Recapitulation of ZZZ Finance AMA event held at AMA LOVERS CLUB group chat

Date: Sunday, 20th September, 2020

Time: 05:00 UTC


The ZZZ Finance team was represented by the core members of the project. They judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 — Can you introduce yourself and the ZZZ Finance project to the group?

Ans — Hey guys ! well we are ZZZ.Finance
originally we started off as a clone of YFI/OWO but have since grown into so much more.

We are a community think-tank. There was no pre-sale, nor were there any team tokens. Admin and minter keys were burned from the outset as well as liquidity locked.

We are a governance token that is currently working on the development of our gas-less governance model. Currently we provide yield farming, and in the process of developing gamification of our pools.

We are a community run project that will allow the community to build and develop within our ecosystem, via partnership pools with their own token for cross exposure.

I’m an administrator of ZZZ finance. My background is I have years in the sales and marketing side of things as far as experience goes. I’ll let Hamza explain ZZZ finance as he’s very passionate about it and the project as a whole.

Our current ecosystem and it’s utility:

ZZZ — Tokenomics
100% Owned by the community.
No OTC, Dev, or Early Wallets.

Total Supply: 20,000 $ZZZ
Utility: Staking, Global Multiplier, Governance, Dividend Distributions, Liquidity.

Total Supply: 20,000,000 $NAP
Utility: Farmable, Can only be paired to ZZZ, Spendable Yield Multiplier, Staking, Liquidity, Ecosystem Layer

Total Supply: ???? $DREAM (Currently not Capped but will be)
Utility: Liquidity, Farmable, Staking, Ecosystem Layer, + further utility being developed

So why did we create NAP & DREAM in zzz, Simple. We want to grow. All of us. The community. The ecosystem. The yield farm. The partnerships. Everything.

ZZZ is king. ZZZ will always be king. We will do everything to ensure this.

No matter what we build, ZZZ will always become bigger and more powerful. It will be the decentralized governance power that controls the future of the project. And, now, we have added additional use-cases

Multiplier: A multiplier effect has been created for holding or staking ZZZ. It is crucial to note that these are baked on individual ETH addresses. Bonuses do not cross across addresses. The multiplier token is NAP.

Q2 — What problems does ZZZ finance solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?

Ans —Well to start off with a lot of projects don’t have a self sustaining element to them. So we decided to go with a self sustaining ecosystem where the multipliers spent (NAP) will be distributed back into the ecosystem at a ratio of 50% to fund rewards for future Pools, and 50% towards the Dev Fund to fund the future initiatives, project needs, and community proposals that will be voted on through our upcoming, decentralized governance system.

This ensures the long term health and viability of the ZZZ ecosystem, thus allowing us to enrich the governance model where we are able to afford the swift execution and implementation of the proposals voted on by our community Holders.

Most importantly, everyone may decide for themselves if they wish to apply the NAP multiplier and, by doing so, not only get better rewards, but also make the project grow by fostering development and more pools.

The idea of a self-sustaining, growing ecosystem model without inflation puts us in a very unique position and sets the ZZZ protocol apart from other major yield farming projects out there in the DeFi space in both stability and sustainability.

Some May say we have created an self — inflating system with DREAM, but that is far from the case, as with dream it will be rewarded through until the suitable amount of supply is created for Gamification and the exploration of DEX and utility swap.

A lot is being built. There is simply too much to put in one community ask me anything session.

As promised, we will continue to release updates on these developments on a rolling basis as pools, utility, and new innovation becomes available:

-Decentralized governance
-New pools
-New partnerships
-Added utility and use-case for ZZZ and NAP and DREAM
-New website
-Ever advancing our UI
-Community driven, community run
-exploring DEX
- gamification
-utility swap

We think big. We build small. We build often. We get it done.

We pride ourselves on being a community project that always strives to make its community whole

To me I think ZZZ finance focuses on two problems existing solutions do not. A fair efficient gasless government is its main developmental focus and as we have seen in recent gas price spikes this will become more and more necessary for any true defi going forward lest people become priced out of their voting right/power.
The second problem I believe we solve that I don’t see others doing is a focus on products results and innovations. Less about saying what will do years in the future and more about building the now. I’m sure we can all think of a large swathe of the space that promised every release date and product and either didn’t deliver was extremely late or delivered something far different than what was promised.

