), and marketing guys. So the team is compact and spread accross the globe. One of our founders has a lot of experience in launching IDO projecs. We also have a large influencer base in our advisor board, so we were confident from day 1 that the project should succeed, but it still exceeded our expectations!

Q2: Can you introduce zGoat , what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what's the competitive advantage?

ANS: Yeah so we were running a chat with token discussions for a while, and quite obviously wanted to launch a meme coin, but it was, so to say, just the picture, because as you know, the hype for them is real. It was initially made to test out the reaction to the coin & concept and how people will appreciate our communication, how fast will the community build around it. There was about 10% chance of it surviving because there are millions. However, right after listing, we got featured on CMC, which is quite unprecedented, and the community showed great support & steel hands. We were so happy with it that that we started planning community events and implementing community ideas, so now we do this full time & have staking, farming and parnterships in the pipeline. What started as a meme / joke, is now a true community project. Think of it as a Trojan horse 😂

So the main problem / challenge for us is actually succeeding in long term vision and utility for an originally purely meme coin.

Q3: Did I just read cmc? CoinMarketCap 🙂
You said earlier that the project has been live for only 36 hours! Right?

ANS: Yes. We don’t rush and take all the steps are per roadmap. Will get some exchanges done this week and want to start promoting in non-crypto channels. Now our personal challenge is to get to 100m cap and beyond.

But to be honest I even stopped checking the price now because we are hardcore building. But I still understand it is the most important thing for the community, they are not in it for the tech. We are here to make our avid supporters and diamond hands change their lives. We were actually in the top1 performance on CMC for a while and expect CMC to publish 24 hour performace at around 3:30 PM UTC. It will show a performance of over 1000%.

So after this the price should pump really hard and we encourage the community to consider it 😉

Q4: So, Can you briefly describe the top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: Thanks to our community. Yes, so our main focus for now is to get the coin listed on maximum aggregators and exchanges, we expect a listing this week.

We will then update the website & logo, and add more sections such as «how to buy» to attract more potential purposes. That should be done next week.

End of May we will start running marketing efforts, and expect to get lot more traction from non-crypto natives.

After this we will launch partnerships – CAKE farming is planned as well staking for new tokens and NFT sales.

By Q3 we expect to have more major listings and build out an ecosystem of farms and side tokens.

We are eager to collaborate and help the community & token grow, so if you know influencers, blogs etc worth talking to, please feel free to message me.

Q5: Can you give an overview of your Tokenomics, and the UTILITY of the $GOAT Token?

ANS: For now it is fairly simple:

1 000 000 000 total supply

50% – 500 000 000 were sent to Zuckerberg Foundation (burned forever, not like Vitalik) 😄
40% – locked forever in Pancakeswap
10% – locked for team and marketing such as this one 🙂

As for utility, we will release a Medium post soon. Subscribe to and @zgoat_Finance to stay tuned!

Q6: Can you walk us through your Mcap Target and how you intend to achieve it!

ANS: Our current target is 100m cap and we plan to achieve it within 1-2 weeks. We actually achieved around 10m just this night but obviously with such fair launch projects, early participants take profits. It’s fine, we don’t worry about them and move on. We try to educate the community about our long term vision, but we understand that out of 10 meme coins, 3 are rugs, 3 are dumps, 3 just stall and only one succeeds.

So one of our main communication points is: think about selling owning SHIB and selling it at a 20% profit last year, when you could have waited until now and did life changing money, would you like that? The most important aspect of success in our opinion is the trust of the community, only then comes utility, marketing, shills, etc. Nevertheless, we are sticking to our roadmap and will continue growing and planning out.

Once we settle to steady growth, we will launch staking and farming to push the demand forward.

As I already said, our major growth milestones in the next few days is Coingecko & Exchange listings, and we do expect a huge pump today at 3:30 PM UTC because of 24h CMC performance becoming visible. Stay tuned!

Q7: Briefly tell us about your Further Marketing Plans?