Or imagine having to pick when your voice is heard for your governance right because spending 20 per vote just isn’t financially responsible. Our focus on these two things come from the fact were community driven and community focused. Truly a defi gem so to speak not just another major Corp(or those that act like such) masquerading as a for the people community.

Q3 — What milestones have ZZZ finance achieved and what future milestones do you want to achieve?

Ans — In regards to what milestones we have achieved and are striving to achieve:
- Surviving Initial hurdles and obstacles
- Making everyone Whole from snoozer event
- ui/UX competition winners design is being worked on and will be live soon
- Two ecosystem tokens (nap and dream)
- CERTIK AUDIT (major firm)
- the configuration of automating the process of linking staked tokens and wrapped LP tokens staked with user wallets for airdrops ! (Why was this important ? It now has allowed us to see the full balance of wallets even while staked ! Which is huge for governance)
-hiring tier 1 devs to build out our governance system.

Also working on gamification of pools . So imagine this: Gamification (real game with boss levels mixed with yeild farming, APY depend on your level in game, lose a boss fight and apy starts back at lowest level. Also integrating NFT’s as in game multipliers / trophies.

The future we are building here especially with the gamification has me especially excited


Q1 — Do I need KYC to use zzz finance? How do you determine CREDIT score of users?

Ans — There is no KYC to use our ecosystem. And no credit scores. We don’t provide lending services at present

Q2 — What is the structure of the company, is it a decentralised, open sourced protocol where everybody can contribute? If so, how does the governance plan on being handled?

Ans — The structure of the project is a decentralised governance token. That governs itself and its ecosystem that sits beneath it.

When governance is implemented it will be 3 phase,

Phase 1 — submit proposals
Phase 2 — internal team asses viability / mechanics. Proposal either rejected if not viable or feasible, or will be altered to be made viable, by using the core idea and building a viable model off it,
All accepted proposals still may have to be mechanically tweaked by the devs in order to integrate into the ecosystem,
Phase 3 — community vote (zzz holders) will vote YES/NO on proposals for our devs to implement

Q3 — Can you introduce and explain to us Dreamswap? How does it works? What is the function of Dream coin in Dreamswap?How does Dreamswap related to Zzz Finance?

Ans — Well dreamswap was created off of the idea of aggressive farming, but in a sustainable way. Think of sushi and kimchi issues with hyperinflation, as it hyperinflates their main token, it has a direct effect on its whole ecosystem, where what we have done is added this aggressive yeild farming technique as an added layer to our already established ecosystem. It’s inflation won’t affect ZZZ or NAP, but it’s staking fees will be what buys back the airdrops and dividends to ZZZ holders.

Why dream token ? Why did we create it ? And why not do it with NAP ?

Simple really, Dream is minted inside the pools as reward in dreamswap much like others, and we will continue the pools until we have enough supply for our gamification utility and potential Dex.

Also 2/3 of the staking fees on Dreamswap go directly to the community ! With 1/3 going back to the dev fund

Dream will have multiple utility cases and it’s exciting to see where it will go, and even more exciting to see what the community builds off of it with it when governance is in full swing.


Q1 — Will ZZZ list on Uniswap? And what is ZZZ doing to make sure they are well adopted in the crypto community?

Ans — ZZZ already listed on Uniswap.

Q2 — Every successful Crypto projects must have an utility to prove it can be used in the real-world cases.
So, what are the uses and functions of the $ZZZ token, and what role will it play in the ZZZ Finance Ecosystem?

Ans — ZZZ will be the major governance token of the zzz eco system

Q3 — How long will it take for the new $ ZZZ to trade ??? What is the maximum supply ??? Circle supply? Thankyou!

Ans — Total supply 20k

Q4 — You build your token on Ethereum blockchain? As we all know Ethereum has scalability issues? Any plan to move on other blockchain or mainnet?

Ans — I see this question often and there is lots of talk about other blockchains and eth’s scaling issues. That being said it’s understandable that ethereum has the brand power and marketshare to which no other chain is comperable to at this time which has immense value in using it for any given project.

Q5 — One of the biggest issues for dapps is onboarding. What solutions have ZZZ Finance team found to try to resolve this problem?