ANS: Our current plan is building a strong crypto native community through our channels, AMA sessions and partnerships, and gain trust in our holders. Only after this we will move outwards and bring new people in, mostly non crypto. We want to get that meme momentum into the coin, while pertaining utility and vision.

Actually, right are now gathering contacts of groups and influencers to work with. Please feel free to send me suggestions if you follow some good ones.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: In your TOKENOMICS there's 50% $ZGOAT
Sent to Zuckerberg Foundation,
locked in smart contract. Are ZGOAT Giving a percentage to MARK ZUCKERBERG if yes why. ?, and can you shed more lights about SECURITY and SAFETY measures ZGOAT POSSESS. ?

ANS: Of course not! It is just a joke 😉
The tokens are burned (sent to 0x0 address) and you can see it pinned in

Q2: you seem very determined...what issues you are focusing on in this work?? you guarantee that we will benefit from it?

ANS: Yes as I said the community interest I our primary motivation and only way to succeed.

Q3: zGOAT can currently be bought and sold at Pancake and Bakery. So, what will your next listing strategy be? Do you aim to be listed in central exchanges because projects that are not listed in global exchanges do not attract enough attention?

ANS: We plan to have and mxc listed soon.

Q4: $GOAT is a IDO project...why its not a ICO project??there are any secret or tricks for this decision?

ANS: It’s not IDO and not ICO ;)
We are a 100% fair launch stealth project.

Q5: I want to have a LONG TERM INVESTMENT with this PROJECT, but I'm in doubts right now, how can you convince and assure me this project is SAFE and PROFITABLE?

ANS: This AMA is to convince you we have a longterm vision and have exact steps to get to 100m cap 😉

Q6: $DOGE and $GOAT also meme token....Since two meme tokens ... there must be something similar between them...But my question is what makes $GOAT token different from other meme tokens specially $DOGE due to what unique feature ?

ANS: Our motto is: a meme token, but with a roadmap and utility! Please read the ama above and it will reassure you 👀

Q7: I read that 40% of the total supply has been locked forever in pancakeswap and berryswap. Can we get a link to verify the liquidity lock?

ANS: Yes, the tx is pinned in 👌

Q8: What is your most ambitious goal of your project? We would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?How your project is pursuing its objectives? Could you please tell us currently team is working on which areas?

ANS: Our ambitious goal is CAKE farming with zGOAT. And we are already very close to it! Miracles happen with this project 😂

Q9: The goat token is built on the Binance Smart Chain. Why do you choose the BSC ecosystem? How will you compete with your other competitors similar to your project at BSC? What are your most important characteristics that you believe will empower you in the current aggressive competitive environment?

ANS: We needed cheap transactions and community understanding of memes. Bsc is perfect for it.

Q10: How ZGOAT project inspired by Mark Zuckerberg? What feel you to create this project?
Most of meme token or meme project can't survive too long. How long ZGOAT will survive do you think? What plan do you have to make it for long term stability?

ANS: We were inspired by his goats, max and Bitcoin 🐐

As for stability, the growing and holding community is key and we’ve been blessed with one so far 😊

That’s a nice question! Actually as I said, we don’t measure the success by price. We don’t even follow it at the moment and just keep building and working on partnerships. This said, we are very eager to find collaborators and influencers to push it further!

Q11: We see in the market lots of meme token comes, creat hipe, then fall down because they have no long term plan and actual use cases . So what $GOAT has that can ensure us that it has a long term vision and stay in the market for long term?

ANS: Yes we understand. As I said, it is just the outside picture. Inside, we are a group of professionals with careful selection of marketing channels and roadmap 👌

Q12: Ever since the journey of your zGoat Project, can you tell us the greatest challenge you have had, how you overcome it and what keeps you going till today?

ANS: We had to come to terms with the fact that early buyers take profit and let them go. That is because we value their effort and want them to make 1000x investments long term, not a quick 2x profit and leave 🤔

Stay tuned for 3:30 pm publication of CMC 24 hour performance, we expect an ATH after this dip 😋

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