Ans — For DAPPS onboarding you can contact us and we can work on something. Particularly interested in those that want to build Daps and integrate dream as a payment system inside it similar
To a way where Fortnite uses “vbucks” this would be pretty cool to develop and would be happy to partner with developers for integrations

Q6 — What exact problem are you trying to solve in the blockchain industry that other project can not solve ?

Ans — Decentralised, true community power, true community springboarding for them to kick start their project.

We want to promote from within our own ecosystem

Q7 — is it necessary for this ZZZ Finance project to have two tokens in operation? What functionality does each token have? and why not just use $ ZZZ?

Ans — Having multiple tokens allows the ecosystem to have more varied utility and use rather than splitting the use of one token we’d rather have tokens specialize and thus be more effective.

Q8 — What is the Staking structure of this token and how is the reward given ?

Ans —

Q9 — What is the weakness of ZZZ Finance in current stabilization mechanisms and how does ZZZ Finance overcome this situation?

Ans — I would say the biggest weakness is one a lot of products experience and that is the market as a whole has very rapidly switching attention. That being said development growth and innovation will in any larger market term shift market focus back so the solution to the problem is just to keep building.

Q10 — Why do you think ZZZ token is necessary for your project? What is the main role of ZZZ in your project? What are the benefits of holding ZZZ in long-term?

Ans — ZZZ is necessary as the governance token the digital representation of the say of the community and its goals.

Q11 — You organized a very rewarding AMA and received a lot of questions regarding ZZZ Finance’s future vision. So now I want to ask what do you want to receive from the AMA LOVERS CLUB community?

Ans — We wish to grow our community and all work together to take our vision to the next level, we want to continue building, innovating and exploring new use cases . Sometimes it works out when you put two things that work together but add a twist, sometimes it takes comeplete outside thinking,

What we aim to achieve here is a public think tank. A central hub of entrepreneurs who wish to excel, develop and innovate not only their own skillsets but the ecosystem as a whole for the benefit of all Members

Q12 — What is the difference between ZZZ, NAP and DREAM token ?

Ans — ZZZ
Utility: Staking, Global Multiplier, Governance, Dividend Distributions, Liquidity.

Utility: Farmable, Can only be paired to ZZZ, Spendable Yield Multiplier, Staking, Liquidity, Ecosystem Layer

Utility: Liquidity, Farmable, Staking, Ecosystem Layer, + further utility being developed

Q13 — One of the biggest issues for dapps is onboarding. What solutions have ZZZ Finance team found to try to resolve this problem?

Ans — We’re continously developing our websites and descriptions to make them as easy to use and understand as possible. With advice from the community as well as a very inviting helpful and friendly community we’ve largely been able to handle on boarding for new members.

Q14 — I’m curious about the name ZZZ Finance. Why did you choose this name? Can you explain to everyone the meaning of the name ZZZ Finance?

Ans — “Earn while you sleep”

Q15 — In the long run, why should we trust and follow you and your project? How do you raise awareness and elimination of the doubts of investors / partners / customers?.

Ans — well with this case. we have already had an unfortunate event in the early days, we fixed the issue, continuing development and deceided to make the whole community whole. leaving no one out. not many projects put their members before themeselves, we do.

2/3 of all dreamswap revenue goes to token holders, not the project.

Q16 — Recently ZZZ Finance launched single token stablecoin staking. What stablecoins are available to farm $DREAM?

Ans — Stablecoin — USDT
Single Token — WETH

Q17 — What is your vision for #zzz finance in 1 year from now ? How does the #Zzz finance platform generate revenue for project development?

Ans — Our vision is a diverse and innovative defi ecosystem with a fair gasless governance to build value for not only zzz and its holders but the field as a whole.

Q19 — From a startup project to a mainstream project, being a pioneer in the industry, does the team anticipate that many new startups will show up and compete?

Ans — Of course, which is why constant development and innovation is key. constant foundational growth from the community up, from the ground up, walking before we can run, our foundations are being laid before we erect the huge pillars and steps ahead

Q20 — May ZZZ Finance speak more about the security anti-hack for users?

Ans —’s contracts are currently being audited by CertiK.


Q1 -Do you have any final word or important information or links you would like to give the community?

Ans — Our final words are thankyou for having us :) its been a pleasure and we hope to see you all as valuable members of our community and future direction through decentralised governance

Again, thank you for having over here! Feel free to join our TG & all your questions will be answered.

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